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    Office politics

    Tomorrow, catch The Great Indoors, starring Joel McHale and Stephen Fry. Watch the adventure reporter Jack Gordon struggle to keep up with
    changes in the industry. In this episode, the young journalists in the office face-off in a fitness tracker challenge to win concert tickets.

    Tomorrow, 9.30 pm. On Comedy Central

    War heroes

    Donai??i??t miss the mini-series Band of Brothers produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. Featuring an ensemble cast of Michael Fassbender, Tom Hardy, James McAvoy, David Schwimmer and Jimmy Fallon, the highly acclaimed series follows a regiment in WWII.

    Tomorrow, 5 pm. On Star World HD.

    Purchase lithium batteries Track record

    Journalist Katie Gornall travels to Jamaica to meet the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt, in the special feature, Bolt: Born to Run. She meets his family friends and others who have shaped his life and career.

    Tomorrow, 6 pm. On BBC World News


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    The Blacklist star on the twists and turns in season four

    The character of Elizabeth Keen, played by Megan Boone, 33, has been resurrected in season four of The Blacklist.

    Keen was apparently killed in the previous season.

    The crime drama series revolves around Raymond Reddington (James Spader), an FBI agent-turned-high profile criminal who turns himself in and insists on speaking only with agent Keen.Now, the American actress is in a new phase in her off-screen life tooai??i??motherhood.

    Meanwhile, the showai??i??s writers weaved in her status into the story, and her character now also has a baby. There are still plenty of unanswered questions, including the shocking reveal of her biological fatherai??i??s identity.

    How is it playing a mother and being a mother?

    I think, with Liz, and her new motherhood, itai??i??s obviously much more heightened. There is a lot more at stake, the safety of her baby is in question. As a performer I have done everything I can to ensure that I can play that in a way thatai??i??s safe for me.

    How does season four begin for you?

    We find Liz in peril. In this case, sheai??i??s being held prisoner by someone who claims to be her father, which is yet unproven. Through the course of the season, we are going to find answers about her past.

    Which way does season four go?

    Thereai??i??s a ai???blacklisterai??i?? in every episode, which maintains a procedural aspect, but the serialised aspect is so fraught with violence and intricate mythology that I think thereai??i??s a lot to answer on that side of the show.

    Every Thursday and Friday, 9 pm on Star World

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      Classical twist
      December 2 | Shoonya
      Dancer Rukmini Vijayakumar Ai??presents a Bharatanatyam Maargam, which is a sequence set to classical Carnatic music. Vijayakumar, known for her solo performances, will Ai??perform her own choreography which has a contemporary twist to the classic format. At Lal Bagh Road, 7.30 pm.

      Tickets (Rs 300) on bookmyshow.com

      Now showing
      December 2 | PVRCinemas
      Moana is Disneyai??i??s latest 3D animated musical extravaganza. Featuring the voices of Auliai??i??i Cravalho, Dwayne Johnson and Nicole Scherzinger, the movie is about a Polynesian princess in search of a demi-god who has stolen an important idol from her tribe.

      Electro beats
      December 3 | Social
      Maribou State, the popular electronic music duo comprising Chris Davids and Liam Ivory perform tomorrow. They have built an international reputation with a string of hit EPs. They will play a dynamic mix of electronic music suited for the dance floor. Entry free.At Koramangala, 9 pm.
      Details: 9108006821

      Letai??i??s rock
      December 4 | Indiranagar Club
      The Humming Tree presents its bi-annual concert, Backdoors. Catch the leading progressive rock act of Steven Wilson, Swedish folk musician Jose Gonzalez and Canadian indie rock artiste Patrick Wilson, in what promises to be a power-packed evening. Rs 3,120.At Indira Nagar, 4.30 pm.Details: 25280323

      Nightie night
      December 5 | India Foundation for the Arts
      Bengaluru-based visual artist and curator Surekha talks about herproject Nightie Revolution, in the event Maathu Kathe. The project explores the ubiquitousgarment and its many meanings in contemporary India. Entry free. At RMV 2nd Stage, 7 pm. Details: 23414681

      Broad strokes
      December 6 | Bloom and Grow
      If you have always been a lover of art, but missed out on the formal training, the Art Course for Adults is for you. The course, beginning this week, is spread over four months and will teach basic drawing and painting skills, as well as art therapy. `2,200 upward. At Koramangala, 1.45 pm. Details: 07259280949

      The unspeakable
      December 6 | Ranga Shankara
      Dreamscope Theatre brings its production, Extremities, to Bengaluru after a successful run in Mumbai. The play addresses the social issue of rape, as Marjorie, a young woman, is attacked by Raul. Through the play, we get to explore all the characters and their different opinions on the issue. At JP Nagar, 7.30 pm. Tickets (`150) on bookmsyhow.com

      Karaoke cue
      December 7 | Tippler on the Roof
      This Russian lounge bar makes sure the midweek blues donai??i??t get you. Head down and enjoy their Wednesday Karaoke nights, called Stand Up and Sing. The evening will be hosted by the karaoke jockey, KJ Val. Entry free. At Indira Nagar, 8.30 pm. Details: 8880107107

      Colour pop
      December 8 | Sunglass Hut Cheap artane castle
      Ray-Ban launches its new collection Chromance, for people who love a colourful flourish. The frames are stylish and sport lenses with a mirror
      finish. The range has classic Clubmasters and Aviators to their iconic Wayfarers. `7,000 upward. At Mantri Square. Details: 22667337


      Four new apps make social media sites more user-friendly

      MANY people are satisfied with the official apps for Twitter and Facebook, but some of them complain about the apps hogging memory space, draining their batteries, consuming too much data or offering little to no customisable features.

      A host of third-party apps are now making things easier for users with several functionalities, new design layouts and fast, constant support. We take a look at the latest updates from these noteworthy apps.

      Tweetbot for Twitter (paid)

      Developer: Tapbots
      Platform: iOS

      Multiple accounts can be easily added by tapping the ai???+ai??i?? button on the account screen. The app is both iPad- and iPhone-friendly with the latest update which includes a dark mode, making it easier to use during the day or at night.

      With the 3D touch-enabled iPhones, the user can peek and pop into user profiles and web pages. With the 4.1 update, the app works on the Apple Watch too. Users can view, compose and reply from their watches. The easy-on-the-eye design on both iPad and iPhone Plus has split-screen options for viewing tweets.

      Friendly Prazosin 1 mg price (free / paid)

      Developer: Friendly App Studio
      Platform: iOS

      For users who complain that the Facebook app is a major memory hogger and that it eats into the battery life of their phones/tablets, Friendly Pro is a way out.

      A light app integrates Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, and comes ad-free at a premium price.

      Users can quickly navigate to the ai???favourite friendsai??i?? list and sort the news feed according to the most recent updates or top-ranked stories.

      For Instagram, the app allows users to download pictures, pinch-to-zoom and switch between multiple accounts.

      However, the app comes with a few cons ai??i?? one cannot upload photos onto Instagram, edit comments on Facebook or add photos to comments on Facebook.

      TweetCaster for Twitter
      (free and paid)

      Developer: OneLouder Apps
      Platform: Android/iOS

      TweetCaster comes in a free version and a pro version, which costs `272.20 (as of November 28). The intuitive interface makes it super easy to use and is optimised for both phones and tablets.

      The third-party Twitter app enables the user to switch between multiple accounts with ease.

      ]The user can also simultaneously post to Twitter and Facebook. Tweetcaster comes with a resizable and scrollable widget.

      Swipe for Facebook

      (free / paid)

      Developer: Happening Studios
      Platform: Android

      Swipe, which is relatively new to the Facebook wrapper arena, is light and a little more rich in features than the official app. The developer has given significant importance to the UI design, which is close to that of the official app.

      The user experience makes it one of the best alternatives to the official app in terms of both functionality and design. It comes with themed options, which not only change the overall colour, but also the feel and layout of the app. ai???

      Swipeai??i?? refers to switching between the newsfeed, friend requests and notification tabs by just swiping left to right. ]

      The app also has a ai???do not disturbai??i?? mode in its notification filters.

      ai??i?? Pushkar V

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        Early start

        The Beer Cafe introduces its weekend breakfast. Sample a spread that includes pancakes, waffles, French toast, baked beans, cornflakes, and more.For something Indian, opt for Akuri on toast or sandwiches with fillings like Bombay masala.

        At Koramangala. Details: 8041252456

        Into the sea

        Flechazo presents Something Fishy, their seafood festival. Choose from grilled octopus, shark, squid, red snapper, mussels and more.

        Till December 4. At Doddanekkundi. Details: 7676501111

        Southern best

        Make your way to Barbeque Nation for Southern Heat ai??i?? their South Indian food festival. The menu covers cuisines such as Chettinad, Hyderabadi and Moplah. Dishes include Chettinadu kozhi roast, Meen varuval, Karuveppilai milagu eral, Podi idli, Paal katti triangles and a host of others.

        Rs 1,800++ for two. At Indira Nagar. Details: 60600000

        Prilosec retail price Unhurried meal

        Begin your Sunday with a relaxed brunch, and some good music in an al fresco seating. The Glasshouse Brunch offers an array of foods that include tapas, antipasti spread, pizza, waffles, pancakes, risotto and live stations for pasta and eggs.

        Rs 2,200 upwards. At Lavelle Road. Details: 65419999

        Go German

        Shangri-La Hotel recreates the German culinary extravaganza, Oktoberfest, for the festive season. The special menu includes pretzels, Bavarian cabbage and bacon salad, Grilled pork sausage knackwurst, and Weisswurst sausage.

        Rs 1,600++ upwards. Till December 2. At b Cafe, Palace Road. Details: 45126420

        Grand feast

        Bengaluru gets its longest brunch table at High Ultra Lounge. Feast on dishes like the tataki and sushi, make your own salad, and try the noodle soup and Oriental grill counters.

        Rs 4,000 for two. December 4, 11.30 am. At Rooftop, World Trade Centre, Malleswaram. Details: 7259951076


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        The Gilmore Girls reunion on Netflix brings back to life two of the most loved characters of all time

        When news of a possible Gilmore Girls revival made headlines a few months ago, ardent fans couldnai??i??t have been more thrilled.

        Revolving around Rory Gilmore (played by Alexis Bledel) and her mother Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham), the show which wrapped up in 2007, gives us a picture of a delightfully flawed family.

        Now, about nine years later, the show deals with career problems, death, love and relationships. Best known as the creator of Gilmore Girls and more recently, Bunheadsai??i??Amy Sherman-Palladino tells us more.

        Was it hard to return to the Gilmore Girls characters again?

        Frighteningly, it wasnai??i??t. Apparently we have never got these people out of our heads which is disturbing ai??i??so we should probably get a little help for that. Once we really knew what our stories were, it felt very organic to get these voices back down on the page again.

        Did you always know which story you were going to tell or did it change with time?

        We actually hadnai??i??t been thinking about doing anything more with Gilmore Girls for a long time, and it wasnai??i??t until Netflix arose to conquer the world. Enough years had passed that we felt an audience would be interested to know what was happening in these peopleai??i??s lives. It was a good time with Rory in her 30sai??i??where we were wondering where she might have ended up.

        What did the cast members think about reviving their characters?

        We had a big reunion in Austin. We were all back together again and at that time we discussed, should we do something? Is it the right time?What should it be? It was at this point that we started breaking stories down. We spoke to Lauren, Alexis and Kelly, and wanted to make sure everyone felt really good and right about it.

        Can you explain why you decided to do a four-season formatai??i??Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer?

        We wanted to do something different, flex our muscles a bit and tell stories in a different way.

        Even for people who havenai??i??t watched Gilmore Girls before, we wanted them to relate to three generations of women at different crossroads in their lives. So, we thought, letai??i??s take them over a year, letai??i??s watch this evolutionai??i??pick them up where their life is taking a turn, and where they are going to goai??i??see what that year brings!

        The show is available on netflix.com

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          The Coffee Santhe promises latte art, experimental blends, live music and more

          If youai??i??re the kind who knows your robusta from your arabica, canai??i??t do without your single-origin coffee sourced from a small farm in Ethiopia, and can list out the advantages of the French press over the pour-over without batting an eyelid, chances are youai??i??d be more than interested in heading to the Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat this weekend.

          The art institution plays host to the third edition of the Coffee Santhe, an annual fundraiser by the Indian chapter of the Womenai??i??s Coffee Alliance.

          Tapping into the burgeoning coffee culture, the organisation seeks to draw attention to the condition of women planters and labourers across plantations in Sakleshpur, Chikmagalur and Coorg.

          ai???The Alliance was formed back in 2012 to provide financial support to female workers and their girl children at coffee plantations. Weai??i??ve identified around 20-25 girls (labourersai??i?? daughters) for whom weai??i??re providing education right from kindergarten, until they complete their studies, whether itai??i??s a bachelorai??i??s degree or a PhD. As a part of this initiative, we even provide health insurance to the entire family. We also conduct health camps throughout the year for all our female labourers and distribute eggs to their families, for their daily protein intake,ai??? shares DM Purnesh, founder of Classic Synergy, a coffee manufacturing company, and a member of the Alliance.

          Held in collaboration with the International Womenai??i??s Coffee Alliance, USA, the three-day event will see a barista championship, stalls selling the latest crop of cutting-edge coffee equipment and a coffee art corner by artists Hima Bindu and Deep Duth.

          The Brew Bar, a stall where you can get your caffeine fix with the added bonus of latte art, is another feature to look forward to. Coffee nerds can also expect the unveiling of new blends and learn about coffee and dessert pairings.

          The event offers a balanced mix of traditional and experimental stalls by labels such as Flying Squirrel, True South and Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters.

          December 2-4. At Kumara Krupa High Grounds.

          Details: facebook.com/WCAIndia/

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          Shastram attempts to preserve Indian dance forms Colospa online thesaurus

          Itai??i??s her calling she says, to preserve the ancient dance forms of India.

          Though a Sri Lankan by birth, Ghirija Jayarraj is from an Indian lineage.

          She lived her early years up to the age of eight in Chennai. Thatai??i??s where she was introduced to Bharatanatyam.

          Even after moving to Australia, Jayarraj pursued her interest, and once she was experienced enough, she founded Shastram, an initiative that aims to preserve and pass on the knowledge of Indian dance forms through shows and performances.

          This weekend, Shastram makes a debut in Bengaluru with a performance that is an amalgamation of tales about ancient dance forms.

          It is presented through a combination of dances juxtaposed against films in the background. ai???This idea of a dance-film show is something
          I had seen when I was 12 years old. I had presented a Bharatanatyam recital in Australia against the backdrop of a documentary on India,ai??? remembers Jayarraj.

          Now, as an established dancer, Jayarraj is attempting a similar feat with Shastram.

          ai???The context explores how Indian classical dance forms have been passed on since the 16th century, and how they are likely to evolve by 2032. At the same time, we unravel the stories through the perspective of five dancers ai??i?? Avijit Das (Kuchipudi), Shweta Krisha (Odissi), Shruthi KP (Mohini-yattam), Prateeksha Kashi (Kuchipudi) and myself (Bharatanatyam),ai??? explains Jayarraj.

          The films were shot in Kerala, Chennai, Chidambaram, Orissa and Bengaluru.

          She believes every element in the show has a reason to be staged. ai???Films capture the imagination and take you to a different place, but nothing can beat the live energy of a performance,ai??? she says.

          Though there are patrons overseas for such experiments, Jayarraj insists it is important to connect with Indians, particularly youngsters.

          ai???Certainly, we can make more than enough money overseas, but itai??i??s critical that Indians preserve the art forms and own it too,ai??? she says.

          Tomorrow. At Chowdiah Memorial Hall, 5 pm. Tickets (Rs 500 upwards) on bookmyshow.com

          ai??i?? Ayesha Tabassum

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            Bombay Brasserie wows us with its experimental avatars of Indian favourites

            Chennaites have long been fans of the Bombay Brasserie with its take on North Indian food. But now, the famous restaurant opens its doors in Bengaluru with a revamped look and feel.

            ai???We wanted to take our concept and travel across the country with it,ai??? says Shikha Nath, the brand director, adding, ai???Our decision to open here was influenced by our mission to offer a space that is casual and approachable and sample the flavours that our country has to offer.ai???

            Hereai??i??s what you can expect from the menu.

            Depo provera price nz Dish up

            The small plate section is quite substantial, despite the name. All the dishes are inspired by regional Indian cuisines, but with a modern twist.

            Each recipe is unique and features locally sourced ingredients, Nath explains.

            Like the Spicy Pahadi mushrooms ai??i?? mushrooms stuffed with a special masala from Himachal Pradesh and served with herbed chilli hung yogurt. The Naga Ghost pepper wings are smoked and roasted chicken wings flavoured with the famous Bhut jolokia chillies from Nagaland. The Calcutta Club fish fry is the colonial-style British-era fish fry, which is served with the traditional kashundi mustard and a not-so-traditional grilled pineapple and mango salsa.

            From the mains, we recommend the Hot Plates and Street Grills section. Opt for the Lucknowi Paraath Paneer ai??i?? paneer seasoned with poppy seeds and Lucknow-style garam masala ai??i?? or the Old Delhi Murg Boti with butter roomali, which is chicken kebabs served on roomali rotis.

            If you, like us, prefer a South Indian twist to your plate, try the Pondicherry Fish with Masala Bread Roll ai??i?? pan-grilled fish fillets with ginger in a lemon gravy. They claim it is an ode to Pondicherryai??i??s French Quarter.

            A unique choice would be the Bombay Lunch Home Veg Curry and Banana Leaf Rice, made with seasonal vegetables cooked in special coastal spices from Mumbai, and rice steamed in banana leaves.

            Sweet nothings

            The dessert section brings back memories of our childhood with options like the Bombay Ice Cream Sandwich. Made of Jim-Jam, Parle G, Bourbon biscuits and filled with luscious ice cream, this one is a must-try. If youai??i??re craving comfort food, the Anglo-Indian Bread Pudding, made the traditional way, is a good option.

            Located in a bustling neighbourhood, the restaurant with its strong fan following and eclectic menu, hopes to win the hearts of Bengalurians.

            Their next step is to set up shop in Pune and Mumbai.

            Rs 1,800 for two. Opens this week, at Indira Nagar. Details: bombaybrasserie.in

            ai??i?? Anagha M

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            ?order v-gel capsules Funk that
            Join city-based pop/ funk outfit Clown with a Frown, as they release their new album, Love Intoxication. Inspired by ai??i??70s disco, it has notes of modern pop and themes of hope and happiness.

            Entry free. Tonight, 7 pm. At Humming Tree, Indira Nagar. Details: 9945532828

            House on fire
            Catch house artiste Sahil Madaan, as he plays his signature mix of house, hip hop and funk. His music is inspired by different genres like nu-disco, rock, retro and more.

            Rs 500 for couples. Tomorrow, 8 pm. At Blue Frog, Church Street. Details: 69999549

            Old school cool
            The neo-classical rock band Salvation Creed takes the stage at Take5. Started in 2012, this Bengaluru-based band is known for its positivity and electrifying stage presence. They give a modern twist to classical music ranging from Beethoven to Andrew Lloyd Webber.

            Entry free. Sunday, 8 pm. At Indira Nagar. Details: 65300645

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