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    Action plan
    January 7, Marina Beach Calling all women who would love to try out a new fitness routine. Kick-start your mornings by training in boot camp style. Train harder with a regimen that includes muscle endurance exercises, battle ropes, squats, and balancing exercises in the water. Open to women with previous gym training. Rs 300. Details: 7200974406

    Mixed notes
    January 28, YMCA Ground Nandanam
    Musicians from different genres come together for the cityai??i??s first of its kind five-hour concert. Featuring musicians like Shakthisree Gopalan, Pradeep Kumar, Velmurugan and Kerala-based Thaikkudam Bridge, among others, the night promises to be a gala event. Tickets from Rs 499 Details: bookmyshow.com

    Chequered flag
    January 8, Marina Kart Arena
    Get set for some speed this weekend with the Meco Motorsports Karting Cup. Open to three different class of drivers ai??i?? junior, senior and open ai??i?? for Sprint Race format and Open Class format, each team of two drivers will get a free practice session ahead of the qualifying race on Sunday. Rs 2,500 onwards.
    Details: 4428364115

    Beach love
    January 7, Covelong point
    Ring in the first weekend of the year with some quality time under the stars.
    Spend a evening on the serene beach of Covelong around a campfire or try your hand at surfing, paddle surfing or sea kayaking. Rs 1,999 onwards.
    Details: 9487762833

    Turn the page
    January 28, YMCA Ground Nandanam
    The 40th edition of the Chennai Book Fair will kick off today. With over 700 stalls to choose from, the Booksellers and Publishers Association of South India (BAPASI) have made navigation a little easier this year with a mobile app. On till January 19. At St Georgeai??i??s School on Poonamallee High Road. Details: bapasi.com

    Shopping frenzy
    January 11, Crowne Plaza
    Here comes the BigFeed Boulevard with a two-day line-up of cocktails, humour and fashion. Shop until you drop and then kick back with some vintage cocktails at the cityai??i??s first Speakeasy bar, and enjoy a laugh with renowned stand-up comedian Atul Khatri. On till January 12, Rs 1500.
    Details: 9710014398.

    Game on
    January 8, Kick-Off, Chamiers
    Kick off the new year like a pro footballer at the Turn pro open category tournament. With five players per team and three substitutes, the game rules include no offsides, rolling substitutions and three penalty kicks in case of a tie. Stand a chance to win cash prizes upto Rs 12,000. Rs 2,500. Details: 7871030151

    Gandhian rewind
    January 11-14, Chetpet
    On the occasion of the 150th birth anniversary of Shrimad Rajchandra, the spiritual guide of Mahatma Gandhi, the Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur is presenting a theatre production portraying the relationship between Gandhiji and him. Called Yugpurush, it will be held at Chinmaya Heritage Hall, Chetpet. January 11-14, 7 pm. Details: 28363876

    Cheap prinivil 10 Turn the page
    January 28, YMCA Ground Nandanam
    The 40th edition of the Chennai Book Fair will kick off today. With over 700 stalls to choose from, the Booksellers and Publishers Association of South India (BAPASI) have made navigation a little easier this year with a mobile app. On till January 19. At St Georgeai??i??s School on Poonamallee High Road. Details: bapasi.com

    Put Chutneyai??i??s Raj Mohan takes part in the Jallikattu debate with new video

    AS the state debates over the right and wrong about the age-old practice of Jallikattu, YouTube Channel Put Chutneyai??i??s video Jallikattum Kelikottum puts the onus on the common man to take an informed side. Their satirical take on the double standards of armchair activists and the cavalier attitude of a misguided public has humour backing up a rather strong message. ai???It is sad to see that the judgement has only been reserved for Jallikattu. Shouldnai??i??t all acts of ai???animal crueltyai??i?? be judged by the same yard stick?ai??? asks writer of the sketch, Raj Mohan, citing a portion in the video that deals with forcing exotic pets to live in incompatible weather.
    The video has a play, Jallikattum Kelikottum within it, with the main roles being the mythical characters Karna and Krishna. Over the course of the eight-minute video, Karna calls out the hypocrisy in not enforcing the SC verdict in the Cauvery issue and zealots who let go of incidents where elephants are bound by chains in temples. ai???Karna is someone who would give up his life, but will never compromise on his cultural identity while Krishna personifies the flip-side of this debate,ai??? says the 29-year-old on his choice of characters.
    ai???Unless the public is truthfully informed about the sport, the privileged lot will only fight for the rights of their cricket clubs,ai??? he says. Put Chutney, which is part of the group Culture Machine, looks to shape the social ecosystem that thrives on the internet with other such videos.

    ai??i?? Rebecca Vargese Avodart treatment

    Itai??i??s more than 13 years since the privatisation of FM frequencies took place and players are still waiting for a nod from the law makers to beam out news and current affairs. There were and still are questions on how radio units would implement news and the like. A few sources say that news would be provided to radio units by the concerned authorities and all that a station needs to do is hit play.
    Now that is a way forward for starters. Quite honestly, news should be allowed on radio. Maybe not a 24/7 station (who knows, there could be takers for that as well) but surely when there is something important which the public need to know. News today is consumed on the triple ai???wai??i??(subject to a stable internet connection, of course) much more than television. That said, it wouldnai??i??t be a bad idea to have a bit of chit chat about whatai??i??s going on around us.
    Radio units in the future will go beyond hiring radio jockeys to also roping in those who can communicate well and have a journalistic background. Once this intelligence quotient is applied, the medium as such will finally have some maturity come in to play. The question is, when? Itai??i??s been thirteen years and counting and thereai??i??s no sign of that green signal. I guess we can expect news on radio around the time we get our first functional bullet train.
    Radio stations do however run the risk of overcooking the message that needs to go out, with not-so-pleasant outcomes. Will stations have another race like theyai??i??re having right now in spite of not carrying news capsules? Will radio units be timely news vehicles? These are questions that can only be answered once the mandate for stations changes. Once that takes place, it will be a path-breaking moment for radio in India.
    Hereai??i??s hoping the medium gives out a ear worthy easy listening experience for its listeners this year. See you next week with more radio talk!

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    ai??i?? talkingradio@gmail.com
    The writerai??i??s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.

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      Meet the guitar maven behind the Kraven Experience

      Not every student of AR Rahmanai??i??s KM Conservatory gets to add touring with him on their rAi??sumAi?? shortly thereafter. But Assam-born Viki Sonar aka Kraven Stratfile is the exception to the rule. The guitarist, who opened for the legendary Jeff Loomis in Chennai earlier last December, rides one rad riff. Between the crowd going wild every time he hits the stage, and roping in projects with music directors like Vishal Chandrasekhar and Harris Jayaraj, this musician is one to watch out for in 2017.
      If you havenai??i??t caught this mad man on the strings in action, donai??i??t fret. Thereai??i??s a solo guitar project going down tonight. And youai??i??re invited. Ahead of the Kraven Experience, the musician opens up about sharing stage with his guitar hero Jeff Loomis, and exotic strings he hopes to experiment with this year.

      Lessons from AR Rahman
      Learning under him was a great experience. I started exploring music more deeply after I joined his institute.
      Also, my theoretical knowledge of music became strong after I joined there. For a musician, theoretical knowledge of music is very important, as well as practice.

      Opening for Jeff Loomis
      I saw a real guitar hero in front of my eyes, and opening for him was like a dream come true. He talked to me about fractal audio AX8 (effects processor) and why it is better than an analogue pedalboard. He was humble and full of knowledge, being in his presence itself was a great experience.

      First guitar memory
      The first time I picked up a guitar was in my school activity centre, when I was in Class V in Assam. But I started playing guitar seriously during my college days. I think I got more involved with the instrument because of my circle of friends.

      Custom gear and guitar mods Right now, Iai??i??d like to invest on AXE FX (preamp/effects processor) for better dynamics. And Iai??i??m planning to upgrade my guitar to the Ernie Ball Music Man JP 7.

      Experimental strings
      Iai??i??d like explore Oud & Kora, because of their microtonal sound.

      On his playlist
      Kiko Loureiro, Megadeth, Mr Big, Led Zeppelin, Plini, Periphery and Polyphia.

      2017 calendar
      Iai??i??m concentrating on my solo performances, and to tour different cities in India. I have lot of commercial and personal projects lined up for this year. Overall, this year looks promising. I have already started working with some of the best music directors in the city, and few releases will happen soon early this year.

      Guitar nickname
      The Devil.
      Catch the Kraven Experience tonight Ai??at Phoenix MarketCity, 7 pm onwards.

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      Bupropion generic brands A Brazilian pianist talks about Goetheai??i??s latest fusion concert

      THREE musicians, one musical night. The Indo-Brazilian concert at Goethe-Institut today, couldnai??i??t have got any better with its choice of musicians, each of them different from the other, and yet, promising to give us fusion music worth its salt. Joining the violin sister duo M Lalitha and M Nandini and percussionist Aditya Srinivasan is Brazilian pianist Pedro Carneiro Silva, for whom India is new territory. But being the professional that he is, he has done his homework. ai???I came to India to work at the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM), where I learnt a bit of Carnatic music. I have observed that Indian music is very rich and unique, and is evolving.ai???

      Taking us through his playlist for the evening, the Silva says, ai???We will have songs by the two sisters, some of my originals, and a few surprises from Brazil too.ai??? Whatever his experiences are in the city, it will take some effort to beat his connection with Berlin, where he stays currently. ai???It is a special city, where you meet artists from all over the world, with very different backgrounds,ai??? he quips.

      That said, India has welcomed him well, he believes. ai???People here are, in general, very musical and enjoy a beautiful relation with music.ai??? What next? Pedro reveals a packed schedule for 2017 ai??i?? ai???I have a project with Luiza Sales, a Brazilian singer and composer, and I will also launch my first collaborative album with Mishka Adams (UK/Philippines). There will also be a partnership with German/Iranian movie maker Ardalan Aram, and a performance with Portuguese fado singer Fernanda Paulo.ai??? Good luck Pedro!

      Today, 6.45 pm onwards.

      Goethe-Institut Auditorium.

      Details: 28331314
      ai??i??Karan Pillai

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      Reviews of generic paxil On close to 20 years on the metal scene and building a legacy

      A scrawny bunch of kids in Bengaluru started a band in college in 1998. They called it Kryptos. In a pre-Facebook era, things were done differently. Gigs were planned a weekend at a time. Promotions meant pub-hopping. And cassette tapes were still a thing. Little did they know it at the time, but this metal outfit would later go from playing at Strawberry Fields to Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, for the biggest metal festival in the world ai??i?? Wacken. Letai??i??s not forget opening for Iron Maiden on their India tour.
      Ahead of a performance at Saarang this weekend, frontman Nolan Lewis shares some nostalgia, and the secret to building a legacy.

      Ahead of a performance at Saarang this weekend, frontman Nolan Lewis shares some nostalgia, and the secret to building a legacy.

      When was the last time you guys played in Chennai? Whatai??i??s in store for headbangers at Saarang this weekend?
      It was about four or five years ago at the German Hall. The gig was great, but we lost about 5 kg each because it was incredibly hot inside, and we were all wearing leather!
      Hopefully, it will be cooler at Saarang. Weai??i??re going to play a ton of stuff from our new album Burn Up The Night and some older tracks. Lots of hair flying, fists pumping and all that good stuff.

      Youai??i??re going to be doing your second run at Wacken in 2017 ai??i?? thatai??i??s definitely a reason to say Happy New Year.
      Weai??i??re really looking forward to playing Wacken again. We had a fantastic time there a few years ago, and we expect more of the same. Wacken is a hell of an experience, even if you arenai??i??t performing. Weai??i??re just looking to soak in the atmosphere and rock out till we drop.

      Kryptos has been on the metal scene for close to 20 years. Whatai??i??s your secret?
      Thereai??i??s no secret. We love what we do. Itai??i??s as simple as that. We donai??i??t let anything get in our way as far as the band
      is concerned. We know where we want to go, and weai??i??ve always focused on that.

      How much has changed on the metal scene from back in the day?
      Back then, there was a sense of wonder about the music. There was no YouTube or torrents or fancy mobile phones. People had to get out there and buy or trade tapes, and go to gigs to check bands out. It made everything more ai???specialai??i??. Now, that ai???magicai??i?? is dwindling rapidly. Nowadays, everyone wants to be a social media star, and the music seems to have taken a back seat.

      Is there anything you miss from 1998? And while weai??i??re on timelines ai??i?? has anybody in the band caught Taylor Swiftai??i??s 1989? (Hopefully this is not blasphemous to put out to a metal band, but we couldnai??i??t resist the segue.)
      Taylor Swift? Isnai??i??t that the name of a car or something? (Laughs)
      Iai??i??m not sure if we miss anything, except the weather and non-existent traffic. Music-wise, we were starting out in ai??i??98, so we were extremely wet behind the ears. We donai??i??t miss that for sure.

      What else is on the playlist of the frontman of a metal band, apart from metal?
      I listen to a lot of New Retro Wave like Dyantron, Orax, Timecop 1983, and Lazerhawk. Itai??i??s almost like synth-based ai??i??80s movie soundtrack music. Very awesome to chill out to.

      How did you guys Burn Up the Night on New Yearai??i??s eve? And do tell us what to watch out for on the album.
      A couple of us partied with friends, while some of us watched Liverpool beat Man City. What a great start to the year!
      On the new album, youai??i??ll get a major dose of retro heavy metal straight out of the ai??i??80s. The same vibe, same attitude and tons of killer riffs.

      Any fun resolutions? Like: Getting your girlfriends to stop playing Justin Bieber. Unless youai??i??ve caught the fever too?
      My wife listens to some seriously extreme black metal, so Iai??i??ll probably have to get her to listen to some Whitesnake or something!
      Kryptos will play at Saarang on January 7. Details: saarang.org
      ai??i??Sonali Shenoy

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      Margazhi regulars reveal the stories behind their favourite instruments and how they come up with new sounds

      As the Margazhi season draws to a close, we look behind the scenes and find out how our favourite musicians are creating sounds that are uniquely theirs. With tips and tricks up their sleeve, seven of them, some of them fresh from their latest Margazhi stint, tell us about the intricacies that go into making the perfect sound while dealing with crucial factors like weather, accidents, travel nightmares and so on.

      Music is the key
      Better known by his stage name, Keyboard Sathya, Sathyanarayanan Krishnababu is widely known for his prowess at playing the keyboard for classical music. Ushering in an electronic era into the rather puritanical world of Carnatic music, this Margazhi season, the 21-year-old has been creating instrumental versions of hymns on his two-octave Korg Nano Pad and Roli Seaboard with rubber-based keys. ai???The future of classical music is its global appeal and instruments that were once considered foreign are a large part of it,ai??? he says.

      Veena rising
      Jayanthi Kumaresh, who will perform alongside Zakir Hussain and Kumaresh today at Sir Mutha Hall, devised an effective way to tackle the fluctuations in the karungali wood on the tuning pegs of her veenas due to changes in the weather. ai???I started using guitar tuning pegs, while retaining the wooden ones for showcase,ai??? she says, adding that she also removes detachable components like the secondary resonator while travelling. As for the 20-odd veenas in her kitty (one over 100 years old), she ensures that she refrets them frequently using honeybee wax. And when not in action, a veena should be properly covered, she advises.

      All strings attached Cheap coreg online
      After playing the Chitraveena for more than a decade at Margazhi concerts, Carnatic instrumentalist Bhavani Prasad has now found his calling in the Mohan Veena. Practising for just over a year, this musician plays the original version of the Mohan Veena (21 strings) and is looking forward to customising his own veena to suit Carnatic music performances. Revealing a couple of tricks on maintenance he says, ai???The best way to keep your string rust-free is to clean them with coconut oil.ai???


      Fiddling facts
      Lalgudi GJR Krishnan, the Carnatic
      violinist, still plays with the 55-year-old violin of his father, which he has carefully preserved despite the various niggles it has suffered due to factors like weather. ai???It is tough to modify a violin beyond what it is now, and I am talking about the acoustic violin found in India that is made out of maple wood. But, when it comes to repairs, Fevicol is a big no-no. Use animal glue instead,ai??? he advises, adding that he just finished his annual violin restoration workshop last December, along with Santa Barbara-based violin maker James Wimmer, as a part of his pet project, Violin Wise.

      Strum theory
      This Hyderabadi Hindustani instrumental musician has tried his hand at recreating Carnatic ragas like hamsadhwani, annamacharya keertana among others on his 21-string guitar. An altered version of the acoustic Hawaiian guitar, the Jaywant guitar has an additional fret board that houses 13 strings and acts as a bridge. The guitar is customised to have three pairs of main strings, twelve s-ympathetic strings, and three Taraf strings. ai???My guitar is tuned to a very high pitch, so I ensure that I detune it every time I am done with a concert to ensure the wood does not warp.ai???

      Mad for mandolin
      The brother of mandolin maestro Mandolin Srinivas, U Rajesh still chooses to play the five-string mandolin originally modified by Srinivas. Rajesh has his own set of custom-made hybrid instrumentsai??i??a seven-string mandolin and a double-neck mandolin. ai???The mandolin allows for a lower range of five octaves, while the double-neck is similar to jazz musician John McLaughlinai??i??s guitar,ai??? he says.

      The poly project
      Student of renowned Grammy-winning Hindustani music instrumentalist Vishwa Mohan Bhatt, Poly Varghese has
      dedicated the last 15 years to perfecting his hand at the Mohan Veena. In his experiments with music, Poly modified the existing 20-stringed Mohan Veena, making it a 22-stringed instrument and created a three-necked guitar (poly string guitar) with 40 strings. ai???The hybrid of the Mohan Veena has one extra chikari string that is tuned one octave higher, and a bass string. This allows for a longer sustain and gamaka that is pivotal to Indian classical music.ai???
      By Rebecca Vargese and Karan Pillai

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        Foot loose
        The latest collection of slip-ons and sneakers by Alberto Toressi come crafted in leather and canvas. Available in shades of red,
        yellow, blue and green these shoes are a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Team them up with a casual shirt and denims for
        a fun evening outing. Rs 1,995 onwards. Available at Inc.5. Details: 28496176

        Native weaves
        Check out Anushree Pabuwalai??i??s collection of organic clothing at Saumya, which includes anarkalis, raw silk kurtas, palazzos, maxis, dresses and skirts with flowy silhouettes and layered cuts in contrasting shades like indigo with fuschia, and rust with black and white. Rs 3,050 onwards. On till January 12.
        10 am onwards. Details: 43033844

        Sheen & shine Xeloda cost per pill
        Drop by at the Forum Vijaya Mall to check out the cityai??i??s first Jhumka Parade, which features designs from across the country, like the aravalli drums, creeper earrings, Minakari and breezy balis that come in various shades of mauve and pastels. Rs 1,890 onwards. Till January 30.
        Details: 42188774

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          Crowds cannot get enough of the latest virundhu offer Ai??at Maplai Order noroxin online

          They say when a maplai (son-in-law) comes home, he is served a mega feast. Something similar will transpire if you sign-up
          for the recently introduced Virundhu offer at Maplai. The Nungambakkam restaurant founded by Chef Koushik Shankar (aka Mad Chef) is offering a total of 50 items at a reasonable cost of `699, covering everything from welcome drinks to desserts and all else in between.


          And if the response is anything to go by (the offer alone generated over 200 orders on New yearai??i??s eve), it seems Koushik has struck gold. ai???We observed that diners could only have select items from the a la carte menu. The Virundhu is an attempt to help them have almost everything under our roof at an economical cost,ai??? says Koushik, who adds that they are expanding the brand Maplai into ECR and abroad, very soon.
          We start with three kinds of drinksai??i??a lemon-ginger-pineapple flavoured sherbet, a mixed-fruit blend and rose milkai??i??that set the right tone for things to come. We follow it up with starters like karukke murukke vendakkai (crispy fried okra) and an ancient recipe called the kola urundai
          that was a regular in the palatial kitchens of Thanjavur (vazhaithandu or meat rolled and held together by banana stem rope and fried). The latter, especially, was delicious.

          The veechu parotta and egg appam scored full marks for its simplicity, while in the end the Thalassery vegetarian biryani satisfied the Malayali in me. But if itai??i??s pure bliss that you seek, we suggest you try the podi paniyarams. Reeking with ghee with just the right amount of crispiness, this staple is a must-try.
          As for desserts, variety is the key, with options like brownie with ice cream and mango cheesecake sharing space with regional sips like jigarthanda and lychee payasam. All in all, you will return home a satisfied Maplai customer.
          Details: 30853636

          ai??i??Karan Pillai

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            Xai??i??mas in January? ?order v-gel capsules
            If you didnai??i??t take part in too much revelry the last December 25th, hereai??i??s your chance at a second Christmas. Abyssinian, an Ethiopian restauarant in Alwarpet, is celebrating the festival as per the ancient Julian calendar. Expect traditional favourites like Doro Wot, a spicy chicken stew and Sambusa, a fried dough pastry. `899 onwards. Details: 8220555449

            Mylapore trail
            Food buffs can look forward to two food walks as part of the Mylapore Festival that will feature popular haunts in the vicinity this weekend. The first is on Friday (opposite Mandaveli Market) and the second, on Saturday evening (Mylapore Post Office). At 4 pm on both days.
            Details: mylaporefestival.com

            We kid you not
            Give your child an opportunity to make items like chocolate sticks, cutlet chaat, eggless French toast, burgers and napkin foldings by enrolling them for the Food Consulateai??i??s latest cooking session. To be supervised by Kamalika Krishmy A. Open to ages 5 to 15. Register for `1,000. January 14, 3.30 pm onwards. Details: 42630001

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