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    Purchase doxazosin medication The Night of the Nominee sets the stage for musicians worthy of an award

    An experimental musician from Jaipur, a four-piece outfit that plays pop-rock and a solo project by an artiste who likes to describe his music as ai???vague and ambiguousai??? ai??i?? all take the stage at the Night of the Nominee ai??i?? a celebration of the Toto Music Awards 2017. Although the winners will be declared only at the official ceremony tomorrow, tonightai??i??s gig brings them together on one stage. ai???As diverse as these genres are, the aim of the awards is to give a push to new talent and promote originality,ai??? says Abhijeet Tambe, musician and trustee at TFA.
    Art and music enthusiasts in Bengaluru are aware that Toto Funds the Arts has been responsible for recognising and awarding young talent for over a decade now. Started by Sarita and Anmol Vellani in 2004, the annual awards have promoted many budding young artistes who have gone forth to establish their names in the music industry ai??i?? bands such as Parvaaz and The Fish Eyed Poets, and vocalists like Prateek Kuhad.
    ai???TFAai??i??s primary role has been to recognise and thereby encourage young talent in the arts. But the talent is already there. Our awards are not achievement awards,ai??? says Sarita, adding, ai???To give you just one recent example, the talented young filmmaker Ram Reddy was a Toto winnerai??i?? at our first edition of the short films award.ai???
    Coming together
    Around September 2017, the organisation received all the entries for the Music Awards via Soundcloud links. Through an internal process, a longlist was prepared which was then presented to the jury. ai???It is quite a task to sift through the entries and make sure no one gets left behind. In the end we are judging them based on potential and individuality,ai??? Abhijeet explains about the selection process.
    The jury this year consisted of Suryakant Sawhney, lead singer of Delhi-based Peter Cat Recording Co., Gowri Jaykumar a storyteller from Pune, and multi-talented musician Suman Sridhar.
    The final three nominees include Kalab aka Ujjwal Agarwal from Jaipur who will be playing a mix of some retro Indian songs and avant grade electronica. ai???The sheer idea of being able to create a sophisticated piece of music right from your laptop got me hooked to producing electronic music,ai??? Ujjwal says about his creative process. Opposite Sex, who describe themselves as Police meets Fergie by way of Steely Dan, is the other nominee. And Disco Puppet solo project of Shoumik Biswas a Bengaluru-based electronic artiste completes the list. ai???My approach towards making sounds is pretty much just experimenting however I can,ai??? says Shoumik.
    The closing set will be performed by Bengaluru-based DJ _RHL.

    `500 upwards. Tonight. At Blue Frog, Church Street, 8 pm. Details: 69999549

    ai??i?? Anagha M

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      A hero will rise
      Watch Show Me a Hero, a six-part mini series that explores notions of home, race and community through the lives of elected officials, bureaucrats, activists and
      ordinary citizens in Yonkers, NY. The show from creator David Simon and director Paul Haggis is based on a book by Lisa Belkin and stars Golden Globe winner
      Oscar Isaac. Debuts in India on Star World Premiere HD on January 7 and 8, 7pm.

      Isotretinoin topical treatment Curry feast
      In this new 12-part series, intrepid chef Rick Stein embarks on a culinary journey through the Indian sub-continent to discover dishes celebrated the world over.Intent on finding the perfect curry, Rick discovers the ethnic influences of Kolkata, the temple food of Tamil Nadu and more. On BBC World News. Saturday, January 7 at
      8 am, 2 pm and Sunday,Ai?? January 8 at 8 pm.

      Anger management
      For the first time on Indian television, the Angry Birds characters will premiere in a series format. Kids in India can look forward to a fun and quirky show as the series brings to life the crazy antics of their beloved birds and pigs characters. The line-up will include three series ai??i?? Angry Birds Toons, Angry Birds Stella and
      Piggy Tales ai??i?? chronicling the adventures of the much-loved characters. To premiere on Discovery Kids, January 2017.

      This bike rental platform makes commutersai??i?? life easy Where to buy cozaar cheap

      Life for an urban Indian runs on the concept of instant. From instant coffee, instant food, on-call rental furniture to medicines delivery on a click, itai??i??s an easy life.

      But wait a minute! Commuting from home to work and back home is still a laborious process for most. Cashing in on this daily bane is rentomojo.com that has launched bikes on rent (instant) service.
      ai???Our idea was to solve the daily short-distance transport for the young Indian professional,ai??? says Geetansh Bamania, founder and CEO, Rentomojo. ai???Typically any office-goer ends up spending at least `300 per day which adds up to `9,000 per month. Instead, renting a bike saves all the effort and is more affordable,” he adds.
      Rentomojo works on a simple model, you can book the bike on the app or website. Log on and choose a bike from a range of two wheelers. Select a subscription plan ai??i?? minimum one month to a maximum of 12 months, pay the rental amount (That starts at `2,100 per month for a few bikes) and the bike gets delivered next day. ai???But we will need a few KYC (Know Your Customer) documents before we deliver the bike. Photocopies of DL, current address proof and a refundable deposit of `5,000 needs to be paid,ai??? says Geetansh.
      Since the bike rentals were launched in November last year, Rentomojo has seen the number of bookings going up to 33 per cent of their total business revenue. They have a large inventory of bikes and are currently providing this service in eight cities ai??i?? Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, NCR (Delhi and Gurgaon), Chennai and Hyderabad.


      Rahul Bhattacharya on how to ace the YouTube game
      Purchase dapoxetine side

      With an ever-growing fan base, the YouTube channel Quick Response Team
      is getting millennials to talk about tough issues like rape, Section 377 and the truth about periods. While, in fact, this may not be the safest bet for topics in a country where everyone takes offense, New Delhi-based Rahul Bhattacharya, the channelai??i??s founder, says itai??i??s easy not to rub people the wrong way. ai???Our content is usually a mix of social issues and current affairs. The topic could be something that makes you uneasy and think. But it is all about how situations are handled. Moderating questions reduces the chance of making things seem offensive,ai??? he says.
      Having launched their channel in September 2015, QTR, as they call
      themselves, has 104 videos and over
      255, 611 subscribers. With other creative firms vying for a spot in the vox pop niche, he is quick to admit that involving the viewers as a part of their creative process has benefited them in term of subscriptions. ai???We also use a lot of our viewersai??i?? suggestions and questions. I think we have benefitted by involving them as a part of our creative process,ai??? he adds.
      Over the course of the year, Quick Response Team has collaborated with the likes of comic and actor Abish Mathew and has had a couple of quick snippets with comedians Kenny Sebastian, Tanmay Bhat, and Rohan Joshi. Choosing to remain tightlipped about their plans for the coming year, Rahul does let in that the channel has an ai???end of the yearai??i?? special lined up.
      Details: youtube.com
      ai??i?? Rebecca Vargese

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        New beginnings Mestinon sale
        Titanai??i??s largest store reopens with a new look. It brings together all its retail chain brands under one roof. From Xylys, Fastrack, Raga and Purple, Zoop to SKINN fragrances, thereai??i??s a lot to choose from. The store also showcases luxury timepieces from the latest collection of Nebula.`2,000 upwards. At MG Road. Details: 9799840707

        Glow light
        Give your face the perfect sculpted look that lasts all day with the Ultime Pro Face Palette. Introduced by FACES Canada, this base gives your face a flawlessly defined look. Whether youai??i??re looking for a blush, contour or highlights, this palette is the perfect partner. The light shimmering colour of the blush gives your cheeks a natural glow. Itai??i??s totally paraben free. `899. At Lifestyle, Victoria Road. Details: 18001231555

        All that glitters
        Yoube jewellery adorned by popular celebrities in India is now available online. Choose from their exclusive collection of solitaire studs, ear cuffs, chaand balis and jhumkas. If you like statement pieces then itai??i??s their cocktail rings that will catch your eye. If you are a bride-to-be, then pick from their bridal jewellery sets. `10,989 upwards.
        Details: youbejewellery.com


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          Adria Arjona on playing a Latina Dorothy in a contemporary Wizard of Oz Cheap grifulvin 250

          Weai??i??ve certainlyAi??come a long way from Kansas. How else would you explain a Wizard of Oz shot in Budapest and Barcelona? In a dark, modern-day retelling of the musical that premieres this weekend, Adriana Arjona of True Detective fame talks about a cross-cultural cast and playing a Hispanic Dorothy.

          Why revisit the iconic world of The Wizard of Oz? And why now?
          I think itai??i??s a good moment. The original stories were written at the turn of the last century, but theyai??i??re still timely and relevant today. You can interpret them now in a deeper way than you could before.

          So Emerald City draws more closely from L Frank Baumai??i??s books than the 1939 MGM musical?
          Yes. And the books are a lot darker than the musical.

          Thatai??i??s where the show takes its cue?
          Yes. We have the same characters that were in The Wizard of Oz. We just explore them in a different, deeper way. You get to know these characters for who they truly are. Itai??i??s a ten-hour movie, really, directed by Tarsem Singh (Mirror Mirror). Heai??i??s created this crazy, fantastic world that he throws my character into.

          A Latina Dorothy seems like a contemporary choice.
          I think itai??i??s a realistic choice. Nor do I think it should really matter. You walk down the street in Los Angeles and youai??i??ll hear 500 different accentsai??i??so many different colours and ethnicities. Weai??i??re a hugeAi??melting pot and that should be reflected in our TV shows. Our cast comes from everywhere. And thatai??i??s how it should be.

          How did you become involved in the project?
          I remember going in for the audition and thinking I was going to be the ugly duckling in the room, the ai???Hispanicai??i?? in the room. ai???Iai??i??m obviously not going to get this.ai???
          But I went in there and thought, I have to prove myself. I have to prove that I can do it. That any girl can do it, no matter what their ethnicity. So I went in there and did my best and they called me back. I then met with Shaun Cassidy and David Schulner (executive producers). Then I got the call. I was in a restaurant eating chocolate soufflAi?? and it was hands down the most embarrassing moment of my life (laughs).

          What happened to the chocolate soufflAi???
          I shoved it down my throat while I was crying and screaming, ai???Iai??i??m Dorothy!ai??? I just looked like a psychopath. It was not cute at all!

          Where did you film Emerald City and what was the experience like?
          We filmed all over the south of Spain. Barcelona, Torcalai??i?? that was an experience of its own. For me, it was like my childhood. I was back on tour. For a month and a half we traveled throughout the South of Spain. We would stay in these beautiful little hotels. We were all together, travelling like a family of nomads; filming by day and travelling by night. That was a wonderful experience and a very bonding experience. We all became best friends, very quickly. Cast and crew alike ai??i?? one big family.

          Emerald City premieres on Colors Infinity on January 7 at 8 pm.

          ai??i?? Team Indulge

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