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Everyone needs ai???a thing.ai??? One of my friends has a lot of tattoos. One of my other friends sings really well. My other friend plays in a band. Another went to the gym like it was a temple. I donai??i??t have a thing. Well, I didnai??i??t have a thing. I was just a middle-class dude working in corporate America and then corporate India. I was jealous of ai???things.ai??? In reality, I was just not looking at life in the right way. Itai??i??s not, ai???why didnai??i??t god give me the talentai???, whether it be physical, musical, mental, or whatever. Itai??i??s actually, why didnai??i??t God (or family) tell me to pursue things Iai??i??m interested in. This isnai??i??t a speech about quit your job and go be an artist. Rather, recognise that work is just eight hours of your day. Family also, despite its importance, is not the only thing to worry about. There is a chance that work and family might both suffer, if youai??i??re just on autopilot mode.

For some sure, that thing might be loving the high rise office, the power of being a CEO, whatever. But even the biggest leaders in business have ai???thingsai??? outside their already importantai???things.ai??? Mark Zuckerberg speaks Mandarin. Steve Jobs was an avid hippy. Gates is saving the world by spending his free time getting bitten by African insects than going to beaches in Thailand. You get it. If youai??i??re like me, in your early thirties and donai??i??t know what your thing is, do many things. Take piano classes. Itai??i??s super cheap in India. Start impressing your friends with a few lame Bollywood songs you learned. If after a few months, youai??i??re over it, move on to the next thing. At the very least, you can impress a few people at the next cocktail party. Feeling fat like the majority of middle-class Indians are? (self-included). Hit the gym. Once you realise you enjoy it for an hour a day but donai??i??t want to hang out with everyone there all the time, move on to the next thing. Like cooking? Experiment with some YouTube tutorials. Call your friends or family over to try out your chicken masala or pasta. Save Swiggy for another day. Itai??i??s not going anywhere.

App Idea? Spend a lakh getting it done. That money, even if you lose it completely, will be a drop in the bucket later in your life. And what youai??i??ll learn from building it will be a much better education than giving that same cash to a graduate program where youai??i??re just going to do the same thing later anyway. Figure out your thing. The term is called ai???hobbyai??? but honestly, that sounds like, ai???hey sign up your 13-year-old kid for guitar classes.ai??? No.

Doing the thing is easy, however, finding it is the hard part. And if you donai??i??t know where to begin, just do anything. Youai??i??ll realise, eventually, it will help and improve, all the other things.

ai??i??Ai??Sanjay Manaktala
(Sanjay is a stand-up comedian who performs all over India. When not performing, he is an IT geek who makes funny videos ) Clozaril schizoaffective disorder

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Mirroring anger, disbelief, bewilderment and helpless fury of nearly two-thirds of the planet, scores of Hyderabadis too rose, on social media, to mark their protest against the man America has elected as their 45th President. Within no time of taking the oath, he has built the first of the numerous walls he has promised to build ai??i?? a virtual wall of denial of visas to refugees, and other immigrants, from several Muslim countries.

Rarely have so many people across the world protested so angrily, even before a democratically elected leader had taken office. Forced I am to wear my ai???reality-double-checking-glassesai??i?? and wonder, if in his vices, he is alone. As we look at the map of our city a bit more closely, piercing the walls of hypocrisy and pretence, we will see
a million Trumps abound, and governing us.

Landlords who build similar walls and communities which pride in those walls and people whose lifeai??i??s biggest triumph is marked by entering those gates. Donai??i??t they deny entry based on religion? The greater scrutiny President Trump wants which shock us are already in vogue amongst landlords of Hyderabad for decades.

Behind the faAi??ade of organic food consumption, eco-friendly water harvesting infrastructure, corruption-fighting decent middle class folks, those lawns and those pets, those yoga classes and social responsibility initiatives, will be those who will let maids and drivers not have access to a common bathroom, or even spend money to enable separate lifts for people of ai???lower meansai??i??. Ever been to a star hotel or a pub or a mall lately dressed wrongly? Or on a wrong vehicle? Try it. There will be a handful of walls and its sponsors, from policy making owners to the ruthless in cutting dissent bouncers everywhere. No shoes, no car, no good clothes, not accompanied by someone of the other gender ai??i?? forget it buddy. No entry, canai??i??t you see the wall?

Ever been serviced by door delivery? Ever thought how it feels to be on the other side of the door while the delivery happens? What if someone treats you at the US Visa Counter the way you always treated him?

Not only has America gotten the Trump it voted for; even the world at large, I suspect, has always had its share of Trumps in its own midget size backyards, in their little neighbourhoods.

TAILPIECE: Nothing is as frustrating as a politician who comes to power on promises he has no inclination, or ability, to implement. But worse is the politician who actually implements his promises.

ai??i?? Sriram Karri

(Sriram Karri is author of the bestselling novel, Cheap viramune liquid Autobiography of a Mad Nation. He writes for international media such as The New York Times and BBC besides organising debates at Hyd Park)

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Buy penegra india From scallops to tiger prawns, Golden Dragon at Taj Krishna pulls out all the stops to celebrate the Year of the Rooster

Be prepared for a charming mix of Chinese myths, traditions and authentic recipes, at the Golden Dragon, Taj Krishna, as they celebrate the Year of the Rooster this weekend which is on till February 5. Executive chef, Nitin Mathur tells us,ai???The Chinese believe that there should be at least one noodle variety and a fish dish for the New Year, as it is supposed to bring in prosperity. So, expect a variety of noodles and a host of seafood options, cooked with tiger prawns and scallops, that are not a part of the regular menu.ai??? With the delicate taste of juicy pork and the abundance of vegetables like zucchini and bell peppers, these dishes remind you of the freshness of ingredients that one traditionally associates with Chinese cuisine. Chicken Jiaozi, the starter that first came up for sampling, was lightly fragrant. This wholesome dumpling soup rustled up with chicken broth is an ideal one if you are craving comfort after a binge eating bout. Pork lovers should celebrate this Chinese New Year with their Five Spiced Honey Spare Ribs. Although most of the food on the menu is prepared fresh and can be made in less than an hour, this one is an exception to the rule.ai???The pork belly is slow-cooked which makes the fat ooze out lending a juicy quality to it,ai??? says Mathur. The subtle hint of star anise and Chinese peppercorn makes it a memorable dish.

From the vegetarian fare, you can savour the Zucchini Water Chestnut Sweet Peppers in Black pepper Sauce and the Fried Silken Tofu. The latter had a melt-in-your-mouth quality about it and left a subtle sweet aftertaste while the zucchini and the water chestnut in the former made for a crunchy bite. From the entrAi??es, we sampled the Ginger Chicken in Chilli Oil and Sesame flavoured Ginger Onion Noodles. The juicy pieces of meat in a mildly peppered gravy goes well with the noodles. We wash it down with the soothingly aromatic jasmine tea, poured out of giant metal kettles adding that quirky authenticity to the whole experience.

Time: Lunch 12.30 pm-3.30 pm; Dinner 7.30 pm-11.30 pm
Price for two: Rs 4,000 ++

ai??i?? Paulami Sen

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Winter in this city, however brief, is the perfect time to soak in the bosky flavour of the season, sweet sap of the fruits, the scent of spices and flowers. How about the flavour of roses in your food? The monarch of all flowers is known to strengthen your heart as it clears toxins from your body. ai???The health benefits of the flowers are immense ai??i?? the petals contain compounds that improve metabolism, thereby aiding in weight loss. Apart from this, using rose petals in your food satiates your senses and prevents you from eating more, thus maintaining your weight,ai??? says chef Shekhar Rapaka, Novotel Hyderabad Airport. Here we pick options from many of our city-based eateries that have showcased it in their dessert offerings.

Purchase haldol injection Gil-e-Firdaus
One of the signature desserts of the city, itai??i??s as delicious as its name. The name in Arabic means ai???clay of paradiseai??i??, in Persian and Arabic. Itai??i??s a rich preparation of grated bottle gourd cooked in milk and rose petals which appears pale-green in colour. Details: Available at multiple venues

cheescakeTum Tib Grob cheesecake
At Vivanta by Taj, executive chef Jaffar Ali prepares this Thai dish by using canned water chestnuts that are poached with rose syrup and rose petals. The cheesecake has a crust-base consisting of coconut cookies, honey, butter and desiccated coconut. The cheesecake also consists of coconut milk and coconut milk powder. Price: on request. Details: 67252626

Gulab Barfi
That square pink concoction of milk, sugar and rose petals looks inviting enough after a hearty meal. And itai??i??s not prepared with any artificial flavouring. Real rose petals are used in the making of Gulab Barfi. You can get the best at Almond House, Banjara Hills. Says one of the owners Chaitanya Muppala, ai???This is one of the best selling sweets from our side and is popular during all seasons.ai???
Price: Rs 600 per kg. Details: 33165291

Try this Rose & Date Sorbet at Casbah, The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace. The dessert is pale-pink in colour and mildly sweet unlike other rose-desserts. Dates added to it give it that fleshy texture that dissolves on the tongue and isnai??i??t sticky. Itai??i??s eaten with much relish in Central Asian countries. Shares chef Mukesh Sharma, ai???Gulqand is both a cleanser and a coolant. For better results instead of sugar we add honey to it.ai??? Whatai??i??s more, gulqand keeps your heart troubles in check and gives a glow to your skin. Need we say, you require more reasons to savour it! Price: Rs 350++ Details: 67676767

Gulab Phirni
This regal looking dessert is
prepared with thickened milk to which finely ground rice is added, followed by rose petals. The phirni turns out to be thick and creamy while the rose petals cooked in milk leave a silken trail on your tongue. The effect of this dessert after a scrumptious dinner acts as a coolant on the senses and neutralises the effect of hot spices ai??i?? perfect for balmy Deccan dinners. At Kanak, Trident Hyderabad. Price: Rs 425++

Rose Chiboust
This delight is from Novotel Hyderabad Airport. Originated in Europe it is relished widely. Instead of fresh rose petals, they use dry ones. Essentially, a crA?me chiboust is nothing more than a just prepared pastry cream lightened with a Italian style meringue. Informs chef Shekhar Rapaka, ai???Using an Italian Meringue over a regular cold made meringue is my preferred method since it provides better stability of the cream.ai??? Price: Rs 375++. Details: 66250000

Rose Petal & Saffron Gelato
Itai??i??s prepared with countryside rose petals combined with the regal flavours of saffron. Milk, rose water, saffron, and sugar are cooked on a high flame. Rose petals are crushed and added to the mixture and then it is churned into a sorbet-maker and then put in the freezer for the ice-cream to set. You can relish this frozen dessert at Kanak, Trident Hyderabad. Price: Rs 350++. Details: 66232323

ai??i?? Saima Afreen

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Mrunalini Rao uses the habitat of the koel bird as inspiration for her new designs which will be showcased at the ongoing LakmAi?? Fashion Week

City-based designerAi??Mrunalini Rao, who is taking her latest collection,Koela,Ai??to the LakmAi??Ai??Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017Ai??atAi??Mumbai,Ai??thinks that the stalls are a great way to interact with buyers across the country. Talking about the ideas that shaped her new line, she says,Ai??ai???Through the motifs on my ensembles and my choice of colours, I have attempted Ai??to interpret the koel, theAi??cuckoo ai??i??Ai??along withAi??its habitat and surroundings, rather than justAi??featuring the bird itself,ai???says the 26-year-old designer. Her patrons visiting Mumbaiai??i??s Jio Gardens can expect a mix ofAi??bridal wear and Indo WesternAi??prA?tAi??and couture with breezy silhouettes. ai???If I just pick a bird, there is not much I can tell, it limits my canvas of design so I branched out, literally,ai???Ai??says the alumnus from National Institute of Fashion Design who has designed for Tai??i??town divas such as Trisha and Lakshmi Manchu.

Rao, who maintains that sketching is her first love,Ai??has come up with detailed motifs which are printed on the outfits. The minutely done embroideries in resham,Ai??on the lehengas, are stunning and has our attention.Ai??Apart from the ornate lehengas in raw silk, you can expect high-waist skirts and crop tops, casual chiffon outfits, long dresses with capes and elaborate drapes with organzas. The homegrown designer has exercised a two-pronged approach when it comes to choosing the colour palette.Ai??ai???I have opted for pastel shades such as peaches, pinks, ice blues, navy blue to depict the spring time floral blossoms. However, my theme revolves around the habitats of the koel bird, so I have also incorporated darker hues like blacks, blues and dark forest greens to bring out the contrast.ai???The fabrics used for the ready-to-wearAi??Indo-Western line are soft and wearable like chiffons, cotton, cotton silk.

Price: Rs 15,000 onwards
Details: www.facebook.com/mrunaliniraodesign

ai??i?? Paulami Sen

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Showcasing Parsi embroidery and desert landscapes, designer Purvi Doshiai??i??s new line celebrates heritage and handlooms

Purvi Doshi

Purvi Doshi

SOUGHT-AFTER designer Purvi Doshi has dressed up the likes of Sonam Kapoor, Radhika Apte, and Rakul Preet Singh, closer home. Hence it is no surprise that her creations have created quite a buzz amongst trend seekers and the fashionable collective in the city, ever since her label found space in multi-designer stores for a few months now. Featuring layered garments, natural tones and flowy silhouettes, this Ahmedabad-based sartorialistai??i??s collection, Rhythms of Desert, is apt for those who love clothes with a bohemian touch.

Slow and steady
ai???The idea is to update the collections as the seasons keep changing,ai??? says Doshi. The designerai??i??s latest addition keeps in mind the approaching Spring, and is available at Jubilee Hills-based multi-designer store Anonym and also on Aza Fashionai??i??s Online Store. The self-taught couturier says, ai???I subscribe to the notion of slow fashion where cotton is dyed in natural pigments obtained from fruits and flowers. This process of design with natural fabrics is time-consuming and involves more manpower, but it is cruelty-free and sustainable. We want to ensure that we cut out the bad elements of fast fashion. Even though silk is easier to dye, we use cotton to keep it eco-friendly. The idea is to keep it as close to nature as possible.ai???

Desert palette
Keeping in mind the ethos of ai???Make in Indiaai??i??, the clothes in this collection are spun in khadi as well. Expect an eclectic range of skirts paired with crop tops, poncho, voluminous dresses, palazzos and saris as well, in colour palettes like burnt orange, browns, rusted reds and whites. This designer from Gujarat believes in looking closer to home for sartorial inspiration. Hence her work is inspired by the desert landscape of Rann of Kutch, the gypsies, as well as, incorporates elements from folk arts of that region as well. ai???The clothes have intricate Parsi embroidery with flower motifs inspired by tribal and geometric patterns,ai??? says Doshi, who has effectively used intricate borders with Gujarati mirror-work as surface embellishments. The line surely features ethnic wear but they are designed as per modern sensibilities. Not only has the designer and her team of artisans made an attempt to revive traditional heirloom traditions, but also tries to restore livelihoods as well. Doshi suggests ai???ethnic silver jewellery like jhumkas and baalis, and a pair of subtle nude pumpsai??? as perfect accompaniments to most of her designs.

Price: Rs 8,000 onwards
Details: 23556219,

ai??i?? Paulami Sen

The recently concluded wedding celebrations of GVK scion Keshav Reddy ai??i?? Pinky and Sanjay Reddyai??i??s son ai??i?? with the daughter of pharmaceutical magnate Chinnappa Reddy, Veena, was high on glamour. If the decor, the guests and the arrangements are taken into account, one could easily see that itai??i??s easily one of the biggest weddings of the year.

Can you buy diflucan at walgreens wedding2The rich and famous from the country, from actors Shah Rukh Khan, Chiranjeevi, Rajinikanth, Amitabh Bachchan, Sridevi and her daughters, made their presence felt. The festivities that had ensued last week culminated in a star-studded wedding at GMR grounds on Sunday. Ranveer Singh performed at the sangeet
ceremony with Bai??i??town diva Jacqueline Fernandez. Now from the #KeshVee extravaganza to the more private ChaiSam engagement.

Tollywood heartthrob Nagarjunaai??i??s son, Naga Chaitanya got engaged to his lady-love and Tollywoodai??i??s sweetheart Samantha in a private ceremony at N-Convention attended by the close friends and family of the Akkineni family and that of the actress. The actress looked stunning in her custom made white and gold border saree by . The golden lights in the background added to the dreamy venue and the couple were all smiles throughout the do. Moving on from romantic couples and glitzy nuptials, I also attended the screening of Bollywood flick, Raees organised by socialite Manisha Kapoor at Inox theatre. Also spotted at the do were Jaya Hiranandani, Anju Jain, Sunil Nagpal and many more who were present at the show.

Meanwhile, a bunch of our P3Ps were spotted at Aqua, The Park in dresses and hats for the English high tea party hosted by Sashi Nahata on her birthday. The dAi??cor comprising red heart shaped balloons, decorated birdcages, crystal drop curtains and white flowers made for a vibrant and youthful setting. Thatai??i??s a round up of the week, which will go down in Hyderabadai??i??s history for one of the most high-profile weddings and engagements of the recent times.

ai??i??Ai??Rina Hindocha
(The writer is a yoga exponent and co- founder of Touch a Life Foundation. She loves connecting with people)

Reel to real
February 3 | Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel
Popular actress, singer and author, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi will be in the city for a play based on her latest book titled Drama Queen. The novel deals with Aphallatosis ai??i?? a rare mental disorder arising from lack of sex. It will be launched the day after the performance on February 4 in an event hosted by Padma Shri Mohammad Ali Baig. Entry: Rs 1,000 per head. From 7.30 pm onwards. Details: 49251122

At the movies
February 3 | Inox: GVK One
Directed by Trinadha Rao Nakkina, Nenu Local is an action-romantic film starring Keerthy Suresh and ai???Natural Starai??i?? Nani in the lead roles. The movie is produced by Dil Raju under his banner Sri Venkateshwara Productions. Prasanna Kumar Bejawada has written the story, screenplay and dialogues. Devi Sri Prasad has composed the music. Nani plays a wayward youngster whose life takes a turn after he meets his soulmate (played by Keerthy) on campus. Tickets: Rs 150 per head.
Details: in.bookmyshow.com

Celebrating happiness
February 3 | Sula Vineyards, Nashik
SulaFest returns with its 10th edition this year. The three-day festival will host more than 120 musicians from around the world like Bloc Party, Infected Mushrooms, Hilight Tribe, Nucleya, Jan Blomqvist and band to name a few. The festival will also have food stalls and flea markets. Apart from the wine tasting and the Sula estates, party-goers can also sip on different drinks that are made available from different parts of the globe. For more details turn to Page 11.

Good, better, bass
February 4 | Rendezvous
Known as the Bass King of India, Udyan Sagar aka Nucleya will be in the city for a performance. The EDM artiste will be performing along with Mumbai-based DJ Lil on Saturday. Expect a night with bass-filled soundtracks like Nucleyaai??i??s Bass Rani, Laung Gawacha, Aaja and Heer. The event begins from 8 pm onwards. Entry: Rs 1,500 per head. Details: 8897561111

Comedy hour
February 5 | Bhaskara Auditorium
Known for his intelligent humour, Azeem Banatwalla from the East India Comedy group will be in the city for his solo show titled Cometh The Hour. Rated as one of the best comedians in India, he will be speaking about travel, road rage, religion, confused African kids, and his personal favourite ai??i?? marital life. The one-hour show will be hosted by the group, Funny Side Up, this Sunday. The show begins at 6 pm. Entry: Rs 399 per head. Details: in.bookmyshow.com

Sizzling diaries
February 6 | Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre
Beat the Monday blues with some hot sizzlers and grills at La Cantina, Novotel. Enjoy a mAi??lange of vegetarian sizzlers like Panko Crumbed Cheddar, Ancho Chili Vegetable Brochettes, Habanero Cottage Cheese and more. Non-vegetarians can savour a spread of Chipotle Smoked Chicken, Sizzling Tiger Prawns and Tequila Lobster, besides other dishes. From 6 pm onwards. The event is on between February 6 and 12. Details: 66824422

Yarn tales
February 7 | Our Sacred Space
Learn the tricks of crocheting at a five-day long workshop starting on Tuesday. Crochet is a French word for small hooks. As the name suggests, it is the art of making fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials using a crochet hook. Registration: Rs 1,200 per head. From 11 am onwards. Details: 9030013344

Mathemagically yours
February 8 | Kalakriti Art Gallery
A mathematician, researcher and an artist, Frenchman Jean-Luc Feugeas is in the city for the second time in a span of three months for his painting exhibition titled DAi??sordre. The expo displays canvases which is his version of connecting the imaginary world with the real. He is known for his paintings which are filled with geometrical figures. The event will end on February 15. Gates open at 11 am. Entry free. Details: 66036044

Three to see Costco pharmacy accutane
February 9 | Hard Rock Cafe
City-based three-piece band,
Three of Us, will be performing at Hard Rock Cafeai??i??s Thursday Live event. Ivy, Thea and Adora will be singing covers of songs like All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor and Yellow by Coldplay. The evening begins from 8.30 pm onwards. Entry: `1,500 per head. Details: 64636375

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    Make it lavish
    February 10 |Ai?? TTK Road
    Little Lavish is organising an exhibition and sale for Valentineai??i??s Day. Choose from a cutesy range of clothing, gifts, accessories, cosmetics, home decor, jewellery, bags, footwear and more to gift your loved one. Whatai??i??s more? The highest spender of the day gets to enjoy an exclusive 90-minute spa therapy session at Thai Sabai Wellness Spa. Entry Free. From 11 am to 9 pm. Details: 65388388

    Soulful renditions
    February 11 | Vadapalini
    The annual All India Sufi and Mystic Music festival is back in the city for its 16th edition. Showcasing musical traditions from across the country, this festival will feature Balafon player Mamadou Diabate, Kabir Panthi songs by Prahlad Singh Tipaniya, and a qawwali performance by Chand Nizam. Rs 500 onwards.
    Details: in.bookmyshow.com

    February 5 | Madras Race Club
    If you love Sufi music, this is one evening that you might not want to miss. The Wadali Brothers are in the city and set to host their first concert at the Forum Vijaya Mall. Croon to their hits like Rangrez of Tanu Weds Manu fame and Tu Mane Ya Mane from Coke Studio India, among others. Rs 999 onwards. At 6 pm.
    Details: in.bookmyshow.com

    Backyard groove
    February 9 | Adyar
    Ever heard of an anti-cafAi?? and storytelling space? Backyard promises to be just that. If you are looking for some interdisciplinary interaction, a possibility to ideate together (or just by yourself), brainstorm, host open-ended events, then this is the space for you. Find kiosks of home bakers, the work of talented artists, authors, poets, photographers and designers at the launch. Entry free. Details: 7358458117

    Betnovate price ireland PrA?t & proper
    February 12 | Hyatt Regency
    With over 45 designers and products from home dAi??cor and linen to jewellery and accessories, the Spring Valentine Collezione, curated by Arti Bagdy, is your one-stop-shopping destination for the month. Watch out for designers and brands like Alankrit from Lucknow and Vaayu from Kolkata, not to forget, velvetcase.com showcasing their jewellery lines for the first time. Entry free. Details: 24512584

    Walk of life
    February 5 | Taramani
    Show your solidarity with those suffering from cancer and other such disorders by signing up for the Walkathon organised by DATRI. With distances ranging from three to six kilometres, the walk will start from Ticel Bio Park, and will go on to Madhya Kailash. 7 pm onwards. Registration at Rs 300. Details: in.bookmyshow.com

    Soccer punch
    February 11 | Chamiers Road
    Namma Chennaiai??i??s first street football platform, The Turf, will host an inaugural cricket and futsal tournament, open to all ages. The event will take place at Kick Off next weekend, between February 11 and 12 at Nandanam. Last date for registration is February 9. Winners take home Rs 10,000. Details: 9884012612

    Hit in the make?
    February 25 | T Nagar
    Learn the art of scriptwriting at this workshop conducted by Mirage Institute of Filmmaking and Photography. You will be guided across a range of subjects, such as film genres, selection of film ideas, structuring stories, developing characters, formatting screenplays and more. Registrations at Rs 10,000 per head.
    Details: 9952099040

    At the art of things
    February 5Ai?? | Nageshwara Rao Park
    Celebrate the work of young budding artists from across the country with Art Martai??i??s annual one-day art show this Sunday, with works of over 70 artists being displayed through the course of the day. There is also an on-the-spot competition for school children on the theme, ai???The world outside my homeai???. Be sure to bring your own supplies. Entry free. 8 am – 8 pm. Details: Search for the page ArtMart Chennai on Facebook.

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      Past forward Dapoxetine order in india
      Get a delightful insight into the early days of Auroville, including the building of Matrimandir, through the lens of the late Dominique Darr. One of the Paris-based photographerai??i??s collections, titled And The Adventure Begins, is on display at Centre dai??i??Art-Citadines. February 4-14. 10 am onwards. Details: auroville.org

      Land objective
      Auroville and Sri Aurobindo Ashram have joined hands to organise the Art For Land auction. Participating artists include Priya Sundaravalli, Priti Ghosh, Pierre le Grand and Adil Writer, among others, with works featuring paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics and photographs, that will be
      on display at Unity Pavilion this month. Auction on February 25. 3 pm. Details:artforland.avgreencenter.org

      Rover that
      Ever wished to have an off-roading experience on OMR? Land Rover gives you an opportunity to do just that with their latest Experience tour. To be held on OMR, the event, that is held in association with Discovery Sport, will give you the chance to experience some of the most challenging off-road terrain in the area in a Range Rover Evoque. February 3-5. Details: landrover.in

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