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A few weeks ago, a youngster decided to plunge the city into a bit of a cultural shock and, with the power of a connected smartphone in hand, intent and results are almost gapless. He spread a rumour that Shah Ghouse, a famous biryani joint with a reputation, decades old, for the finest mutton and chicken delicacies, was serving dog meat. The damage was done within minutes; and though contained, and exposed thanks to some great work by our cyber crime cell and police, it exposed our cityai??i??s cultural and economic structureai??i??s vulnerability to any pranksterai??i??s imagination. The 108 Emergency too shared recently that way above half of their calls are from kids and teens indulging inAi??ai???harmless funai??i??.

Post-truth has been the diagnosis globally, and accepted as a truism without adequate analysis. Has the power of lies suddenly reached astronomical proportions and the stock of truth nosedived? If so, what has happened for this extraordinary tilt of a civilisation scale see-saw of perception?

The hypothesis that mankind has always preferred, and loved, truth over lies is not backed by historical evidence, and ironically, quite the opposite holds. Socrates spoke about it, and by modern definition, lived in a Post-truth Greece, and consumed theAi??hemlockAi??for it. What about the centuries when almost everyone held it as a self-evident truth that the earth was flat and at the centre of the universe, and how did they respond to those who tried to set the record straight?

What about the ease with which monarchy convinced all of the men that they did indeed have divine rights to rule us?

Consider the war between science and religion? Imagine a mega-sized mythological wall of a Facebook page for science and religion since time immemorialAi??ai??i??Ai??most of the mankind would have liked, shared, paid for and fought for the side that portrays heaven and hell as literal, than the side that established we evolved from apes, and are made up of a pair of 23 chromosomes. The following for pleasant lies has always beaten that of the inconvenient truth.

We must delve deeper to understand the truth about lies, and the lies about truth, but in todayai??i??s short-attention, tweet-era with 30-seconds sound byte, we canai??i??t afford it.

TAILPIECE:Ai??The lies we tell adults is nothing compared to the number of lies we tell children. Drink your milk or the monster will come. Eat the fruits and be a good girl, Santa will reward you. Tooth fairy! Politicians, bureaucrats, spin doctors bankers and intellectuals donai??i??t lieAi??even half as much asAi??parents and kindergarten teachers.

ai??i?? Sriram Karri
Cheap cleocin lotion (Sriram Karri is author of the bestselling novel, Autobiography of a Mad Nation. He writes for international media such as The New York Times and BBC besides organising debates at Hyd Park)

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Rajat Kapoor and his cast pay tribute to Shakespeare through their funny interpretations of four of his classics

Clowns in a circus is a given. But how will they fit into the classic tragedies of Shakespeare? Thatai??i??s exactly what Bollywood actor and director Rajat Kapoor is doing as part of the Shakespeare Comedy Theatre Festival (SCTF), at Shilpakala Vedika. Bringing the clowns under the limelight and introducing them as the lead characters of four plays written by the Bard of Avon, Rajat has re-written and directed Macbeth, Hamlet, Nothing Like Lear and As You Like It. Visiting Hyderabad for the first time, the plays will feature popular actors like Kalki Koechlin, Vinay Pathak, Ranvir Shorey and Cyrus Sahukar.

Why clowns? Says Kapoor, who has been associated with theatre and SCTF for over a decade now, ai???I love clowns. They bring an element of distance, abstraction and a sense of purity ai??i?? which offer important tools to make a theatrical piece. I had done a play called C for Clown in 1999. It was a great experience ai??i?? and we also discovered a new language ai??i?? gibberish.ai???

Macbeth, Hamlet and Nothing Like Lear are tragedy dramas, while As You Like It is a comic play. Kapoor says that there was no particular reason behind choosing these four plays.

ai???The first in this series was Hamlet and this was in 2008. Back then, the idea was to do it as a stand alone piece, there was to be no follow up. After three years, I thought why not do another? That was when I did Nothing Like Lear and this time we did it with just one actor ai??i?? a clown. These are texts that have excited generations of theatre practitioners,ai??? he adds.

The dark side of the clown
Cast: Kalki Koechlin,
Vinay Pathak, Ranvir Shorey
The clowns draw us into the world of Macky B (Ranvir) and his Lady (Kalki) in Macbeth ai??i?? What is Done is Done. The protagonist is a good man, brave soldier and a loyal friend until he meets three weird sisters. About his role Shorey says, ai???This is the first time we have tried to bring the darker emotion of a clown. Macky B is a clown who in time becomes vicious and murderous.ai??? Koechlin, who plays Lady Macbeth, says, ai???In this play, we will introduce dark humour in a lighter manner. People will laugh throughout the play but, will get a shock towards the end,ai??? she warns. Details: On February 11, 4.30 pm

All mixed up
Cast: Vinay Pathak, Kalki Koechlin, Sujay Saple, Neil Bhoopalam, Puja Sarup and Namit Das
This piece, Hamlet ai??i?? The Clown Prince – has a bunch of clowns who misinterpret the script and make a mess of it. Vinay Pathak plays the role of Hamlet. Kapoor has tweaked the script and removed a few important scenes to make it look as though the pages got mixed up. About working with Kapoor, Das, who plays the roles of Claudius and Horatio, says, ai???Itai??i??s a scary place to be as an actor, because you donai??i??t know what you are going to do. He uses our nervous energy to come up with interesting nuances in acting.ai??? Details: February 11, 7.30 pm onwards

direIn dire straits
Cast: Vinay Pathak, Cyrus Sahukar, Aadar Malik, Joy Fernandes, Faezeh Jalali and Shruti Vyas.
This time around, the clowns are financially on a downward spiral which, in turn, creates differences in the group. The play I Donai??i??t Like it – As you Like it shows how couples go through their own broken relationships. Here, the men play women and vice-versa. Sahukar, who plays the role of Soso, the clown with his puppet Toto, says, ai???My character is a pot smoker, regular drinker and has acute self-confidence problems. He also has a major problem because he never gets to play the lead.ai???
Details: On February 12, 4.30 pm

lear Styplon online bible Love, think, cry
Cast: Vinay Pathak
Nothing Like Lear revolves around just one clown, played by Vinay Pathak. Kapoor portrays a clown who has not stopped crying for days and has plenty of reasons to keep going ai??i?? one among which is love. The one he loved the most has left him for good. Also, he is getting old. However, the main reason for being depressed is because he has been forced to perform this play. Details: On February 12, 7.30 pm Tickets Rs 600 onwards Details : bookmyshow.in

ai??i?? Nishad Neelambaran

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The Westin Hyderabad is offering Chettinad delicacies as part of its ongoing food festival

Gentle fire. This is what Chettinad cuisine offers with generous use of spices in its dishes that do not send your taste buds on a fiery trail, but leave a subtle heat in your mouth which is both enjoyable and comforting. This arid region of Tamil Nadu offers varieties of delights gently cooked with black pepper and star anise as the most used condiments. At the restaurant Seasonal Taste, The Westin Hyderabad Mindspace, the tastes of the region are being celebrated as ai???Taste of Chettinad Food Festival,ai??i?? which is on till February 12.

For the festival, chef Jagadeesh from The Westin Chennai Velachery is teaming up with chef Mukesh Sharma to put together the spread. The dishes are cooked with spices like peppercorn, cinnamon, bay leaves, cardamom, nutmeg, green and red chilies, coriander, cumin, and fenugreek seeds. As a result dishes like Kootyur Kari Chor, flavoured Chettinad mutton biryani, are mildly hot in taste while the flavour lingers long after we finish eating the same. It is a welcome change from the regular
Hyderabadi biryani. We combine the fluffy-fragrant rice of the biryani with Kozhi Malli Varuval, chicken marinated with fresh coriander paste, green chillis and is grilled. The taste, we say with certitude, is wonderful, and lingering.

Traditionally, the spices are ground on grinding stones, lending them a unique texture and flavour. Adds chef Jagadeesh, ai???ai???Marathi Mogguai??i??, dried flower pods of Red Silk Cotton Tree, is another famous spice used in the Chettinad region. The taste it lends to the dish is slightly hot much like black pepper, but unique in its own way.ai??? Among the list of other dishes on offer, we try Vendai Rasam, spicy okra in lentil broth, tempered with garlic. There is no stickiness that the vegetable is notorious for. I feel relaxed as we finish with desserts from the region such as Paruppu Shuyam, fried dumplings of Bengal grams and jaggery cooked in a milky mixture which appears to be like rasmalai. The Sakkarai Pongal, a sweet mixture of lentils, rice, jaggery combined with the richness of nuts, is my kind of dessert. It was a delight with a distinct flavour of the lentils.

Price per head: for dinner Rs 1,726 all inclusive; Timing: 7 pm ai??i??11 pm. Details: 67676767
ai??i?? Saima Afreen Where to buy zaditor eye drops

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The sumptuous wedding spread at Lagan Nu BhonuAi??celebrates Parsi flavours in a lavish manner and promises to be a treatAi??

HYDERABADai??i??s favourite Irani CafAi??, Soda BottleOpenerWala known for serving delectable Parsi fare has come up with a wedding special thali. Lagan Nu Bhonu, the latest food festival at this Hyderabad outlet offers rich flavours and celebrates Parsi food in its true style. The sheer variety on offer will make a visit to the restaurant worth your while.

Mohit Balachandran and Shaaz

Mohit Balachandran and Shaaz

Parsi twist
In this festival, you are served thalis (vegetarian or non-vegetarian depending on your preference) but in Parsi style. First up on the table was Pallonji Soda in a raspberry flavour. The beverage is refreshing; the citrus relief of the fresh lime soda and the tinge of raspberry, compliments your meal perfectly. For starters, you can relish the Macchi No Cutlet, a coriander spiced cutlet of minced Rawa fish with garlic. It is tender and well-cooked, and the perfect way to start your meal. The flavour of the starter is enhanced by the various condiments on offer, especially the coconut chutney, which is truly lip-smacking. A Parsi meal is incomplete without an egg dish ai??i?? the Chutney Eeda Na Pattice or stuffed egg in a potato mixture with coconut based chutney was flavoursome. From the entrAi??es, the Chicken Pulao stands out. Cooked in typically Parsi style, the pulao is rich in texture and has a sweet flavour to it. The Hyderabadis love their biryani, but this pulao offers a unique alternative and one you can truly relish. Then thereai??i??s Gos No Sas, which is another constant fixture in Parsi homes. The dish is basically mutton simmered in a mild white gravy, and is served along with . The dish is heavy, rich and sumptuous. ai???Parsi weddings are known for the food. During weddings, the idea is to sit together and eat lots of food of different kinds on one plate. So, we decided to bring this wedding menu through this food festival,ai??? says Mohit Balachandran, Brand Head
and Cuisine Director, SodaBottleOpenerWala.

Flavour burst
Each dish is packed with flavour and is wholesome at the same time. For desserts, try out the Strawberry Custer, which is their own take on the famous Parsi dish Lagan nu Custer. For those not familiar with Parsi terms, eating the dish feels like digging into a strawberry mousse. Little shards of strawberry are added to the mousse, further enhancing the flavour of the dish. Just as you begin to think that you are done, the final course of the meal arrive, and is even better. The plum cake dipped in brandy sauce is certainly a dish to look out for. When you bite into it, there is a delightful burst of flavours and aroma as you taste plum, chocolate and brandy, all at the same time.

The festival is on till February 25. Details: 68888681 Price for two: Rs Ai??1,300 ++

Pics: Sayantan Ghosh
ai??i??Suhas Yellapantula
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The four-day Amaravati Global Music and Dance Festival 2017 on the banks of River Krishna, with its ensemble line-up of music and dance legends, is bound to wake up the artiste in you

There are music festivals. Then, there are river front music festivals where music meets magic. That is what the Amaravati Global Music and Dance Festival 2017 promises to be. Amaravati is a six-hour drive (273 km) on the NH65 Expressway from Hyderabad in the neighbouring Telugu state and has been curated by none other than the violin and fusion legend L Subramaniam. If that is not reason enough, consider this. The event will take place at Pavitra Sangamam (the scenic banks of river Krishna) in the new capital city.


Kavita Subramaniam

Picturesque setting
ai???Imagine a placid river and the sun is about to set. The sky is turning from blue to a crimson before it goes dark. The winged wonders in the sky are heading back home. The floating dais will have artistes welcoming the sunset and setting the tone for the night ahead. Just when the sun goes down, the aartis (with diyas lit up) will usher in the night and the concert begins. I would think it will be a surreal experience to watch Indiaai??i??s first-ever river front music festival,ai??? says Samit Garg, the chief executive officer of the New Delhi-based event management company E Factor Entertainment that has been roped in to host the four-day event which begins today and ends on Monday (February 13).


Hema Malini

Purchase procardia xl The line-up
The first edition of the event, being touted to be ai???Indiaai??i??s first waterfront festivalai??i?? also boasts an impressive line-up of artistes with global repute. Actress and danseuse Hema Malini, Kathak Guru Birju Maharaj legendary violinist Dr L Subramaniam, classical and playback singer Kavita Subramaniam, ghazal specialist Talat Aziz, percussion maestro Trilok Gurtu, Kuchipudi exponent Vyjayanthi Kashi, violin experts Dwaram Brothers, Senegalese jazz and Mbalax musician Solo Cissokho and others will perform at the event.

Nara Chandrababu Naidu, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, says, ai???I look forward to making Amaravati a global hub for culture and I am delighted that the festival is a step in this direction. The festival will feature Indian classical, western music, Bollywood, global fusion and folk music. We are keen to celebrate the spirit of Amaravati ai??i?? The Peopleai??i??s capital.ai???

Festival trail
ai???The event will soon turn into one that will travel to other cities such as Visakhapatnam and Rajahmundry also next year. The Chief Minister is keen to put the state in the global art and cultural map,ai??? adds Garg. He says that his event management company has previously organised events such as the Pushkar Fair, the Taj Balloon festival, the Udaipur lake festival last year and he found Amaravati to be on par with the other cities and hence ideal city to host this event. ai???We are expecting about 10,000 people to attend on each of the four days.ai??? The highlights of the programme will include Sama Veda Chanting by Sundara Rama Sroutigal, Global Fusion: SubraMania (violin concert) and, dance ballet Mahalakshmi by actress and danseuse Hema Malini.ai???
ai???Besides vocal music and dance concerts, the cultural extravaganza will also have paramotoring (spot registration on first-come-first-served basis, for free) for the youngsters,ai??? Garg adds.

Entry free Details: amaravatiglobalfest.com
ai??i?? Manju Latha Kalanidhi

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Anam Mirza brings to town edgy lifestyle brands from across the country

TodayAi??the shopping extravaganza, The Label Bazaar, at Novotel HICC (Hyderabad) will haveAi??the attention of the cityai??i??s shopaholics. Conceptualised and curated by
city-based stylist Anam Mirza and her husband Akbar Rasheed, thisAi??isAi??the third season of the expo. It has been immensely popular not onlsy because it brings well-established brands to the homegrown shoppers,Ai??but also becauseAi??Anamai??i??sAi??sister andAi??globalAi??tennisAi??starAi??Sania Mirza is the brand ambassador.

Buy plendil online exhibition1The curatorAi??of this multi-city designer expo that tours Mumbai and Chennai also,Ai??says, ai???I have attempted to maintain a balance between ethnic and contemporary wear and keep an interesting mix of established designers and new ones as well.ai??? Designer Esha Amin fromAi??Mumbai who is bringing her prA?t lines to the expo says, ai???I am bringing two collections ai??i?? one is an extension of my LakmAi?? Fashion Week line, which comprises Indo-Western silhouettes such as resort wear and ideal clothes for holiday season like flowy tunics and capes. The other collection Ai??features festive heavily embellished festive Indian wear.ai???

Also, expect labels like AshishAi??NAi??Soni who will bring menai??i??s ensembles, Ambika Kakarla, Antar Agni, Rouka who will bring contemporary Indo-Western wear. Also, contemporary accessories and footwear brands like September Shoes and jewellery brands likeAi??Sakshi Jhunjhunwala, Fuschia by Ritu Mehrotra are also some of the top brands to watch out for. Not only will this expo see a mix of fashion labels from this country, but this sartorial melting pot will house brands like Masala ChaiAi??from Dubai as well.

The exhibition starts from 10 am onwards and prices of designer pret from Rs 5,000 onwards.

ai??i?? Paulami Sen

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SuhaniAi??Pittieai??i??s latest collection, Heart Me, is all about embracing independence in a relationship and loving oneself unconditionally

accessoriesWearing a signature SuhaniAi??Pittie is more than just a fashion statement. The maverick designer who completed 11 years in the industry this year has come up with a new collectionAi??of jewellery,Ai??titled Heart Me, just in time for the Valentineai??i??s Day. However, moving away from the idea of mushy romantic love, her edgy collection preaches unconditional appreciation for the self and celebrates the role of individual identities in a relationship.

Code black
The designer whose accessories have been worn by the likes of Alia Bhatt and Sonam Kapoor at several red carpet dos, says she has taken the interesting route and used black Perspex in her creations. ai???Black is the colour of protection and is used to ward off any negative attention away from the wearer. It also denotes sophistication, confidence and elegance, whichAi??whenAi??combined with a symbol of heart represents the contemporary woman of today who are aware of their self-worth,ai??? she says. About the minimalist neck pieces and uniquely crafted earrings, she informs, ai???Most are silver plated, with lots of acrylic, fabric and unfinished crystals.ai???

Order evecare cosmetics Ai??Write on it
Expect designs with bow and heart motifs with a hint of fine floral work. This graduate from the Gemological Institute of America says that the label has introduced the inscription jewellery for this collection which will help in adding a personal touch forAi??gifting purposes. ai???My oldest craftsman kindly and sweetly made the first one for me,ai??? adds Pittie with a smile.Ai??Pittie points out that her top picks are a two-level heart necklace in black and white.

accessoryai???I wanted to show love as a strengthening bond with a streak of independence running through the tenderness and purity of love, a perfect paradox created by modern day relationships we nurture,ai??? says the 36-year-old. She adds that the Valentineai??i??s Day special line also comprises quirky cuffs and bracelets, which can be paired with complementary styles from the collection to create standout looks.

Signature etchings
The designs are intricate and have been etched out after hours spentAi??on the drawing board and finalising it. ai???I need to give the best I can give, which means a lot of rejecting and going back to the drawing board. The final Heart Me is young, sophisticated, wearable and signatureAi??SuhaniAi??Pittie,ai??? adds the designer. These pieces she adds, like the case is with most of her collections, have ai???the capacity to translate from day to evening effortlessly. Match them with white, thereai??i??s elegance and wear with gold, itai??i??s pure drama,ai??? she says. The collection is available online as well as in the Hyderabad flagship store.

The range starts from Rs 4,000 onwardsAi??for rings. Details: 66332495

ai??i?? PaulamiAi??Sen

Emmy-nominated television show host, Padma Lakshmi visited Hyderabad, as a part of her multi-city book tour. In an interactive session, the former international supermodel and actress opened her heart out to the audience about her memoir, Love, Loss and What We Ate and discussed about various details of her life candidly from her relationships to her penchant for spicy Punjabi pickles from Delhi and how travel shaped her.

ai???There is nothing that reminds me of the home faster than the smell of frying mustard seeds and curry patta. I would always climb my grandmotherai??i??s pantry for the pickle jars that they kept on top of the shelves, away from my reach,ai??? she said during her chat with designer Shilpa Reddy. Her admirers stayed back after the talk, to get their books signed by the pop culture icon.

suchitraIt seems to be raining memoirs this week. Former Bollywood actress and singer, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi, staged an adaptation of the memoir, ai???Drama Queenai??i?? at Sheraton. Her performance was nuanced and she effectively managed to drive home several points about the kind of judgment a single woman face in this country. Meanwhile, Bai??i??town sweetheart Manisha Koirala was in town, for an interactive session hosted on World Cancer Day by FICCI FLO, Apollo Cancer Institutes and Cure Foundation at HICC Novotel. Koirala, who is a cancer survivor herself, touched upon the need of having a positive frame of mind. Also, Aamer Javeed, national secretary of National Studentsai??i?? Union of India, and wife Ruba hosted their son Arhaanai??i??s cradle ceremony at Windsor Garden, Begumpet. The guests were heard raving about the sumptuous spread of Nizami food and the mellifluous ghazals that added to the old world charm of the do.

On the other hand, entrepreneurs Sonali Sharma along with Poonam Choudhuri from the Indian Heritage Lifestyle Store hosted a high tea at Taj Deccan before presenting a wide range of Hitkari potteries. The socialites were seen bonding over their love for fancy porcelain dining sets. Present at the do were socialites Bina Mehta and Shikha Sharma.

ai??i??Ai??Rina Hindocha
Buy zithromax usa (The writer is a yoga exponent and co- founder of Touch a Life Foundation. She loves connecting with people)

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River-side gala
February 10 | Pavitra Sangamam, Amaravati
Celebrating different genres of dance and music, the first-ever river front cultural festival will kick-start today. The Amaravati Global Music & Dance Festival will be inaugurated by Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu and will feature classical, Western classical, Bollywood, fusion, folk and contemporary music by artistes such as Kavita and Dr L Subramaniam and Pandit Birju Maharaj. Entry free. Details: amaravatiglobalfest.com

At the movies
February 10 | Inox: GVK One
Directed by Subhash Kapoor, Jolly LLB 2 is a sequel to his 2013 blockbuster movie. This time though, Arshad Warsiai??i??s character is played by Akshay Kumar along with Huma Qureshi in the lead roles. The satirical black comedy drama also stars Saurabh Shukla and Anu Kapoor in supporting roles. The film is about courtroom theatricals that derides the Indian legal system. The story is about Jagdishwar Mishra (Akshay), a low-profile lawyer who fights a case against the unscrupulous but popular advocate Sachin Mathur (Anu Kapoor). Tickets: Rs 150 per head. Details: in.bookmyshow.com

Tribute to the Bard
February 11 | Shilpakala Vedika
Visiting Hyderabad for the first time, Shakespeare Comedy Theatre Festival will feature adaptations of four plays by the playwright. The comic-interpretations will feature popular Bollywood actors like Kalki Koechlin, Vinay Pathak, Ranvir Shorey and Cyrus Sahukar. Actor and director, Rajat Kapoor has directed and re-written Nothing Like Lear, Macbeth, Hamlet and As You Like It with having clowns as the main character of the story. For further details turn to Page 11.

Remembering the past
February 12 | Hyderabadass Comedy Club
Growing up is always painful and often scary. Once you are past it, you realise your parents were just as confused as you were, the education was incidental and religion still does not make sense. But having survived it, the least you can do is laugh about it. Join Aakash Mehta on a relatable comic journey in an hour- long laughter riot – Kuch Bhi Mehta. Entry for three: Rs 999. Details: in.bookmyshow.com

Order rocaltrol manufacturer Rev it up
February 12 | Keesara
For all those who enjoy off-road drives and love jeeps and SUVs, Divya Retreat Resort is the place to be this weekend. Titled ai???Show Off Your SUV,ai??i?? the event seeks to encourage all SUV owners to come forward and display their rigs. Apart from this, the meet-up is also a platform for both experienced and new drivers to exchange notes about their vehicles. The winner of the event will be decided through a voting system which will be followed by a two-hour test drive. Entry for two: Rs 1,200 Details: 33063839

Heart food
February 13 | Aqua, The Park
Kick-start your Valentineai??i??s Day celebrations a day ahead. Aqua restaurant offers couples a Valentine Fortnight five-course buffet. The dinner will have an array of Indian, Italian and Continental delicacies. The buffet also boasts the best flavours and authentic ingredients. The dinner begins at 8 pm. Entry: Rs 3,500 for a couple. Details: 23456789

Simply love
February 14 | ITC Kakatiya
Create a special ambience for the love of your life this Valentineai??i??s Day at the poolside of Deccan Pavilion. The night will have a curated culinary journey that will include premium spirits and live music. The dinner buffet will have authentic Hyderabadi dishes like veg and non-veg biryanis along with Continental delicacies. The night begins from 8 pm onwards. Cost for dinner and Special Island for two is `17,999. Details: 23400132

Project happiness
February 15 | Sarathi Studio
Waiting for Happiness, directed by Abderrahmane Sissako, will be screened this week at Sarathi Studio. The film revolves around three people ai??i?? a student who has returned home to Nouadhibou, an electrician with his child apprentice and a local woman. The film throws light on African and Arab traditions and cultures, while borrowing from tropes of Tayeb Salehai??i??s Season of Migration to the North. The screening begins at 6.30 pm. Details: 23732050

Game on
February 16 | Sun City Mall
Breakout, the war of Paintball, at Sun City Mall has a newly installed, fully-equipped arena with all facilities and gears for a full-fledged game. Whether you choose to be a good guy or a bad guy, the motto is to wipe out the enemy and establish victory. Hide behind the defenses or tear across the field with the gun in hand, the choice is yours to make. From 11 am onwards. Entry: Rs 250 per head. Details: in.bookmyshow.com

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    February 11, Goethe Institut
    Cinema Rendezvous presents a unique opportunity for fans of Christopher Nolan and debutante director Kathick Naren with the screening of the movie, The Prestige. Bond over your love for cinema in an interactive session with the Dhuruvangal Pathinaaru director, who will be the guest of honour at the screening. Rs 200
    Details: 28331314

    Ornate trim
    February 12, Neelankarai
    City-based design studio Bridal Blouse Designs is conducting a two-week intensive zardosi and aari embroidery workshop. Learn the basics of embroidery during a three-hour session with designer Madhumathi. Rs 6,000, including materials. Flexible timings available. Classes from 11 am to 4 pm Details: 8939108338

    Beyond borders
    February 18, Velachery
    The fifth edition of the Global Isai festival brings to the city an amalgamation of 20 artistes across genres and countries. Catch bands like LunaLee, Tablatronic-World Peace, Ziia & The Swing Mates from Korea, Mauritius, and RAi??union Islands, as they showcase a plethora of world culture through their music during this two-day event. Entry free. 1 pm onwards. At Phoenix MarketCity. Details: 9841426951

    An arty affair Mobicity delivery review
    February 12, Mylapore
    The Art Room Chennai is conducting a folk mural art workshop on lipan work. An art form from Kutch, this involves working with wooden boards and mirrors, rather than using mud and mirrors to create artwork. Limited slots available. Workshop fee: Rs 1,200, includes materials. To register a slot email: theartroomchennai@gmail.com. Details: 7550071255

    Stitch in time
    February 11, Adyar
    Learn the tips and tricks of crochet, and make your own baby sets, jewellery, toys and home dAi??cor at this workshop, which is being organised by Comal Crafts. This is a beginnerai??i??s workshop and is open to participants above the age of 15. Limited slots available. Workshop fee: Rs 1,500 (materials will be provided). Details: 9176118165

    Shop till you love
    January 27, TTK Road
    If you are in a fix as to what to buy for your loved one this Valentineai??i??s Day, try the shopping fest happening at Tamara. The boutique in Natesan Park has on display saris, dress materials, gowns, jewellery and home dAi??cor as well. Prices from around Rs 200 to Rs 8,000. Tomorrow and Sunday. 10 am to 8 pm. Details: 9841698438

    Novel tales
    February 17, Adyar
    Join renowned storyteller Geeta Ramanujam in her Beginnerai??i??s Course on Storytelling, the only certificate program for the skill in the country. The 20 hour long course, spread over three days, will be held at the Kathalaya Academy, Adyar and is open to adults of all walks of life. Rs 15,000 for three days, including lunch. Details: 8122074404

    In focus
    February 17 | Eyemage Gallery
    Lose yourself in the world of abstract images at Eyemage Gallery, which is hosting an exhibition of unique photographs by Sudarshan Chari. Using different techniques and a small camera, Chari merges different personalities and people, with geometrical and psychedelic symmetries. The collection, titled Beyonder, will be on display from February 17. Details: eyemage.gallery

    Road less taken
    February 17 | Adyar
    Join the Backpacker Wanderers as they head to the pristine locales of Nishani Motte in Coorg for a two-day trek. The weekend, which includes ridge walks, treks to the summit for a spectacular view of the Brahmagiri range, stay in the forest and an anti-poaching camp, promises the perfect break from a hectic schedule. Rs 2,600 approximately. Details: 9677229074


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