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THE FIFTH edition of the Cartier Travel With Style Concours D’Elegance 2017 event is set to be flagged off in Hyderabad this weekend, by Princess Qhabl Begum Sahiba Esra Birgen of the Asaf Jah Dynasty, popularly known as Princess Esra. One of the worldai??i??s most prestigious gatherings, with over 80 of the rarest and best-preserved vintage automobiles and motorcycles from across India on display, the event places the countryai??i??s automotive heritage alongside the whoai??i??s who of Indian royalty, fashion, films, and business. Hereai??i??s a look at the choicest collections on show.

Manu Raman
About: Manu Raman is an avid classic collector based in Mysore, who participates regularly in leading vintage car exhibitions in India.

Prize quote: ai???Classic cars and history are inextricably linked. The allure of ownership is never divorced from the story behind a ai???carai??i??. The Cartier Concours is a well-known and respected event, and should result in appreciation of Indiaai??i??s automobile treasures long considered one of the best collections of classic cars imported and built to specifications for erstwhile royals and wealthy businessmen.ai???

His collection:Ai??1936 25-30HP Rolls Royce –Ai??Bought by my father in 1972 from Mr Batliwalla in Mumbai. The original owner was a Mr N C LakhrawallaAi??of Bellasis Road, Byculla, Mumbai, who ordered two 25/30 h.p. cars:- Ai??ours a saloon by Thrupp & Maberly and one other.Ai??The car was shipped to Mumbai on the s/s ‘Durenda’ which sailed on the 14th of May 1938. It has been in our familyAi??since 1972 and was lovingly looked after and driven by my father over the years. It has been part of a movie shoot and a regular on theAi??Indian Classic Car Rally circuitAi??participating inAi??ralliesAi??across Kolkata, Bengaluru andAi??Mysuru.

Rajesh Somasundaram
About: Rajesh Somasundaram is a noted businessman and avid vintage car collector from Chennai. A third-generation member of The PCM family,
promoters of Pandyan Hotel, and Maduraiai??i??s first luxury hotel that has been in operation since 1968, he is regularly featured for his rare Mercedes Benz.

Prize quote
: ai???We are very excited to showcase our 1914 Benz at the prestigious show. The Benz is a link to the PCM familyai??i??s history, and gives us immense pride to play a small part in the preservation and promotion of Indiaai??i??s rich motoring heritage. Everything about the Benz is a delight, and through this event, I am sure many
owners will begin to restore and showcase their old treasures.ai???

His collection: 1914 Benz Model 8/20 HP Runabout Tourer ai??i?? Acquired in 1914 by our grandfather, Rao Bahadur P C Muthu Chettiar, Zamindar (1877-1940), this car has remained with the same family for over 100 years. This Benz is apparently the oldest recorded Mercedes Benz in India, one of only four in existence worldwide. The Benz was used regularly by the PCM family until the mid-1960s, when it was garaged because of difficulty in obtaining spare parts. In 2013, Somasundaram, one of the grandsons of P C Muthu Chettiar, with the backing of the PCM family, decided to restore this Benz. On 24 September 2016, Roland Folger, MD and CEO, Mercedes Benz India, unveiled the restored Benz in Chennai.

pestonji2Captain KF Pestonji
About: President of Chermas Group, a commercial pilot by profession and renowned vintage car and motorcycle collector, whose family has lived in Hyderabad for more than 200 years.

Prize quote
: ai???We as Hyderabadis are very lucky and proud to have the Cartier Concours dai??i??Elegance in the city. It gives us the opportunity to showcase our proud possessions. It is also beneficial for vintage car enthusiasts who will get a chance to see some of the rarest and unique collections from all over India. I highly appreciate the curator Manvendra Barwani for his efforts to host this show.ai???

His collection: 1964 Oldsmobile Z85 ai??i?? A gift to Prince Mukarram Jah Bahadur before his Coronation in 1967 by Zaheer Ahmed, an Indian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. HEH The Nizam VIII used this car on the occasion of his coronation, at the Chowmahalla Palace.
1935 Hupmobile 521 J Deluxe Sedan ai??i?? Owned by S B Taylor of Lalaguda, Secunderabad.
1951 Dodge Kingsway ai??i?? Once owned by HEH Nawab Sir Mir Osman Ali Khan Bahadur, The Nizam VII of Hyderabad, the last ruler of the former State of Hyderabad Deccan. He was once the worldai??i??s richest man, and this was said to be his favourite car. Gool K Pestonji now owns the car.
1947 Dodge Custom A 2-door Convertible Coupe Dodge Custom was introduced in 1946. A few of them with right-hand drive CKD (Complete Knock-Down) kits were imported to India. This is one of them.

raviRavi Prakash
About: Ravi Prakash has been collecting cars from a young age, and has amassed a sizeable collection of cars, motorcycles and other automobiles. A regular Cartier Concours entrant, he is now setting up a Museum of Transportation near Bangalore.
Prize quote: ai???Cartier Concours is the first international event (of its kind) being held in India over the years. Iai??i??m happy that itai??i??s happening in the heritage city, at the heritage Palace of the Taj Falaknuma. It is the most befitting place.ai???
His collection: What is the generic for protonix 1941 Lincoln Zephyr ai??i?? A rare car, one of only 178 made, and one of a few right-hand drives in India.
1962 Jaguar Roadster ai??i?? Registered in the name of his wife, Sabena Prakash.
1924 Rolls Royce LanduletteAi??ai??i?? Displayed by his daughter, Rupali Prakash.

ai??i?? Team Indulge

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An epicurean guide to the New York of the East

For those jaded by Macau with its sprawling hotels, spotless roads with not even a stone out of place and numerous casinos lining almost every street, Hong Kong comes as a breath of fresh air. Stepping off the ferry and onto our coach, we were instantly struck by how much character the place really has. On the Kowloon side, the roads play host to skyscrapers, shop houses and posh pubs, while on Hong Kong island, the financial district of the region, winding streets and bylanes offer everything from chic designer stores, slick coffee shops, vegetable and fruit markets and more. While it has been hailed as a major shopping destination in Southeast Asia, not much has been said about its impressive gastronomic offerings that include everything from artisanal cafes to little cha chaan tengs that serve up an eclectic selection of comfort food. We put together a guide on how to eat your way through Hong Kong.
Eat local
No-frills eateries, termed cha chaan teng, are where Hong Kongers flock to for quick, affordable meals. The menus at such cafes include everything from local cuisine to staples like sandwiches, toast and snacks. Our picks:

Honolulu Cafe
Located on a busy stretch in Wan Chai, this spot is favoured by locals and is often on the tourist trail as well. The eatery (pictured above) is famous for its fluffy egg tarts, a popular treat in Hong Kong. A crisp, flaky tart shell holds a wobbly yellow egg custard filling that is mildly sweet. The satay beef in instant noodles is also a hit with diners. At Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai.

Tsui Wah Restaurant
This is arguably one of the most famous cha chaan tengs in Hong Kong. Frequented by locals and tourists alike, the place is known for its Hainanese chicken rice, fishball noodles and bio luo you ai??i?? a Hong Kong favourite that is a hot sweet bun served with a slice of frozen butter. At Wellington Street, Central.

cafe2 Purchase lasuna botanical name Capital Cafe

Another Hong Kong institution, Capital Cafe is the place to make a beeline for if itai??i??s the best scrambled eggs youai??i??re after. Their scrambled eggs with black truffle on toast is especially worth every penny. Take respite from the heat with another Hong Kong specialty, iced milk tea, which is basically chilled black tea with condensed milk and ice cubes. At Heard Street, Wan Chai.

The bean scene
The specialty coffee culture is strong in Hong Kong and coffee shops that make their own blends are hard to miss. Hereai??i??s where you can get your fix:

coffeeKnockbox Coffee Company
The cafeai??i??s no-nonsense approach to coffee is refreshing. So if you want your coffee the way god intended, hereai??i??s the place to be. A fan of decaf or soy milk? Youai??i??re bound to be disappointed. Their single origin coffee is roasted in-house and the menu offers cappuccino, lattes, macchiato and espresso made with beans flown in from Ethiopia, Brazil, Panama and El Salvador. The cafe also hosts workshops on latte art, espresso making and home brewing. At Mong Kok, Kowloon.

The Cupping Room
That the coffee shop is helmed by a two-time Hong Kong barista champion should be enough to warrant a visit here. The coffees are especially roasted for the store in Colorado and the interiors take design cues from the cafes of Melbourne. Their flat whites (espresso topped with velvety foamed milk) are highly recommended as are the shots of Colombia Santa Barbara. At Queenai??i??s Road, Sheung Wan

On trend
Itai??i??s no surprise that the city is home to some of the most trendy restaurants in the world, specialising in Japanese, Italian, Vietnamese and every other
cuisine under the sun. Here are some of our recommendations:

chef2Sushi Tokami
If like us, sushi makes you go a little weak in the knees, you best head to this famed sushi restaurant, which actually has its roots in Tokyo. Recently opened in Harbour City, a massive mall spread over two million square feet, the place is best known for its tuna-based offerings. The maguro tosaki, a temaki made with meat from near the head of tuna fish, is highly recommended. At Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon.

cafe3Le GarAi??on SaA?gon
Started by chef Bao La, who was brought up in Brisbane, Australia, this restaurant seeks to put the focus on French-Vietnamese fare, all given a modern twist. Wicker chairs and blue interiors make it a relaxing spot to dine. Sample their charcuterie plate of pate, goi thu (head cheese) and shrimp butter for a truly authentic experience, or opt for their Rhubarb, strawberries and macadamia nut crumble with custard ice cream for something sweet. At Wing Fung Street, Wan Chai.

VEA Restaurant and Bar
Barely a year into its launch, this restaurant by chef Vicky Cheng and mixologist Antonio Lai has already been awarded a Michelin star. The two-level space offers a chefai??i??s table-style open kitchen experience above and a chic bar with traditional Hong Kong snacks on the lower floor. The menu which is constantly changing is a blend of Asian and French sensibilities. Dishes include creations like tuna with Hokkaido uni (sea urchin), espelette (a kind of French pepper) and burnt cucumber jelly. At Wellington Street, Central.

Kitty Cafe
Quirky and adorable at the same time, the Hello Kitty Cafe is a dim sum house that is inspired by the fictional character. Everything from the interiors to the dishes take inspiration from the ai???Kitty.ai??i?? We enjoyed an assortment of dim sums, all bearing Hello Kittyai??i??s face, complete with pink ears, bow and whiskers. At Canton Road, Kowloon.

Drink up
Canai??i??t decide if you want coffee or tea? Want the best of both worlds? If yes, try one of Hong Kongai??i??s favourite drinks ai??i?? milk tea coffee. The recipe calls for a 20:80 ratio of brewed coffee and milk tea. Get yours from Shui Wah restaurant in the busy neighbourhood of Mong Kok.

ai??i?? Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo
(The writer visited Hong Kong on invitation by the Hong Kong Tourism Board.)


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    If you relate to dysfunctional families with a crazy sense of humour, youai??i??ll love this Ai??

    Ever thought of your childhood as inspiration for a TV show? Well, American producer Adam Goldberg (in pic), who growing up, documented over a hundred tapes, worth of family meltdowns, ironically, didnai??i??t. That is, not until he showed them to co-creator on the show Doug Robinson. Incidentally, Goldberg, who was the youngest in the family, has changed one of his brothers (real life) into a sister (for the show) for a little bit of diversity. Talk about the most epic prank to pull on your older brother.

    Hereai??i??s a snapshot glimpse behind-the-scenes of The Goldbergs, with its Season 2 airing this February.

    At what point did you realise that Patton Oswalt was the voice of your adult self? Bactroban cream for sale
    The minute I heard his stand-up and him talking about how in college, he had a ai???Star Trek,ai??i??Ai?? thereai??i??s a whole routine about how his physics professor gave him a Star Trek question, and then he went up and complained to the teacher that Captain Kirk wouldnai??i??t say that. Yeah, heai??i??s fantastic.

    Why did you decide to turn one of your brothers into a sister for the show?
    I wanted to torture my oldest brother. No. I thought adding a daughter into the mix would just open up the whole world and bring us different kinds of stories, and we always joked that my brothers,Ai??my oldest brother Eric turned to Erica, is like a girl anyway. So it was a perfect match.

    How many members of your family want to kill you for exposing their 25 years-ago selves?
    The only one was Barry, his issue was that ai???he does not run like a toolai??i??. He wanted everyone to know that.

    Season 2 ai??i?? 3 of The Goldbergs airs on Star World and Star World HD in India, Monday to Friday at 10 pm.
    ai??i??Team Indulge

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      From La La Land to The Intern, a few style cues from the movies

      When I went to watch the movie, La La Land recently, I must confess that I was more excited about seeing the much-talked-about yellow dress worn by actress Emma Stone and the vintage looks in the film than the music. Long after the movie was over, I found myself remembering the golden yellow of that dress against the glorious blue of the Los Angeles sky. That is the power of the movies, and those images on the silver screen will always remain the most powerful source of fashion inspiration for us even today. I have picked up many style ideas from watching movies and several fashion tips too. Here are some recent observations…

      Work wearAi??has changed
      The movie, The Intern shows how you can combine casual and formal looks with ease, for the office. Anne Hathaway who plays the character of Jules, is the founder of an online fashion store. In one scene, sheai??i??s clad in a pair of slouchy menai??i??s trousers with a vintage T-shirt and a tuxedo blazer, teamed with designer sneakers and a large Chanel bag. How does she manage to mix all this up and look so good? According to the costume designer of this movie, chic, modern and vintage pieces in synchrony can never go wrong.

      Retro can be worth it!
      Going back in time and wearing some of the simple, classic looks of the past can work even today, if they suit your personality. In La La Land, Emma Stoneai??i??s Mia wears a number of date night dresses in vibrant colours. Retro looks are expected to be a huge trend this year and if you were to pick up some ideas from Miaai??i??s dresses in this movie, remember to team them with sparkling accessories and shoes.

      Say yes to beautiful shoes!
      If you are looking for footwear inspiration, you need to look no further than the movie Sex and the City where Sarah Jessica Parkerai??i??s character, Carrie Bradshaw loves her shoes more than life itself. Her wardrobe is brimming with Manolo Blahniks, Louboutins and Jimmy Choos but it is her satin blue Manolos, complete with silver buckle that gives her a Cinderella-like moment. The underlying principle of Carrieai??i??s style lies in the quality of her shoes because in her fashion lexicon, even the simplest outfit can be transformed by footwear.

      And finally, enjoy the journey!
      It is always a good idea to make notes of anything iconic that you spot in a movie. In a movie like Itai??i??s Complicated, for example, Meryl Streepai??i??s character Jane Adler wore jeans, belts and accessories but it did not look like she was trying to look like a teenager. She paired beautiful Hermes scarves with her casual clothes and looked effortlessly chic, relaxed and magnificent. The style tip in this movie lies in the enjoyment of the moment. Just by enjoying the comfort of casual fashion and adding a few expensive personal touches to her attire, Jane Adler manages to pull off a look that makes her ex-husband fall in love with her all over again.

      Every fashionista knows that the key to looking good lies in having fun and feeling good about yourself. Why not start with the movies to give you a little style inspiration?

      ai??i?? Asha Chowdary
      (Asha ChowdaryAi??presents a column on whatai??i??s trending in the world of fashion) Is there a generic for avapro

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        Director: Rahul Dholakia Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Mahira Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui
        The King Khan is back with a blockbuster once again. Raees tells the story of the good don, a man who is involved in an illegal liquor business but spends all that he has earned in helping the poor. Shah Rukhai??i??s at his usual best, but itai??i??s Nawazuddin who steals the thunder. Itai??i??s a weekend family entertainer that is worth a watch.

        The Founder
        Director: John Lee Hancock Cast: Michael Keaton, Nick Offerman
        Keaton plays McDonaldai??i??s founder Ray Kroc in this American biographical drama. The movie follows Kroc on his journey as he creates the fast food global empire. Keaton has given a magnetic performance as a sleek businessman. Watch it for the story behind the famous golden arches.

        Director: Sanjay Gupta Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Yami Gautam
        This movie is about Rohan (Roshan), who vows to avenge his wife Supriyaai??i??s (Gautam) rape. Both the protagonists are visually impaired. While it held promise before its release, the cliched plot and loop holes, make this one a failure.
        Terramycin price php ai??i?? Team Indulge

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          Go beyond the classic Breton with funky lined accessories this spring

          BE IT bold, ribbon-like lines or the more subtle pinstripes, horizontal or vertical, the stripe is turning out to be a runway trend thatai??i??s here to stay. Yara Shahidi in a Naeem Khan, Naomi Harris in a Lanvin and Michelle Dockery in an Ellie Saab number grabbed eyeballs with their striped outfits at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and closer home, Kangana Ranaut was spotted rocking Fendiai??i??s Resort ai??i??17 specials during promotions for Rangoon recently. We give a twist to the trend and move from ensembles to accessories to amp up your fashion quotient.

          Take a bow
          Nothing like a monochrome striped Betsy Johnson satchel (pictured) to complement a white outdoor ensemble. Besides the pretty fuchsia bow, the crossbody straps and spacious interiors make this a handy accessory to have this season. Rs 6,637 on amazon.in

          Charmed kind of life
          Fendiai??i??s obsession with monsters comes through in this multicoloured fur charm. With metal accents, leather lace, a palladium-finish spring clip and a cream and blue diagonal stripe scheme, this accessory makes for a distracting addition to a muted clutch or sling. `87,950 approximately at their store in DLF Emporio, New Delhi. Details: 011 46040777

          furAll furAi??love
          In the mood for an all-black outfit? How about a little faux fur to go with it? This candy-striped scarf from British designer Charlotte Simone is the one for you.The synthetic inner lining and soft coat make it a comfortable pick. Rs 16,020 approximately. Details: charlottesimone.com

          Jumbo code
          Loewe has ensured that elephants are the most fashion forward animals of the year, thanks to their signature tusker accessories. Add a dash of colour to any outfit with this vibrant rainbow-striped leather bag. The hand-stitched piece comes with gleaming gold accents and has a detachable strap, making it a clutch too. Rs 95,500 approximately on lyst.com

          shoe Order reminyl 8mg Citrus mandate
          Espadrilles are a wardrobe favourite and this bright orange-black-white slip-on pair from Dolce & Gabbanaai??i??s Spring 2016 collection is back on the fashion radar. Complete with a contrasting red rubber sole, this Spanish piece can be paired equally well with shorts or denim for a sporty look. Rs 27,980 approximately at Kitsch, Mumbai. Details: 022 32445293

          Time to shine
          These funky ankle boots from Pierre Hardy are just the eclectic party wardrobe essential you are looking for. Be it a denim or a dress, this metallic graphic-patterned pair makes for a perfect conversation starter. Rs 79,500 approximately on net-a-porter.com

          Shoe and tell
          These Italian-made loafers from Joseph are straight from a sailorai??i??s trunk. The striped leather pair, part of their Resort ai??i??17 collection, comes with a one-inch heel and gold hardware, in addition to padded insoles. Rs 35,600 approximately. Details: joseph-fashion.com

          Bloom alert
          With a subtle nautical vibe to it, this brooch from Mango goes well with pastel outfits. The white and blue stripes with the beige-petalled detail come with a metallic clip fastening. The accessory can be paired well with formals and casuals. Rs 890 at their store in Orion Mall, Bengaluru. Details: 080 22682155

          Going vintage
          No one knows quirk like Maalgaadi does. Their handcrafted striped sling bag is a funky accessory, embellished with a vintage car embroidery and a metal sling. You can pair this colourful accessory with ethnic and Western outfits. Rs 8,600 store in Besant Nagar. Details: 42103242

          Blush away
          Waist belts are a runway staple for Italian luxury brand Prada. This gray-pink-burgundy canvas belt from the fashion house with its textured leather and elastic fit is a must-have this season. Complete with a clasp fastening, wear this over an all-black satin dress and stilettos to complete the look. Rs 12,620 on mytheresa.com

          Parallel twist
          Zimmermanai??i??s Resort ai??i??17 line features this bold striped silk number. The black and pearl-striped twill goes well with monochrome formal ensembles as easily as it does with a pastel evening dress. Rs 3,720 approximately. Details: zimmermannwear.com

          Wares from the Sultanate
          This hand-woven raffia tote from Sophie Anderson reflects her Omani upbringing. The basket-inspired piece uses bold fabric and colour for its stripes and complete with ecru twill lining. We like the neon-orange and sky blue pompons, the designerai??i??s signature. The tote is best paired with a white dress. Rs 27,300 approximately on polyvore.com

          Gold standard
          These 18k gold-plated silver and black rhodium earrings from Valliyan has Swarovski crystals, natural pearls and acrylic and glass accents. Considering each piece is handmade, no piece is identical to the other. When worn with a clavicle-baring outfit and tied up hair, this makes for a great statement piece. Rs 7,000 at their store in Mumbai. Details: 9322797331

          ai??i?? Lavanya Lakshminarayanan

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          On top of her game
          Where can i buy generic propecia Aditi Roy Hydari has hardly been at the centre of events in Bollywood. Her last films were Wazir, Fitoor and The Legend of Michael Mishra, none of which made a major mark, nor were they marketed on her presence. Even in Sanjay Leela Bhansaliai??i??s beleaguered Padmavati, Hydari is cast in an ancillary role. So it is indeed delightful to see the actress play a central character in Mani Ratnamai??i??s Kaatru Veliyidai. Co-starring Karthi, this love story releases in April. And then Hydari plays another interesting character, this time acting as Sanjay Duttai??i??s daughter in his comeback film Bhoomi, a revenge drama centred around a father-daughter relationship. Director of Bhoomi, Omung Kumar, has said that it was her untapped potential and perfect fit that made her an apt choice for this part. Itai??i??s an unexpected casting choice and while Dutt will be playing an age appropriate role, this year Hydari might finally get to break out of the supporting role box.

          Marching ahead
          While enjoying the reactions to Raees, Shah Rukh Khan is also excited about two forthcoming films. The first is the as yet unnamed Imtiaz Ali travel film with Anushka Sharma. Khan says he likes Aliai??i??s take on love stories, especially the edginess he brings to his films. For the conventional love story, Khan says he can work with Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar, and for the epic love story, thereai??i??s Sanjay Leela Bhansali. But his challenge for the year will be playing a dwarf in Aanand L Raiai??i??s love story. Of course, there is much more to this film than Khanai??i??s height Ai??Ai??ai??i?? and curiosity is certainly sky high, especially after he pulled off the double role of the 25-year-old obsessed fan Gaurav in Fan.

          From Silicon Valley to Sundance
          Anupam Kher continues his march in the West with interesting projects. The latest is a film called The Big Sick, which recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Directed by Michael Showalter, the romantic comedy also stars Kumail Nanjiani, best known for his geeky software coder character from the TV sitcom Silicon Valley. Interestingly, The Big Sick is an autobiographical story co-written by Nanjiani and his wife Emily V Gordon, and is based on their cross-cultural courtship, its resultant issues and how a sickness brought them all together. Other homegrown Indian talent to join Kher in this arthouse comedy are Zenobia Shroff and Shenaz Treasurywala. Letai??i??s hope this one makes it to our cinemas, unscathed.

          Age no bar
          Last weekend, the tennis courts of the Australian Open in Melbourne stood out for the dominance of players and champions who were defying age and physical injuries to return to deadly form. Serena and Venus Williams in the womenai??i??s tournament showed resilience while Roger Federer outclassed Rafael Nadal even as both excelled in spite of time off due to injuries. Back in Bollywood, 52-year-old Shah Rukh Khan smoked up the screen in (and as) Raees and Hrithik Roshan (43) made a solid comeback (after the bizarre Mohenjo Daro) in Kaabil. It was good to see both these actors perform within their characters. So delighted has SRK been with the response that he has been retweeting every compliment the film is receiving. And earlier in the week, the Raees team celebrated the filmai??i??s success, quite uniquely (and in keeping with the filmai??i??s theme) on a dry day! This week, another veteran will hope for flying returns. Sexagenarian Jackie Chan is showing off his Bollywood moves alongside his kung fu ones in Kung Fu Yoga. Directed by Stanley Tong, Kung Fu Yoga is a slapstick comedy that also features Sonu Sood. Itai??i??s the story of two professors on an epic journey to find lost treasure and the bad man who gets in their way.

          ai??i??Ai??Udita Jhunjhunwala

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            A champagne-strawberry dessert Ai??to spice up Valentineai??i??s Day

            chefChef Avijit Ghosh, corporate pastry chef, The Leela Palaces Hotels and Resorts, comes with two decades of experience in pastry making and thatai??i??s what gives him an edge over others. For Avijit, pastry making is more than just a profession. ai???As a child, I was more of an artist. I used to sketch, draw and use water colours. So when I grew up, I realised that pastry making gave me this freedom to use my creativity,ai??? says the chef who is one of the judges in the final round of the IIHM Young Chef Olympiad 2017. He gives us his Strawberry champagne parfait and raspberry rose petal marmalade recipe, especially for the Valentineai??i??s season.

            Strawberry Champagne Parfait/ Raspberry Rose Petal Marmalade

            Ingredients (for strawberry champagne parfait):
            Champagne 85gm,
            Strawberry puree 40gm,
            Sugar 160 gm,
            Water 50gm,
            Egg yolk 100 gm (2 eggs),
            Gelatin 10 gm,
            Whipped cream 500gm

            Ingredients (for raspberry rose petal marmalade):
            Raspberry puree 200 gm,
            Rose petal compote 170 gm,
            Sugar 105 gm,
            Pectin 5 gm

            Buy actos medication Method (strawberry champagne parfait):
            Cook sugar, egg and water at 118 deg C and prepare a bombe paste, melt gelatin by softening in water, incorporate into the champagne and then the bombe paste, finally incorporate the whipped cream

            Method (raspberry rose petal marmalade):
            Cook raspberry puree with sugar, add sugar and rose petal compote with pectin. Set as desired.

            Assembly: Set the parfait in the mould, fill centre with raspberry rose petal marmalade. Demould and finish with pink white chocolate glaze.

            ai??i?? Ayesha Tabassum

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              Now you wonai??i??t have to wait for the next X-Men movie to watch Jean Grey in action

              Youai??i??ve seen her play the mutant Jean Grey in X-Men and as assassin Xenia Onatopp in GoldenEye. But actor Famke Janssen now has her sights set on television. This February, fans are about to see her in an all-new avatar on the show, The Blacklist: Redemption. This spin-off of The Blacklist follows a Susan ai???Scottieai??i?? Hargrave (Famke), the brilliant and cunning chief of a covert mercenary organisation that joins forces with covert operative Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold) to solve problems that are too dangerous for the government. Hereai??i??s Famke offering a glimpse into her new character, transitioning from films to television and why she doesnai??i??t do social media.

              Your character Scottie seems kind of coldhearted, but then again she has really soft moments.
              I wouldnai??i??t describe her as cold-hearted. I think sheai??i??s a complex woman, a very complicated woman with many different layers. And I think the main driving force behind Scottie is that she lost her son at a very young age, and it informs every part of her being. She has this incredibly soft and broken side to her but, at the same time, sheai??i??s ruthless, unpredictable, and we never quite know where we stand with her. So I love her. Clearly.

              How different is working in television as compared to films?
              Where I come from, you have an hour-and-a-half to tell a story. Then youai??i??re done. And you already know what you sign up for. But here, we have places to go that we donai??i??t evenAi?? weai??i??re going to yet. With the fact that we now can space this out over eight, 22, you know, episodes or years, I think thereai??i??s so much time to really live with these characters and breathe with them.

              Youai??i??ve banked some iconic characters on both sides of justice, like Xenia Onatopp and Jean Grey. Whatai??i??s it like playing the president of a covert mercenary organisation? Generic for avalide
              Itai??i??s a unique opportunity for me. There is a lot of international intrigue, while at the same time, we have this overall arc of the mother-son potential.

              From movies like Bond and X-Men to a show like How to Get Away with Murder ai??i?? do fans give you feedback on whatever turn in the road your career takes?
              Iai??i??m living a bit in bubble because I donai??i??t do any social media. So generally, if they donai??i??t like something, I know from the policemen , the firemen and everybody who Iai??i??m around… the deli guy included ai??i?? whether theyai??i??re happy with it or not.

              The Blacklist: Redemption premiers on COLORS INFINITY on February 24, 8 pm onwards.
              ai??i?? Team Indulge

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                Screen time
                February 3 | PVR Cinemas
                The Bengaluru International Film Festival, which kicked of yesterday, will feature 240 films from over 60 countries. Catch movies like After The Storm from Japan (in picture), Children of the Mountain (from Ghana) and Aquarius (Brazil). The festival will also screen productions of lesser known Indian dialects such as Tulu, Kodava, and Khasi. At PVR, Orion Mall. Details: biffes.in

                Ashwagandha churna price At the movies
                February 3 | PVR Cinemas
                Rings is the third film in this supernatural horror franchise. Set 13 years after the first movie, in this one, a young man (Alex Roe) and his girlfriend (Matilda Lutz) explore the infamous videotape which is said to kill the viewer within seven days. They find out that there is a video within the original video.

                Indie nights
                February 4 | The Humming Tree
                Sapta and Argenil take the stage
                this weekend. Marti Bharathai??i??s independent electronic music act Sapta is born out of his experiences, travels and performances across the world. Argenil is a blend of Indian classical music and western EDM. Rs 500. At Indira Nagar, 9 pm. Details: 9886618386

                Laugh riot
                February 5 | Vapour
                Evam theatre presents the Best
                of Amit Tandon. Stand-up comedian Amit Tandon is one of the most well-known observational comics in the country. His humour and routines are about everyday situations that we all face. At Indira Nagar, 1 pm. Tickets (Rs 400) on bookmyshow.com

                Memory lane
                February 5 | NGMA
                The gallery screens the movie Active Voices – A Collection of Recollections, a short film by Sharmila Aravind. Aravind interviews Indian men and women who were born before the 1930s, about their lives and explores India in the early part of the last century. Entry free. At Vasanthnagar, 11 am. Details: 22342338

                Summer love
                February 6 | Collage Shop India
                Collage Shop India presents a specially curated collection for the summer. Garments have been handpicked from labels such as Indian August, The Yogi, Nazar, Kora, Pero, and House of Qidwa. Rs 4,000 upwards. At Wood Street. Details: 25566818

                Movers and shakers
                February 7 | Shoonya
                Chhayaai??i??s Bangalore Collective brings a Choreography/Performance Intensive workshop. The workshop will teach contemporary dance and feature a performance at the end of the three-week course. The facilitator is Kay Crook, a freelance dance artiste. At Lalbagh Road, 11.30 am. Tickets (Rs 3,600) on instamojo.com

                Write in style
                February 8 | Eleganza
                Own a piece of exquisite German craftsmanship with Waldmann ink pens. Each pen is made with solid sterling silver, and is available in a choice of flexible gold, Schmidt steel, bi-colour two tone or italicised angled nibs. Rs 49,999 upwards. At Palace Road. Details: 32516174

                Rock fever
                February 9 | Hard Rock Cafe
                Catch Mumbai-based Anthracite
                pay tribute to Linkin Park. Anthracite has two successful music videos and are soon releasing their as yet untitled second album. In the meantime, they are covering one of their favourite bands. At St. Markai??i??s Road, 8.30 pm. Tickets (Rs 750 upwards) on bookmyshow.com

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