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I am thrilled to be back Originally Posted by Secular Sanity I was wondering if you came up with the name because you had either written or was considering writing a sci-fi book yourself. That said it seems like everyone knows everyone else. Missed zinjanthropos and babe for golf tips.Missed Ascended for politics.Not to mention all you science geeks! I MISSED EVERYONE WITH ALL MY HEARTMY CONCERN IS MY STALKERSSIGHTHEY WILL BE HEREand I am not kiddingBUT to see you here HUGS HUGS HUG Glad to be back. Welcome back Mac.If I’d realised that you weren’t back I’d have sent you a message. Originally Posted by Secular Sanity Jesus! Oh, I see, it’s a duck’s arse that I’m supposed to kiss to avoid banishment.Well, we’ll have to get better acquainted before I pucker up.

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