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    With architectural accents from another era, the centrally-located Le Chateau offers 15 rooms, a bar and rooftop dining

    Le Chateau on Romain Rolland Street is no country house or castle. But with 15 rooms, a rooftop cafA�, a pub and a multi-cuisine restaurant, we have no complaints. The month-old hotel is owned by Pondicherry-based Kevin Dominique Pope. a�?This is my first venture in the hospitality field. I previously had a readymade cotton garment business, B Casuals,a�? begins Pope, who tells us that his hotel is usually fully booked on weekendsa��either by foreign tourists looking for a centrally-located address or visitors from Bengaluru and Chennai. The hotel has a distinctive character, courtesy its heavy woodwork, reminiscent of an Irish club. The puba��s quirk factor is an unusual wooden dome-like structure, marking the bar area.
    East meets West
    A good place for a lunch-out with friends, the multi-cuisine restaurant impresses with specials like the chaiyo, a Vietnamese dish with prawns chat13that is sweet and aromatic. The murgh kebab is a tad greasy, but the gosht kebab compensates with succulent mutton. The gratin aux pomme de terre et aux poireaux (potato and leek gratin)a��creamy and delightfula��comes as a relief to my vegetarian companions, who have to wait a while for their first dish. The chewy paneer fingers, however, are a disappointment and we wish they had a proper dip, not just ketchup. Moving on to the main course, there is vegetarian spaghetti carbonara white sauce. With the right amount of mozzarella cheese, it is silky in texture and comes chock full of vegetables. However, the highlight of the lunch is their dal fry, mild and aromatic, reminiscent of muma��s cooking, which goes well with naan. We finish off with their popular crunchy waffle and ice cream.
    Place to stay
    Showing us around, Pope tells us there are two kinds of roomsa��the classic and superior. Bright and vibrant, with textured wallpapers, they boastA� quirky furnishings, antique almirahs and wooden pillars.A� a�?I have designed much of the hotel. I had worked under renowned city-based architect, Rheemen, for a while and learnt a lot from him,a�? Pope concludes.

    A meal for two costs Rs 1,200 onwards. The classic room is Rs 2,800 plus tax and the superior costs Rs 3,800 plus tax (inclusive of breakfast). Details : 0413 2229500

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