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Accomplished singersa�� new songs make their debut on the chart this week

Not a Bad Thing a�� Justin Timberlake
An upbeat mid-tempo pop ballad, with a non-edit running duration of 11.28 minutes and a hidden track called Pair of Wings, this one brings back memories of Justin Timberlakea��s former band a��N Sync. A bit of a change from what Timberlake has been producing recently, this track is a lovely, lilting tune you will want to sway and clap to.

G.U.Y. a�� Lady Gaga
An acronym for Girl Under You, G.U.Y. is a single release from Lady Gagaa��s third studio album Artpop. Written and produced by Gaga and DJ Zedd, it is primarily an EDM song with industrial and house elements. It will have you on the dance floor everytime it plays but the lyrics are rather risque and might anger more than just a few feminists. The song is on the charts at number 36.

Empire a�� Shakira
The first release of Shakiraa��s tenth album, Empire is a downtempo rock ballad about finding love. The Columbian singer goes back to her rock roots and unleashes her inner head-banger. Her strong vocals ensure you feel empowered by the track with a lovely climax that is rare in new age songs. It looks set to move up from its current place of 38.

Magic a�� Coldplay
The first single from the album Ghost Stories that releases on May 19, Coldplay returns to the charts at the penultimate spot. A skeletal beat carries the weight of the song before strong guitar riffs kick in and Chris Martin starts to croon. Not quite the strong contender to be a hit like Clocks, this one does come across as soulful at the beginning and then it brings in stomp-clap and synth beat for the second chorus before a brilliantly merged crescendo.

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