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    Explore the desert nation better with a new show

    If you think you have explored Dubai enough, NDTV Good Timesa�� upcoming show will offer you fresh insights. Called Dubai Diaries, the show has been tailor-made for urban Indians looking to vacation in the desert nation. Over five episodes, it will walk you through Dubaia��s tourist attractions, sports and entertainment options, wedding shopping outlets, couples getaways, and more. Each episode will be hosted by a famous personality a�� from actors Sumona Chakravarti and Freishia Bomanbehram, chef Kunal Kapur, fashion diva Ambika Anand, to avid traveller Neha Dixit. And each host will add his/her own personality to their Dubai tour, as they mingle with the locals in malls, learn sand surfing, or pack a basket for a picnic. Since chef Kapur has his restaurant a�?Patialaa�� in Dubai, he knows the city, and its food culture at the back of his hands.
    Mandakini Malla, director of the show, tells us what to expect from the episodic series, a�?A lot more Indians are traveling to Dubai these days, and we want to present them with options of what to do there and where to go beyond what any travel agent would offer, beyond its restaurants and nightlife. For instance, we will show how you, as a tourist, can experience their wildlife conservation and rehabilitation efforts.a�?
    Adventure junkie Dixit will host the second episode, and will highlight lesser known options for family vacation. a�?For many, Dubai equals to the malls it has, and shopping options. But I spent a day of mall hopping without shopping. I think watching an aquarium in a mall will be an enriching experience for children. Then you can also learn sky diving in a controlled environment in Dubai, play camel polo, or try jet skiing, or fly boarding at the Kite Beach.a�?
    But Dixit swears by her experience at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. It involved overnight camping, star gazing, traditional meals around the fire, and conversations with a naturalist, and a birder.

    Premieres on
    March 24, 8 pm on NDTV Good Times
    a�� Barkha Kumari


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