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    This space has featured visionary corporate pundits, brilliant radio presenters, new talent, great voices, marketing strategies, sales sleuths, music policies, sound engineers with the boom, reviews and interviews, not air-worthy content, rotten apples… and the list goes on.

    The satisfaction of writing on radio is not only because this column is in one of Indiaa��s most preferred newspapers, but also because this is the only space on print in the country that is a voice for the medium. This humbles me and Ia��m honored that this column gets read in countless homes, on the net, in airplanes and even in a chugging Shatabdi.

    Feedback/review is something that has to be heard and not retaliated to, and thata��s why ita��s termed so. In the past, almost every station has read what Ia��ve written in the most mature and sporting fashion. Thata��s the reason employees from various radio units still continue to get featured in this space. Yes, people with conflicting interests, colourful reputations, questionable work ethics and those that are unworthy of radio dona��t want the brickbats as much as they crave the praise. But hey, welcome to media.

    When a copy of the Indulge or rather just this space goes missing at a radio station, I know that the column has hit the spot. Ita��s extremely amusing that employees resort to such childish behaviour as this column is also available online. A few weeks ago, after reading a segment review, a presenter and a minuscule coterie at a local station did just that. Ia��m sure the radio station in question would never endorse such a tantrum. After all, they are the most sought-after brand when it comes to English music.
    Hiding the column from others and drawing cartoons in retaliation is a Pogo channel moment right there and it also goes to show the magic of 350 words. As for this column, it will continue to feature the good, the bad and the fugly of radio. So buck up and give us listeners a good sound. See you next week.

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    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.



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