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    Learn about the power of light and sound at The Dune, courtesy the countrya��s first Chopra Healing Centre

    CLOSE your eyes and pay attention to your Third Eye, your Anga Chakra,a�? intones Deepak Chopra, healer emeritus and author of more than 85 books that have established him as a New Age guru in California where he has the Chopra Healing Centre.
    The symbol of the third eye opening petal-like between two eyes, with rays of energy rising from them, invites the visitor into the first Deepak Chopra Healing Centre in the country that he has come to inaugurate on July 26. All around us at The Dune Ecovillage, a little away from the last stretch of the East Coast Road as it enters Pondy, the air vibrates with the low hum of nature in all its multitudinous complexity.
    Chopra, speaking in a low gravelly voice, has already primed us to why he is here. a�?South India has always been a source of traditional knowledge. Ita��s been the home of Ayurveda for a very early time. My wife has been coming here and of course I have been to Kerala many times to study their methods of treatment, where they treat the individual first, rather than the disease. What could be better than a place like this? a�?
    As he looks around the trees and flowering bushes and plants at the verdant tropical garden at Dune, the ground beneath our feet is crawling with velvety red and black designer beetles, millipedes hunting for food and birds hunting for worms. Ita��s a marvellous beach-fronted estate that has been nurtured over almost two decades by the owner, Dimitri Klein, and his team. The floor outside the palmyra palm-thatched roof of the healing center is a blaze of patterned colours from a rangoli. The virtual reality therapies that Chopra has talked about as the latest methods of diagnosing and treating the many ailments afflicting us today are right there on the doorstep at Dune.

    The raga effect
    He has talked about using light and sound techniques during his introduction, or body imaging that can track the shifting changes occurring in the brain. It makes one ask (in a lighter vein), whether Bollywood-style films are not using light and sound to increase the happiness quotient of their audiences. Without missing a beat, Chopra replies,a�?Yes, but when I say a�?musica�� I am talking about the more sophisticated level of ragas. Different ragas have evolved over time to create their own interior resonances.a�? It brings to mind a quote from one of his books, The Deeper Wound. a�?A principle of physics states a�� when an electron vibrates, the universe shakes. Let us then, you and I, be those electrons that vibrate at the level of consciousness to bring peace, harmony, joy and love to the world.a�?

    Eastern promise
    In his guru role, though to give him credit, he only refers to himself as a teacher, who is also a healer, Chopra has tried to integrate the wisdom of the East to the scientific and technological advances of the West in a way that opens fresh vistas into the human mind. Amongst some of his bolder theories, Chopra compares the cells of the human body to the ways that atoms are envisaged as operating according to the laws of quantum mechanics. He allows that physicist Fritjof Capra might have advocated some of these ideas in the mid-60s, while others like Russian mystic Gurdjieff, the Theosophists led by Madame Blavatsky, or Shri Aurobindoa��s and the Mothera��s vision of the evolutionary destiny of human beings, all point in the same direction. He himself acknowledges the influences of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Jiddu Krishnamurti. After 30 years of research, Chopra believes that it is possible to create that leap from one level of being, or consciousness, or the imprint of DNA on the genetic program of the individual to another level.
    a�?I am a communicator,a�? he explains. a�? I am a writer. I do research. What energises me is the profound knowledge that is there in the Vedic tradition, the soul consciousness that is part of the human potential waiting to be released.a��a��
    The Chopra Healing Centre is at Dune Ecovillage and Spa, 70, ECR, Pudhukuppam. Packages start from `10,000. Details: 9364455440
    a�� Geeta Doctor


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