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    Five artists begin a visual dialogue at Vinnyasa Art Gallery

    Vinnyasa Premier Art Gallery is bringing together the works of five renowned artistsa��Achuthan Kudallur, Akhilesh, Harsha Vardhana, Manish Pushkale and Sheetal Gattani. What is common between them? The love of abstract. Titled The Romance of Abstract, the exhibition starts today and showcases a minimum of five paintings each from the artists. And while most of the works are in acrylic, there are a few oils in the mix, too.
    According to Viji Nagashwaran, the owner of the gallery, an exhibition of abstracts was long overdue. a�?I really like the techniques and the paints these artists use. They are all fresh works and are very vivid in their colours,a�? she begins. For someone new to abstract paintings, her tip is, a�?Look at a painting with your heart. One can determine the technical aspects and the colour combinations in a painting. But looking at an abstract painting is like looking at a clouda��it may look like a cat, a camel or a dog. It is how you look at it.a�?

    Behind the canvas
    According to Kudallur, who will be presenting both oil and acrylic paintings, a�?Art is purely visual and when it comes to the abstract, dona��t expect melodrama. This time I have played a lot with reds, blues and browns. I am very fond of earthy colours,a�? he says. Meanwhile, Gattani adds, a�?Colours are just an entry point to making an abstract painting. It is how you create a space with a canvas that matters.a�?

    At Vinnyasa Premium Art Gallery, till August 31. The paintings are priced from Rs.75,000 onwards. Details: 43535009

    -Mrinalini Sundar


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