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    A workshop on the art of decoupage acts as a beginnera��s guide to the craft

    The number of stories of Marie Antoinette and her ladies cutting up originals of French masters like FranA�ois Boucher and Antoine Watteau to make raw material for their decoupage work are enough to break an art studenta��s heart.
    Thankfully, the immensely popular trend of decoupaging has found other actors to take on the role of works by those artists a�� anything you can find. A technique that dates back to 12th century China that travelled to Europe later, decoupaging is often thought of as cutouts glued on paper. City-based Pooja D Gupta, a self-taught craftsperson whoa��s held several decoupage workshops over the last year, disagrees. a�?The right technique is important; it increases the longevity of the final product. I have been using decoupaged cups and mugs for over a year now and they show no signs of wearing out. With decoupaging, therea��s always a scope for upcycling things you dona��t want to throw out,a�? shares Jaipur-born Gupta. a�? I wanted to give an opportunity to those who were interested in crafts, and also wanted to work from home,a�? she shares. Her plans with the workshops resounds with her own life a�� Gupta has a Facebook page called POSH Creative Studio, and takes orders for handmade products, primarily those with some utility. She chose her passion for crafts over a 9-to-5 day job that would use her degree in BSc-IT and MBA. Her upcycled bottles give her most of her business she tells us.
    Guptaa��s workshop kit contains a mini-dresser in pinewood, a pair of coasters (also in pine), brushes and acrylic paints and other essentials. a�?I will focus on techniques of decoupaging and will also talk about how to start your own craft-oriented business,a�? adds Gupta. Boxes, wall hangings, lampshades, trashcans, cutlery and more a�� ita��s difficult to find an object that cana��t get a fun decoupage makeover.
    On September 13. At Vivanta by Taj, MG Road. Tickets (`6,000) on bookmyshow.com.
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