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Shunning unhealthy alternatives, Hyderabadis are now shopping for more wholesome options

IN the wake of news reports highlighting how your nutritious sandwich for snack is full of carcinogenic chemicals, bread lovers were forced to look for alternatives. Hyderabadis are increasingly becoming partial towards artisnal breads, made without commercially available premixes and additives. Such loaves are full of natural goodness of rye, flax seed, whole wheat, walnuts and so on. Herea��s a round- up of some of the places where you can get your sourdough, baguette, brioche made from natural ingredients.

Olive twist and Brioche at Old Madras Baking Company
The goodness of pure olive, 100 per cent atta is what goes into the making of Olive bread at Old Madras Baking Company, a chain of artisan bread makers that is famous in Chennai and is catching up in Hyderabad as well. The orange raisin bread that comprises real fruit juice, raisins and cinnamon is favourite amongst the connoisseurs. Chef Vinish, says, a�?not even one per centa�? of preservatives goes into these. Also, Prasath from the bakery assures us that they bake it everyday. Price: `120 onwards Contact: 7036844444

Oatmeal slice at Godrej Naturea��s Basket
Perhaps one of the first gourmet grocery stores in Hyderabad that started selling healthy breads sans chemicals and additives, the whole wheat bread, multigrain bread are popular at the store. The oatmeal bread, that is savoured by the health freaks is a bestseller along with the burger buns sans harmful preservatives. Since the breads sold here does not have any improver, it is recommended the breads are kept in the refrigerator tp prolong shelf life. The cluster head of Godrej Naturea��s Basket, Hyderabad, Afzal Ali, says a�?People come from far flung areas in the city, just to pick up breads from here.a�? `55 onwards, Contact: 23355399

Sourdough at Griffin:
The Artisan Bread Store
Although they dona��t sell directly to households at the moment, given that they are relocating their shop, they deliver their apple walnut, sourdough, baguette to several restaurants, including The Chocolate Room, Barista and big corporate houses like Google. The sourdough made by them does not use improver. Says owner Mujahid Hussain a�?I started Griffin in early 2014, because I wanted to give Hyderabadis a taste of quality bread and make them aware that therea��s more to it than sandwich bread.a�? Griffin does not use chemicals, premixes, additives and shuns the use of commercial yeast. a�?I even got my flour tested to see that they are free of Potassium Bromate (a chemical that reports say are hazardous. Our baking process takes 48 hours. a�? Their products will be available by the end of the month at most retail stores. `90 onwards, Contact: 9652078555

Seedy delight at Cafe A�clat
The cafe is only a few weeks old, but the bread section found instant favour with the aficionados as they can choose from a plethora of options– Challa, Ciabatta, seedy bread, 100 per cent Organic Whole Wheat Bread made in house and the crowd favourite, sourdough. The breads are made sans any premixes and is a�?completely free of improvers,a�? says. The seedy bread, priced at Rs 250, is made of imported kernels, caraway seeds come from Finland, pumpkina��s seeds from Germany and flax seeds from Sweden. For the process of fermentation, starter culture is used. `140 onwards, Contact: 8008214444

Papilono and Focaccia magic at Van Lavino
The latest cafe that opened in Jubilee Hills sells multigrain and wholewheat varieties that are made by the chefs here without chemicals. However, the papilono and focaccia made here are touted to be the bestseller. a�?We apply some European concepts of bread craft and the ones we are making here are the first few batches in the country.a�? ` 80 onwards, Contact: 23559770

Smrithy Rajesh, a self-taught homebaker from the city used to bake artisan baked commercially, though presently she only bakes for only her household. a�?I stopped baking artisan breads commercially for a while now but I will start soon.a�? The process, she explains is technique driven but one can experiment with various herbs and seeds. She usually uses whole wheat for baking and starts the fermenting process by using yeast or sourdough.
` 80 onwards for the German Rye bread.

Rye factor at The Living Room, Park Hyatt Hyderabad
The 70:30 rye bread, a type of German Bread, is loved by all for its softness and moistness. Naveen Prasad Shetty, pastry sous-chef at the hotel, tells us, a�?The rye bread is absolutely chemical free and stays moist for a long time, because rye keeps it soft, unlike the ones made with refined flour.a�? The chefs here use wild yeast instead for fermentation and make sure the products are is high on fibre content and low on glycaemic index, making it a preferred choice for the health conscious. The other specialties here are yogurt walnut bread, sourdough and spicy corn bell pepper bread. ` 300 onwards for the German Rye bread. Contact: 49491205

a�� Paulami Sen


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