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Sheraton brings the taste of Rajasthan with dry spices and sour curd to the Land of Biryani

Ever caught yourself drooling over a Facebook post that read something like ai???20 Delectable dishes from Rajasthan to eat before you die?ai??i?? Sheraton Hyderabad mustai??i??ve understood your cravings and has lined up the best from the desert state for you.
Chef Sumit Kedia, who has served the kings of Jodhpur effortlessly, brought in the royalty by playing with dry spices, ghee, salt and nuts at the Marwari Food Festival at Feast in the hotel.
ai???Fresh vegetables donai???t grow in the region and thus it is imperative that food be preserved for a longer time. Sour curd and dry spices are the fundamental elements used in most of the dishes,ai??? he informs. ai???I am a Marwari myself and that reflects in the food,ai??? he adds.
Sticking to the conventional hospitality of the community, Jaljeera, one of the coolants of that region, was served in a copper glass. In the starters, paneer ke sule (cottage cheese cooked on charcoal sigree) has the smoked flavour to it and yet the spices are dominant. In Rajasthan, the sigree is fired by dried cow dung. Lasoon ki chutney, palak patta chat, club kachori chat, sev puri are a few attractions.
The signature dish dal, bati, churma-bati is made of wheat flour, stuffed with masala and is crushed before eaten. While dal adds moisture to the dry bati, the churma, which is powdered bati mixed with sugar and nuts, adds some crunch and sweetness to the dish. Ghee, of course, yields richness to the dish.
Missi roti, kadi pakoda, moong dal halwa and gewar will surely satisfy your urge to taste the local flavours of the city of palaces.
Price: `1,175 plus taxes,
Details: 49251111

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