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    Sample Rajasthani flavours at Le Jardin

    After the resounding success of the first edition of the Royal Rajasthan festival last year, Le Jardin has decided to bring it back for the second time. Giving diners a look into the statea��s distinct cuisine, beyond usual suspects such as laal maas and dal bati churma, chefs Vipin Mogha and Rajender Joshi have been flown in from The Oberoi Rajvilas, Jaipur specially for the 10-day festival. a�?The overall look, feel and content of the promotion is much like last year, but, we have tried to tweak the menu so that we are able to give some new aspects to the food. There are a few surprises for the diners as well,a�? says chef Mogha.
    Highlighting some of the more interesting dishes, Mogha shares that his picks include Suwar Ke Saonth (a succulent pork dish cooked with robust Rajasthani spices), Khad Khargosh (rabbit meat slow cooked with coarse whole spices), Bajre Ka Gosht (a mutton curry cooked with the indigenous millet ), Kacchi Haldi Ka Saag (a typical wedding dish made with fresh spinach and raw turmeric tempering), Papad Paneer Ke Subzi (crunchy poppadam and fresh cottage cheese), and Dhaniya Wala Dhokhla (a Rajasthani version of the Gujarati favourite flavoured with fresh coriander).
    a�?We have tried to stick to traditional recipes as the idea behind this promotion is to give diners in Bengaluru a taste of traditional Rajasthani dishes, which may not be available elsewhere,a�? the chef concluded.
    `1,575++ upwards. Till September 10. At MG Road.
    Details: 25585858

    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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