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These ladies have a sole target this weekend: your funny bone

CHANNELING inspiration from the top women in the game, Tina Fey, French & Saunders and Melissa McCarthy, are Richa Kapoor and Sumukhi Suresh, the city’s only female standup comedy duo. Their first sketch show, The Adventures of Richa and Sumukhi promises skits based around everyday events with a generous dash of local masala to keep the crowd enthralled and involved.
In the making
The duo started working together in  The Improv, a group of comedians who work without scripts. “We were the only female members, and we worked really well together,” explains Kapoor. Moving away from improvisation, their forthcoming show is a series of sketches, with space for originality on the night. “It wasn’t difficult to come up with a listof topics,” shares Suresh. “Sitting down and making them work on paper was harder – we kept distracting each other!”
New perspectives
Everyday life, TV, mythology and politics have inspired the sketches. “We tried to stay away from our own lives and make it more generic and relatable,” says Suresh. The Indian context is important to both women, who describe themselves as ‘Bollywood girls’. “We love Hindi movies and songs, and want to show that it’s not just Western comedy that can be funny,” explains Kapoor.
Laugh out loud
Citing the lack of comediennes, the pair feels that the dearth of funny women in India is endemic. “In films, it’s more likely that a  woman will be the subject of a joke rather than being funny in her own right,” laments Suresh. “That being said, I can’t understand why
there aren’t more comediennes,” she says, adding, “Women actually have an edge as they are more sensitive at picking up on subtle cues, which makes for a good comedian.”

September 7, Alliance
Francaise, Vasant
Nagar. Tickets (Rs.300) on bookmyshow.com


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