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    We love Buzz Feed, Thought Catalogue and Upworthy for their content and how it connects to our daily lives. However, you have to agree there is not enough content for Indian sensibilities. Thata��s where Scoop Whoop, the Indian viral content company, fits in. a�?We felt there was a real need to cater to Indians on the web by packaging worthy local content for them. We create and curate content relevant to us, that we as individuals would want to share within our social networks,a�? says Satvik Mishra, who started the site with college friends Rishi Mukherjee, Sriparna

    Tikekar and Saransh Singh as a side project in New Delhi where theya��re based.A�That said, their content is very India specific, which we can relate to, for instance Rahul Gandhia��s Biggest Brain Farts, Lies Indian Parents Buy, and Stupid Things Indian Ads Teach us, among others. The site launched in August, shot to international fame after their piece on Bruised Indian Goddess images were picked up by Buzz Feed. The response has been encouraging with the site earning 1.7 million views within October.
    Mishra is very particular about the content, a�?We have one filter a�� that the content needs to inherently have an Indian connect and should be relevant to today. Thus, we write on a variety of topics from pop culture to history, from politics to identity articles,a�? he shares.

    Why Scoop Whoop!? a�?Well Scoop means news and whoop means kicking a**. Another reason is, ita��s a very Indian thing to rhyme; think paisa waisa, roti shoti and Bollywood shollywood,a�? he points out.A�The former digital professional at Webchutney and his team of seven are currently focusing on increasing the frequency of articles. a�?We intend to hire more writers and also want to build a community of contributors from the audience, who can track viral content and write an article on it,a�? he shares, adding that they plan to tie up with brands.

    Details: scoopwhoop.com

    a��Madhuwanti Saha

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