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    A new online marketplace, Eazelly.com, gives artisans a platform to showcase their handmade products.

    When Bengaluru-based Nimrita Genomal (29) started Eazelly.coma��along with her Dubai-based brother, Angad Singh Ahluwalia and sister-in-law, Sonal Guptaa��little did she know that it would turn into an online marketplace with 30 e-shops and an inventory of over 1,500 handmade products. Started last year as a blog, where guest writers would post write-ups on unique finds, last week Eazelly was relaunched as an e-commerce site, modelled along the lines of Etsy.com. a�?The inspiration stems from the love of discovering (and owning) all things unique. Our products need to be handmade, a�?heart-madea�� (capturing the artistea��s passion), and thoughtfully sourced,a�? explains Genomal, who also runs a PR firm in Bengaluru.
    Allowing designers/artisans to set up their own e-shop, the website lets them respond to customers directly, manage their own inventory, and function autonomously. a�?The platform is truly plug and playa��artisans dona��t have to invest a penny to set up a shop. They can just go online and apply to open a shop. We approve within 48 hours!a�? she reveals. Expect categories such as Art and Collectibles, Clothing, Kitchen and Garden, among others. Genomal picks the brand Papervillea��a�?a Mumbai-based design studio that creates paper products (from Rs 210)a�?a��as a favourite. Another outstanding find is Make Whale (from Rs 3,150), which makes customised 3D printed products,a�? she shares, adding that they will be enabling international orders soon.

    a�� Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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