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    The result of home-grown musical talent working with pioneering designers, Katalyst is a new capsule collection of graphic tees and art prints. Presented by Koovs.com and Kulture Shop India, the line includes art devised by Karsh Kale, Monica Dogra, Arjun Vagale, BLOT! and Scribe, inspired by genres that span metal, electronica, techno and Indie-pop.
    With BLOT! already merging audio and visuals on stage, their contribution to the project was an organic process. a�?The design aesthetic of the print, and to a lesser extent the tee shirt, is inspired by South Indian pop art, in that ita��s quirky, intense, and a complete sensory overload. Ita��s not directly linked to our music, but being a multimedia act, ita��s always rewarding to stretch ourselves in different directions, which helps to increase the reach of our audience,a�? shares BLOT!a��s Gaurav Malaker, who worked with Rishidev RK, the creative director at Wieden + Kennedy on his design.
    Each tee or print comes with a link to download a track by the musician, joining the dots between fashion, art and music. a�?This is a way for youth culture to express themselves, through a creative and visual medium. Wea��re always looking at innovative techno solutions to excite our customers,a�? says Robert Bready, the joint managing director of koovs.com. The collection is limited to just 100 of each tee (with options for both men and women), and 50 of each art print, so stocks are expected to last for a limited period.
    Rs.1,100 upwards. Details: koovs.com
    and Kultureshop.in
    a�� Maegan Dobson Sippy


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