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    A changing station, Arnaud Leaderich’s space-saving solution for new parents

    When Arnaud Leaderich was about to become a grandfather last year, he realised a baby station would be the perfect gift for his daughter-in-law, Debarati Nandee. Owner of Mango Hill and Home Trotter, the 66-year-old Frenchman designed the baby station from recycled teak wood with a cellulose varnish finish. A multi-purpose cupboard with three sections, the first one is a platform to change the baby. “In India, this is generally done on the bed. But that is difficult for new mothers, especially those who cannot bend or squat,” explains Nandee. The second section is the upper rack—to store supplies like powders, oils and creams—while the lower section is for the baby’s clothes. The innovative piece is fitted to the wall and can be closed when not in use. “We first made it for our home and then thought about custom-making it for others—especially those who don’t have enough space at home,” says Leaderich. For frequent travellers, the baby corner can be dismantled and reassembled. “The size is standard; only the depth can be customised. I have never seen this concept here before, but it can become popular for its ergonomic advantage,” he expresses. As for maintenance, Leaderich says, ‘‘It is well varnished and teak is waterproof, so wiping it with a dry cloth is enough. It can last generations.’’
    Available at Home Trotter, the baby station can be delivered in a month.  Priced from `27,500 onwards.   Details: 9486522228

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