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    Thanks to Stylista, you can now own a Wendell Rodricks or a Priyadarshini Rao at a never-before price.

    Imagine getting designer pieces like a Wendell Rodricks or Priyadarshini Rao for under Rs 5,000? Stylista, an online portal going live this month, makes this possible. a�?We will produce these designer pieces ourselves. The designer gives us their sketch. We come out with a rough sample which goes back to the designer for approval and fine tuning,a�? explains fashion director, Anjana Sharma, making it clear that the portal stays true to the designersa�� sensibilities, without compromising on the quality.

    So, the trick is in having a manufacturing set up that will take the load off the designer, who usually finds it difficult to reach out to the masses, thanks to the high cost of production. a�?This is where Rishi Rajania��s (of Biharilal Fashions, a 25-year-old garment manufacturer and exporter) expertise comes in. He caters to Scandinavian countries,a�? she shares. The other founders are Avnish Chhabria (CEO) and Rishi Khiani (director). Expect flowy tunics by Rodricks, Yogesh Chaudhurya��sA� Pacman-inspired collection (graphic printed saris and monochrome workwear) and more.

    Each designer will be retailing around six collections every year. Each style will have 50-100 pieces across XS-XL. a�?We will be launching a new designer every month, based on their popularity,a�? offers Sharma, who organised Lakme Fashion Week in 2011 and 2012. Apart from that, they have their own private label,A� bringing out 20 silhouettes every month.A�It targets discerning fashion conscious ladies and those who are comfortable shopping online, aged between 18 and 35. Sharma has also taken care of the size factor. a�?We have a section where you feed in your bust, waist and hips measurement. We will give you a suitable size,a�?she informs us. For complaints, the site has a customer division for feedback and to a�?help fine tune the offerings.a�?
    The collection is priced between Rs 700 and Rs 5,000. Details: stylista.com

    a�� Madhuwanti Saha


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