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    From embracing bold fashion trends to creating their own label, meet this seasona��s celebrity designers

    Family mission
    Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West have separately launched clothing lines. And we are not just talking dresses here. While debuting his new song All Day, at the New York Fashion Week, the rapper launched the Kanye West Adidas Fall 2015 collection. Though his first attempt as a fashion designer at the Paris Fashion Week in 2011 had bombed, critics may have to think twice this time as his collection comprises nude body stockings, see-through crop tops and camouflage jackets, among others, for both men and women. Meanwhile, besides supporting her husband at the show, Kim K launched a line for Brazilians in May, aiming to celebrate curves. The reality show star told a daily, a�?I just went with everything I felt I would really wear.a�? From skirts to dresses and crop tops, her new collection a�?can adapt to any body typea�?.

    Eva Longoria2

    Bad education
    From naked dresses to tutus, Rihanna has unapologetically rocked them all. So when she decided to launch her own label, clearly it wasna��t going to be simple. The name, for instance, had critics in a flutter. $chool Kills may sell accessories like tote bags and purses, but is it a responsible message, especially after the school shootings in America? Plus, with the singer wearing a tee by a young Korean designer, Hyein Seo, with School Kills emblazoned on it, questions were raised about how original she hoped to be. Leta��s give the 27-year-old headliner another chance, shall we?


    Pursuing passion
    Desperate Housewives star, Eva Longoria, will be bringing out her new line of clothing in fall 2016. Known for her amazing fashion sense, the glamorous actress has been sewing dresses and costumes for her friends and herself for quite sometime now. Her first line is yet to be named, but the first collection will comprise dresses, office apparel and sportswear, and will eventually expand into handbags, accessories and shoes. She told a website, a�?Ia��m excited about designing a collection for women that will offer versatility and project confidence, comfort and glamour.a�? Her collection is sure to grab a lot of attention.

    Miles to go
    This Gossip Girl was recently named Hollywooda��s most powerful star under 30 by Forbes magazine. And three months ago, at the promotion of her movie The Age of Adaline, Blake Lively proved nobody can do fashion bettera��by sporting 14 different looks in 48 hours. The 27-year-old founder of Preserve, a lifestyle blog, recently launched her own fashion line and shared two of her co-creations on Instagram (also on sale on her blog). Known for her preference for American-made artisanal fashion, the new moma��s first design is a frock featuring a white tie-top and printed pink skirt. Lively wrote, a�?I may not be able to draw worth a lick, but I am proud of this dress I co-designed with Amour Vert for@preserve_us. You better send me pics if you buy it!a�? Her second creation is co-designed with lifestyle brand Sam and Lavi.

    Next big thing
    Before she made it big in Hollywood as a comedian, Melissa McCarthy was a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. The 43-year-old actress offered a sneak peek at her upcoming fashion line Melissa McCarthy Seven, recently. She hopes to design clothes for all
    sizes a�� from four to 28. Incidentally, two years ago, the Bridesmaids star struggled to find a dress to wear on the Oscars red carpet, as top designers had nothing for her. a�?Ita��s a strange thing to stop at a certain size. WomenA� dona��t, so why should clothes?a�? she had asked. With long shrugs, loose-necked sweaters and more, her label will be launched in August.

    Mini statementEva Mendes1
    Hottie Eva Mendes goes all demure with the launch of her newA� clothing collection for children called Mini Eva. The 41-year-old Latina alreadyA�has a fashion line for women with New York and Co, and this new line a�� for girls between six months and four years a�� will be a part of it. The collection comprises floral dresses in bright colours. She also plans to include bridal wear, shoes and handbags under her first label. The creative director of Cisca since February, the actress may be expanding her jewellery line soon.

    a�� Compiled by Mayuri J Ravi


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