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    Haldol buy Freeze It adds a twist to nitrogen-based ice creams with an array of natural flavoursAi??

    If Scottish physician Daniel Rutherford had been alive, he would have perhaps been pleased to see his discovery getting its due. The chemical element, nitrogen, seems to have become the darling ingredient of chefs. Its omnipresence in the culinary circuit can either delight or irk you. So when Freeze It opened as the newest joint serving nitrogen-based ice cream, it just left us perplexed. To try or not to try.

    Nitro boost
    But they promise us more than just nitrogen. You can choose the colour of your ice cream (extracted from natural ingredients) and make your own combination of flavours, and opt for sugarless ice cream as well.This is what led us to their outlet in Jayanagar. While we waited for our turn to order, Divya Jagadesh, one of the co-founders explained how different nitrogen-based ice cream is. ai???Itai??i??s lush, smooth, and creamier. The science behind is that, liquid nitrogen freezes ice cream instantly and we serve it on the spot. So the ice crystals are smaller and intact. In comparison, regular ice cream texture is grainy, because the crystals expand in size when melted and frozen again,ai??? elaborates Jagadesh, who along with her sister-in-law, Pranitha Badrinath opened the Waffle Stories in 2014.
    Chatpata chill
    Happy to have discovered the secret behind the nitrogen-based ice cream concept, we decided to place our order. But it isnai??i??t as easy as we thought it would be. With over 24 flavours to choose from, it seemed quite a task. Classic flavours apart, it was the list of Indian flavours that caught our attention ai??i?? Chilli Guava, and Tangy Imli, for instance. We decided to start with one of their most popular flavours ai??i?? Chatpata Aam (Sweet nai??i?? sour, tangy raw mango). The cold tanginess of raw mango combined with the piquant chaat masala and the crackle of the crunchy cone reminded us of summer afternoons. Next, we tried the Mojito, with a twist. Instead of going with its natural colour, we requested for a shocking pink hue. Finally, it was the turn of the most innovative flavour on the menu ai??i?? Marvels. This one is a combination of Kit Kat, Snickers, Gems, Oreo, chocochips, nuts and chocolate sauce. All these are added with the base (milk, cream and sugar syrup), whipped for a few seconds and frozen with -360 degree liquid nitrogen. Apart from the ice cream combos, Freeze It also serves freshly made waffles paired with ice cream. This place is for ice cream addicts, and is sure to spoil you with its creamy options. Rs 300 upwards for two. At 4th Block, Jayanagar. Details: 9008175321.

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