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    We find out what chefs and sweet connoisseurs order at top restaurants across town, when their palates crave a treat

    Tired of the tiramisus, brownies and cheesecakes, we set out on a hunt to satisfy our sugary cravings. A little asking around revealed desserts crafted by our local chefs, who have garnered a following for their creations. From a Valrhona-laden chocolate treat at Park Hyatt to an experiment with the ever popular tiramisu at The Park, herea��s what you need to order on your next dinner date.

    DesirA� @ ITC Grand Chola
    A complex dessert with contrasting flavours that compliment each other, is one way of describing the DesirA� pastry. This textural delight has uniquely layered dacquoise of pecan nuts and dark chocolate mousse topped with a layer of vanilla crA?me brA�lA�e with a cocoa glaze. A long staying guest at the hotel, Marco Rivo, who succumbs to this more often than he would like to, shares, a�?For me, this treat is all about the chocolate, a true celebration of its rich and sweet qualities. The chocolate is darker than usual, which adds to its great taste and fantastic looks.a�? At Rs.225 per portion, at Nutmeg. Details: 22200000

    PARK4Beri-misu @ The Park
    Hoping to create a tiramisu-like dessert using mascarpone cheese for a private party, chef Rajesh hit the jackpot with this inspired layered dessert. He now finds several referral guests requesting for it. Beri-misu is perfect for those who crave a light mousse with a sponge base, white chocolate shell and forest berries, sans alcohol. Shuchita Chaturvedi, a marketing head with a publication company, finds herself going back repeatedly for this dessert, and says, a�?With the enticing flavour of berries and a firm yet soft texture, this is one seductive dessert that has captured my heart.a�? You wona��t go wrong with a one kilo portion. Pre-order for Rs.1,800 a kilo. Details: 42676000


    Sticky Date & Toffee Pudding @ Courtyard by Marriott
    The hotela��s executive chef, Sridhar Sigatapu, quips that most guests are fooled by this regular looking pudding. That said, a select few keep coming back for this very English dessert. a�?Ita��s all about the combination of classic flavours, perfected well. The essence of toffee, with a luxurious chocolate touch, served with simple whipped cream. Tying it all together is the brilliance of the gooey toffee sauce,a�? he explains. At Rs.400 a portion. Details: 66764000

    LEELA4Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut Crunch @ The Leela Palace
    The popularity of this dessert is understandable. Who can resist a big slab of pastry that reminds you of the beloved Ferrero Rocher chocolate? With a base of light and airy dark chocolate sponge, topped with a lather of milk chocolate ganache, ita��s only fitting that the crown is made of nutty biscuits combined with hazelnut butter. Make that call to executive pastry chef Bhaskar Adeeb, and he will whip up designer cakes with this heavenly flavour. Priced at Rs.2,000 per kilo. Details: 33661234


    Chocolate Marquise @ Park HyattChocolate-Marquise
    A classic French dessert of rich Valrhona chocolate that cuts as smooth as silk, with a creaminess like none other. Its crunchy chocolate biscuit base makes it unique, and it doesna��t compare with a mousse. Pastry head chef Selva says you are welcome to request a mixed berry or coffee filling. Pramod Kumbhar, Mumbai resident and assistant manager at Shipping Corporation of India, looks forward to his trips to the city just so that he can a�?blissfully gorge on this spectacular dessert.a�? For a person who tends to avoid desserts, the Chocolate Marquise is as sinful as it gets. Priced at Rs.1,800 per kilo. Details: 71771234

    TajCoromandel17Salted Caramel Tart @ Taj Coromandel
    This is salted caramel with a difference, says executive chef Alok Anand, describing the dessert that is popular with regulars like Amethysta��s Kiran Rao. a�?As the Italian sea salt crystals do not completely dissolve in the honey-caramel mixture, when you bite into the sticky, gooey filling, you get a crunchy punch of the salt that is nothing but addictive,a�? Anand says. With a delightful combination of textures and flavours, it comes as little surprise that guests usually insist on sampling this dessert, following recommendations from friends. For Rs.700 at Prego. Details: 66002827HILTON10

    Terrine of Dark Chocolate & Jack Daniels @ Hilton
    After the successful addition to a dessert buffet, this special is now a decadent treat available to regulars on pre-order, since ita��s off the menu. Whata��s not to love about this cold classic terrine of rich Belgian chocolate, alternatively layered with a flavour-enhancing jelly of Jack Daniels? Served with a raspberry sorbet spiked with star anise, cinnamon and fennel, the bonhomie is pure magic. This melt-in-your-mouth indulgence is the right way to finish your meal, insists executive chef Yogender Pal. Pre-order at Rs.450. Details: 22255555

    IMG_8538Baked Yoghurt @ The Westin
    A simple dessert that lets itsA� ingredients shine. Akshay Pandit, sous chef at the hotel, shares, a�?What makes it refreshing is that our baked yoghurt is accompanied with a compote of fresh berries or seasonal fruits.a�? Gary Galbreath, an
    in-house expat guest, shares, a�?This is an absolute new-found favourite of mine, simply because one can never relate to yoghurt being baked. The textural revelation is amazing on the palate.a�? At Rs.475 a portion. Details: 22553366


    – Preeti GT


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