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    Chennaia��s biggest doughnut chain expands their menu, with tarts, brownies and more

    Considering their growth to eight outlets in Chennai alone, in three years, business is certainly looking good for Bhuvanesh Subarayan. His Donut House has also expanded to Vellore and Hyderabad, and Subarayan has his eyes set on Bangalore and Coimbatore next. But the restaurateur has no plans of venturing into another chain. Instead, he chooses to better the existing with some value addition in the form of desserts.

    _MG_8975At their flagship outlet in Egmore, his brother Dinesh hands me a menu with detailed descriptions of the 10 desserts on offer (only at OMR, Cathedral Road, Egmore and the upcoming Adyar outlets). a�?Innovation is necessary,a�? he says. a�?In the last three years, we have revamped our menu six times. With eggless desserts, we hope to attract an additional crowd a�� even if just 200.a�? Their chocolate desserts like the Death by Chocolate (brownie and for lovers of dark chocolate a�� a large dose for those who like it that way) and Devila��s cake (light and dark chocolate ganache topped with a swirl of cream and a brittle brandy snap) are hot sellers in just two days of hitting the counters.

    The brothers have made sure their dessert menu has popular favourites like the brownie (with a scoop of creamy vanilla bean) cheesecake, red velvet in a jar, and tarts with fillings like a dark truffle with caramel sauce and a dark chilli truffle. Our favourite was the apple crumble tart with that familiar hint of cinnamon and the warm goodness of baked apples.

    Priced between Rs. 90 and Rs. 150. Details: 42656426

    a�� Ryan Peppin


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