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    Lee Daniels is back with a musical drama and he tells us all about the cast

    The four-time Academy Award nominated American producer and director Lee Daniels is back with another musical drama, Star, after
    his acclaimed series, Empire. The story follows Jude Demorest (Star), Ryan Destiny (Alex) and Brittany Oai??i??Grady (Simpone) who go through several hardships only to find success in the music industry. Daniels (56), who was honoured on Worlds AIDS Day by the Black AIDS Institute for his film Precious (2009), tells us about his future projects.

    When you were casting, what was more important: musical talent or acting chops?
    Ultimately, I go with the actor. Itai??i??s really hard to find someone who can act, to be the definitive character that youai??i??ve written, and can sing.
    So when Jude Demorest walked into my office, I knew that the universe was working for me.

    Did you write Queen Latifahai??i??s role in Star with her in mind?
    I did. She plays Carlotta, who had a hit in the ai??i??90s, but ended up on the streets. Carlotta has turned her life over to God, but sheai??i??s still a gangster. Sheai??i??s a true crossover, similar to what Diana Ross accomplished in the ai??i??60s.

    Is there another musical scene or genre that you think would be right for a TV show? Natrium diclofenac salep
    Iai??i??m in talks about doing a musical film about my life. Iai??i??ve had a pretty interesting life. Iai??i??ve been homeless. Itai??i??ll have original music.
    Star premieres on December 22 at 9 pm on Star World and Star World HD.

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