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    _MG_4906 copy 2ggDRVV celebrates individualism and follows a postmodernist philosophy that is functional

    Delhi-based Dhruv Kapura��s label DRVV arrived with its androgynous and minimalistic fashion ideas at Evoluzione last week. Showcasing his latest Summer 16 collection, expect womena��s wear with a colour palette of monochrome and hints of peach, pink and pale yellow. The 28-year-old designer talks about his latest collection, fashion sensibility and his definition of luxury.

    Why minimalism?
    Conventional fashion involves youthfulness, which is brought out by a lot of intricate embellishments. Minimalistic design is all about the sensibility in making it simple, subtle, relaxed, utilitarian and comfortable.

    On your new collection.
    It was unveiled at the Amazon India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016. It is an extension of my label and features different kinds of easy-to-wear garments such as wraps. Designed to provide enhanced comfort, they are made of organic cotton, denim, silk satin and wool.

    IMG_2267What sets your collections apart?
    My designs convey the essence of liberty that a section of society believes in and practice.

    Your definition of luxury?
    Luxury is something that makes you not only feel pampered but also special.

    Future of fashion in India?
    We see a lot of designers and artists coming up with innovations. The designs are more revolutionary now.

    Rs 5,000 onwards, Details: 28333627

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