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    One genre of content that is fast catching listenersa�� fancy is horror. It is an interesting area to explore and also very challenging to produce. Horror or fright radio has been doing the rounds internationally for a while now. In India, two stations had attempted to bring out the eerie, paranormal experiences of common peoplea��and the masses had lapped it up.
    Back in 2013, Fever FM launched Kya Woh Sach Tha and in 2014, Red FM hosted Ek Kahani Aisi Bhi, both of which were welcomed by listeners. Ita��s the right story that causes the spook factor. Producing horror for radio is a tricky task. In movies, when the wolf howls at the moon or a zombie appears on screen, the scare quotient is still minimal because you would have expected those visuals already. On radio, you have to create an atmosphere where the listener can paint that scary picture and get the chills.
    A new genre of content is one that evicts the monotony that has been an unwelcome guest for quite some time. Horror radio is definitely new in the country, but Ia��m sure it will be around to entertain people for a long time to come. You should try catching these shows on the web and while you do that, make sure you listen to it alone and preferably with the lights dimmed.
    Ia��m really looking forward to hearing fright radio in Chennai. If a station does step up to such a genre, it will not only be new, but surely an instant success. There will be no problem gathering content as we have our own share of Blue Cross Road, Karrikatu Kuppam, Broken Bridge and De Monte Colony, withA� stories that will give you the goose bumps.
    A great story, good narration and a par excellence sound designer should get you past the finish line for a genre like horror. Ita��s content like this that will surely set any station apart. See you next week.

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