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    Dare devils go down a different route, language brings people together and a trio takes selfies to a whole new level

    Ride of their lives

    Professional kayaker and filmmaker, Rush Sturges, has had enough of rivers. So the Canadian decided to tryA�A� out a drain near his house. Throw in fellow daredevil Ben Marr and you have two wild experimenters kayaking at 72 kmph downA�A� Lions Bay drainage ditch. A promotion for GoPro cameras, it is a treat to watch them play bumper boats, fly off course and eventually make it to Howe Sound a�� a group of fjords. A certain a�?Dona��t Try This At Homea�� caution though!

    Breaking boundaries
    An English language school in Brazil makes the world of a difference to two sets of people a�� those who want to learn and those who want to talk. CNA.com tied up with a retirement home in USA so that the students in Brazil can actually practice their English with fluent speakers. It also served those in the retirement home, by letting them chat to people rather than just sit lonely. A great way to help them both, the video (Speaking Exchange) is touching and simple.

    High flying

    What starts out looking like a regular selfie, suddenly becomes a very different kind of view. Photographers Daniel Lau, Andrew Tso and AS, use Imgur to put together the images atop The Centre, one of the tallest skyscrapers in Hong Kong, at a staggering 1,135 feet. All while theya��re calmly eating bananas! Have a look at Laua��s Instagram page (daniel__lau) for more dangerous photographs that are every acrophobes nightmare!

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