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From water harvesting warriors to underground cable operators, everyonea��s taking holes seriously

This week endorsed our ability to stand out and be noticed. So shall we say we are outstanding? We reacted to all highs and lows like it was our own business – be it the horror in USA or the political heat in the neighbouring state. Not sure if we will have time anymore as schools and colleges have reopened.
All our energy is now spent on trying to dodge peak time traffic, get to school or college without splashing water on hapless pedestrians, crossing the seven puddles from the parking to the gate and so on. Ita��s not that it rained heavily. Rather the fact that the city has been dug throughout.
Many dig this city, and mind you literally. The truth is that in the name of municipal work on one side and natural erosion the city is now uneven on many roads and even our minister recently got a bit serious. Added to this our folks are so self-sufficient that they have started digging holes in their localities on their own. I have seen many areas where local small bosses have proudly started flaunting away the a�?worksa�? (basically random holes to drain away sewerage water) they have done on their own because municipal authorities do not respond in time.
A friend of mine was joking that they should be called Dig-Vijays. Sarcasm apart, the new corporators are at their wita�?s end on deciding whether they should focus on new holes or patch up the existing ones. What a confusion and chaos with various sources of making holes?
Now we also have NGOs and eco-warriors talking of rain water harvesting pits and planned potholes in compounds. I feel we will soon become the a�?holya�� city. Poor pun, but then you get the drift, right?
Jokes apart, this is getting serious now. If our minister had to spend his valuable time visiting various holes and get annoyed at the lack of co-ordination, we better wake up. We also need to understand that we own our city, but not so literally.A� You may dig Hyderabad, but that doesna��t give you the right to do it literally.

-Swapna Sundari

a�� A�The writer is a popular TV show host, radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi)


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