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    From an apple pie to choco variations, waffles at this diner come with a twist

    The Miner Diner is all about the ai???industrialai??i?? look and feel. Bare brick walls, schematics, hard hats and a kitschy crossed shovel and rake sign that reads ai???Dig Inai??i??. The attention to detail is impressive and managing partner Arasu Dennis tells us that the idea is to celebrate breadai??i??the baguette, specificallyai??i??and serve up hearty bread-based dishes. We ask for a little bit of everything, and they take that quite literally.

    We start with the best hot chocolate to be had in Chennai, and instead we get a Pizza Waffleai??i??Half Sausage Americano and half Veg Feast. Jaw dropping as it sounds,Ai?? these guys are evidently on to something. The waffle base has the taste and texture of a deep dish pizza and the overall effect is deliciousai??i??Lamb Pepperoni with spicy sauce, ai??i??nuff said. Next come a couple of waffle sandwichesai??i??Chicken Tikka and Lamb Pepperoni again ai??i??this time with chilly cheese. Bang! Out of the park.

    The live salad counter finally comes alive with an outstanding Chicken Sausage and Egg Saladai??i??miners make a mean mayo. We were a little confused with the sequence of dishes but, hey, it all tastes great. By this time we were also wondering where on earth the inspirational baguette wasai??i??especially since the next thing on the table turned out to be, no prizes, more waffles. In all fairness, the herb chicken waffle sliders are superb. They finally bring out the noble baguette in the form of a BBQ Smoked Chicken Sandwich and it does not disappoint.

    Desserts include Apple Cinnamon Pie, Strawberry and Choco Blast. We have come to expect a high standard of waffle here and the dessert is no exception.
    The Waffle a la Apple Pie is truly innovative and the Choco Blast is impossible to resist. The verdict? The Miner Diner gets it right in terms of keeping it simple and all about the food. Portions are generous and the menu, while innovative, gets it right. Service needs to be quicker on the pass, but this diner is definitely one to watch. Go dig in! Meal for two Rs 800. Details: 978734154.

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