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    Murky murders and A�hidden criminals are scrutinised on ID

    Investigation Discovery (ID), an investigation-centered channel explores unsettling crimes and dramatic scandals. It is aired in Hindi, targeting a larger SEC, says Rahul Johri, EVP and GM, South Asia and South East Asia, Discovery Networks Asia Pacific. a�?ID is the first Hindi entertainment channel dedicated to a wide-range of intriguing true stories based on investigation, crime and suspense. It is programmed and scheduled as per the audiencea��s demands in the Indian market,a�? he says.
    On the roster
    Disappeared, a show tracking missing persons, follows the twists and turns that some cases take while Who The Bleep Did I Marry, reveals the dark secrets of spouses, that cause relationships to fall apart. Johri explains that ID aims to bring reality and documentary shows under one roof, as other Indian language channels are more geared towards fiction. a�?Over the last few years, Indian viewers have shown great interest in crime and investigation-based shows. ID caters to that interest and offers series that cover the extent of the genre,a�? he says, picking I Was Murdered as a top favourite. a�?It takes you through the trauma and anguish of family and friends of victims as they peel the layers off each case. Similarly, Evil, I, recounts real homicide investigations of the most horrific serial murderers,a�? he tells us.
    The latest upcoming shows are I Married A Mobster which looks at women who are swept off their feet by real mafia and Blood Relatives which explores the lives of families who only seem to be happy on the surface. a�?The most compelling feature for the audience will be the unveiling of buried secrets. Each episode will be filled with unexpected twists and turns that will leave viewers wondering if blood is really thicker than water,a�? he says in conclusion.

    Details: investigationdiscovery.com

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