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    No more cluttered pages and messy files, thanks to Docuvity

    Praxeva India Services launches their new creation a�� Docuvity, a document management software that helps better the life cycle of any electronic document and completely eliminates paper. Co-founder Nikhil Yathiraj, alongside Tejan Timblo, hopes to ensure that a�?Docuvitya��s superior technology will enable all documents to be digitised, indexed, archived and globally accessiblea��.
    a�?It helps in quick retrieval, global access and automated workflow to save time and costs,a�? begins Yathiraj, explaining that it is very cost effective. a�?Not only is it highly affordable and seamlessly integrates with Tally software, but since it is digital, document updates are automatic,a�? he says.
    Cloud sharing
    Yathiraj feels the dynamic a�?sharea�� folder makes it a top notch system. a�?You can share a folder or file with registered or anonymous users at the click of a button which can be accessed through a link in the mail notification,a�? he explains. We also love the fact that you can share it with more than a single person in one go, and it will even confirm when it has been successfully delivered. Bordering into social media territory, the system allows you to send out common messages to groups too.
    In control
    Yathiraj informs us that Docuvitya��s security is a combination of authentication and authorisation. a�?Authentication is about validating that a user or principal is who they claim to be. And Authority is all about permission and access to the documents within the company.a�? So the next time youa��re headed to a client meeting or have a board meeting coming up and youa��ve got Docuvity loaded on your electronic device, you can rest assured that round one of the meeting will be in your favour. Details: docuvity.com
    a�� Aakanksha Devi


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