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    At The Salt Grill, you are all the company you will need, thanks to the calming ambience, and a menu designed to pleaseFood9lead5

    Sometimes, all you need is a small sign to tell you why you love Bengaluru so much. Stepping into The Salt Grill at the Hilton is one such sign a�� of being able to escape the confines of an air-conditioned space; to dine under the open sky to the strains of music instead of the blaring of horns; of simply stepping out to have a good time and actually doing just that.
    The Salt Grill is wrapped around the hotela��s swimming pool. There is seating for every kind of mood a�� from fairy lights-encased white cabanas, to cushioned recliners, to the traditional table and chair seating and the cozy nooks flanked by vertical gardens.
    Restaurants like these are de rigueur dimly lit, but no need for cellphone flashlights here. The nifty wooden framed menus have an in-built reading light that you simply flick on! Howa��s that for thoughtfulness?
    The right mix
    The menu is a pleasant mix of Indian and international, with twists by chef Amit Gera that will have you pausing conversation every now and then in appreciation. The traditional Caprese Salad takes a Salt Grill twist with its delicate presentation and tomato caviar replacing regular roundels, over fresh buffalo mozzarella. The deconstructed greek salad, is just that a�� all the ingredients laid out for you to pick from.
    Soups can be filling, but can you really say no to the cauliflower bisque with pan-seared scallops? The bisque, poured out of a little tureen at the table has a delicate flavour, hinting at cauliflower, yet complementing the seared scallops perfectly. For those who love the idea of a gazpacho, the spiced grape tea is a treat a�� a deep grape-infused tea poured around a white grape sorbet and topped off with almond flakes. A dessert-like soup that you will want in a little glass to savour slowly.
    The tandoori marinated fruit salad promises to have something new each time you order as its ingredients are seasonal. It comes with a delicately creamy lemon aioli that hints of citrus, but does not overwhelm. A small note here a�� chef Gera does not serve the same accompaniments with any of his dishes!
    Meaty affair
    The lamb cutlet, with quenelles of Babaghanoush, feta crumble and some micro-greens calls out for attention. The minced meat, worthy of a gilauti, is packed inside a firm, crisp coating and the little Mediterranean touch, an interesting take. The salmon tikka sees Norwegian salmon steak morsels with mascarpone cheese and beetroot puree, a combination, though unlikely, but with immense potential to please. All of these going really well with a grape escape a�� a grape-based vodka with bitters.
    The highlight of the place a�� mains cooked on Himalayan salt slabs that naturally season. The duck confit, the salmon steak and the New Zealand lamb shanks are superlative in terms of their respective treatments to meat a�� moist, easy on the knife and great on the flavour, each with a choice sauce and accompaniments that are not run-of-the-mill. Your options include sherry morel, raw papaya chutney, lemon beurre blanc, peri peri butter, among others.
    Sweet musings
    You could finish your meal with a grand flourish, with the smoked fruits with mascarpone cheese in red wine reduction, which is smoked at your table! Pricey for a dessert but worth it on date night!
    The Salt Grill checks off all the right boxes for ambience, good food and great drinks. So the next time you ask the Universe for a sign, you know where to drive to.
    `3,000++ (for two). For dinner only. At The Embassy Golf Links. Details: 66799999
    a�� Ruth Dsouza Prabhu


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