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    Make sure it’s Friday everyday with TGIFa��s revamped menu

    Even on a Tuesday, you cana��t help but thank god ita��s Friday. Dashing off to this American diner style restaurant to check out their new menu, we were greatly surprised to find that there werena��t just new additions, but a complete overhaul.
    Starting off with fish fingers was a wise idea, and although tasty, we werena��t too keen on the basa. But it only got better as the toasted French

    Onion Bites loaded with cheese made up for it. Apart from that, you could opt for the roasted jalapeno, salmon avocado crisps, grilled Caribbean wings or salads.
    Jack in the box
    Jack Daniels makes a great comeback; perhaps even dominating the menu. So it was in honour of the Tennessee whiskey that we chose to sample the salmon. Doused in the

    alcohol but losing its potency with the heat, it was the ideal lunch-time meal. A hint of sweet hits you first, but then the salmon soaks in the bitterness of the whiskey lending the dish a pungent aftertaste. With a serving of grilled vegetables, it made us feel a bit better about our mid-day boozing! Wicked chicken came with a spicy Jambalaya rice, grilled corn and creamy sauce with

    tomatoes, but turned out a bit bland. If youa��re looking for plenty of protein, we recommend the Miami Cubano chicken steak. Two lightly breaded chicken breasts serve as bread would in a sandwich, with shredded mozzarella, sauteed mushrooms, bacon and a tomato basil mix making up the filling. Grills, pasta, burgers and pizzas are all still on offer but in different avatars.
    Despite being stuffed, we made room for our friend Mr Daniels again, but this time in the form of dessert. Swimming on a sizzler platter filled with whiskey, the whiskey cake was rather sublime, and the perfect way to end.
    `1,500 for two. At Lido Mall, MG Road.
    Details: 25307301
    a�� Meghna Prasad


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