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    As 53 girls learn the ropes from star chefs, a set of special meals are also in the making

    Even those who pay hefty sums to study at the top culinary institutions are seldom able to boast of having been taught by Michelin-starred chefs. But thanks to the efforts of New Delhi-based Creative Services Support Group (CSSG) 53 girls from Delhi-based NGOs, and will be introduced to careers in the food industry, post a master class from nine Michelin-starred chefs from across the globe. CSSG has been working with underprivileged youth, training them in careers they would otherwise have limited access to since its inception in 2011. And this month, chefs like Ana Ros from Slovenia, Angela Hartnett from the UK and Lauren Eldridge from Australia will be making their way to the capital city for this event. Luckily for us, theya��re not here just to train the girls.
    a�?These chefs, all women, will also be part of a series of charity dinners that will be hosted at The Leela Palace in New Delhi and Four Seasons in Mumbai,a�? informs Anand Kapoor, president, CSSG. Of course, this is not the first time that CSSG is bringing down star chefs for charity dinners. Their last event in 2013 saw chefs like Frances Atkins and Laurie Gear create dishes that explored techniques ranging from sous vide to molecular gastronomy. And be sure that this year is bound to be all the more fun given that Rohit Bal and Emmanuel Balayer are designing said dinners.
    Whata��s more, you can sign up for the master classes that they will be conducting for the public. a�?This is in partnership with Zomato and will again be at the hotels in New Delhi and Mumbai,a�? says Kapoor, adding that this is the second time the public will get an opportunity to learn from chefs of this calibre. Kapoor also points out that diners will also get to listen to Swedish Opera group Divine while bidding for artworks from Nanda Hobbs Contemporary, Australia, at auctions that will be part of these dinners. Need we say more?
    From September 3-14. Interested organisations can contact cssg.info
    a�� Ryan Peppin


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