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    Surya namaskar underwater, a cycle tour with cameras, or a juggling performance? You choose .

    Take the plunge
    If you havena��t attempted scuba diving yet, herea��s your chance. Enrol for the workshop at Temple Adventures (the scuba diving school) next month, where you will be given basic training on the first day before heading out for a deep-sea dive on the second. Open to 10-year-olds and above. Register for Rs 10,500 per head (including underwater photos). September 10-11. Details: 9874793999

    Be the change
    The Choosing Change workshop by Auroville Green Practices next year is the perfect opportunity for you to learn how to contribute meaningfully to society. Meet international residents of Auroville and observe how to conduct community work projects like afforestation and social development. To be held next March. Registrations currently on at Rs 18,000 per head. Details: 0413 2622571

    Peace, underwater
    If scuba diving is not your thing, why not try aqua yoga? At the two-day workshop at iTurtle Yoga studio, learn the various steps involved and its benefits (from stress relief and weight reduction to posture alignment). Amrutha Anand, founder of iTurtle, will lead the class and she will also demonstrate how to do the surya namaskar underwater. September 3. Rs 5,000 per head. Details: 8438982305

    Get candid
    At this yeara��s edition of PondyPhoto, join participants of the Special Wake Up Pondy Tour. Organised by the Sita Cultural Centre and Pondy Cycle Tour, take memorable photos on your morning ride even as you listen to Manisha Ray (of SCC) and Gopinath Ram (Pondy-based photographer) share insights about the town. Tomorrow, 7.30 am onwards. Rs 1,200 per head.A� Details: pondicherry-arts.com

    Folk moves
    Onam may be in the second week of September, but DakshinaChitra is bringing in the festivities a week earlier. Head to the centre and watch a tribal dance performance by the Wayanad Nattukootam Nattarivu Padana Kendram. August 31 to September 4,
    from 11.30 am onwards.
    Details: dakshinachitra.net

    Balancing act
    Pick up juggling moves from French
    circus artiste and aerial dancer, Romain Timmers, who will be showcasing his skills in a workshop at the second anniversary celebrations of La Casita. Besides this,
    there is also a Latin dance workshop by Kash, Zumba sessions, potluck, a lucky draw and much more. Sunday, from 1 pm onwards. Details: 7639405194


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