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    Director Sabbir Khan oIn 2009, director Sabbir Khan debuted in Bollywood with a dud called Kambakkht Ishq. The filmmaker recalls how, during those days hea��d felt like a lost child in a candy shopa��until Akshay Kumar and Sajid Nadia-dwala took him under their wings and taught him everything. Five years later, Khan is back with his second attempt, Heropanti, featuring two new actors: Tiger Shroff (Jackie Shroffa��s son) and Kriti Sanon. And this time around, Khan is confident. He believes the film will prove a great start for the two young actors. Read on:

    IMG_6373---Version-2Heropanti is a love story with a few social messages. The story is set in todaya��s India, where a forward-thinking society coexists with people who are orthodox and believe in archaic traditions. I have also tried to highlight relevant topics like honour killing and education for the girl child.

    Both Tiger and Kriti are fresh and full of energy. While Tiger is a shy and quiet boy off-screen, he is a firebrand on screen. When the cameras roll, he gets this boost of energy and completely transforms into someone else. Kriti, who is trying to finish her engineering, is spontaneous and bubbly. I wanted a girl from the North with a slang, and she has that.

    The stunts in the movie are the highlight. We got stunt master Anil Arasu from Chennai to do our stunts. He gave the action a larger-than-life look. Plus, Tiger is a state-level gymnast. So getting him to do stunts was simple.

    Expect anything from me except a spastic comedy. My first film had to cater to Akshaya��s fans, so it rolled into an action-comedy. I am going to try my hand at a thriller next. I also love drama. In these five years, I took time off to understand filmmaking and have also worked on a few scripts.

    Heropanti is releasing today.

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