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    At the Scandinavian designera��s new store, find unique clothes and other free-spirited brands

    Known for her distinctive style in dressingA� and a reputation for wearing black, Disa Gudmun-dsdottir is excited as her new store, DisDis&Co Boutique and CafA�, is now open at 45B Romain Rolland Street. a�?I decided to add Co to my fashion branda��s name to present more designers. There will be Scandi-navian designers like Uffe Frank from Denmark and Heba Hallgrims from Iceland besides Indian designers,a�? begins the designer from Iceland. Catering to men and women, the store has bags, jackets, dresses and more.

    All things black
    Unlike her previous collections under her brand DisDis, which featured a lot of black, Gudmundsdottir promises to have a good mix. Starting with rustic red, curry yellow, green and navy blue, there will be a lot of white this time. a�?But black will always be my main color, Ita��s in my genes,a�? she laughs. Besides leather products, expect sand-washed silk with leather details. a�?We try to use vegetable tanned leather and most of it come from Italy,a�? she assures. Having worked as a designer in Pondicherry for the past seven years, Disa says her brand has evolved from a small stitching unit in to a boutique. Her cafe (scheduled to launch in two weeks) will have organic food with a twist. She recently showcased at the Kingfisher Fashion Show, in Pondicherry, and made a mark at the Reykjavik Fashion Festival and Berlin Fashion Week. She also styled a model who participated in the reality show, Hollanda��s Next Top Model.

    Style file
    Talking about current trends in bags, she suggests we pick either clutches or mini bags. And as for Indian designers, the Pondicherry-based designer says, a�?I absolutely love Indian embroidery. Ita��s royal according to me. Two designers we follow are Manish Malhotra and Rina Dhaka.a�?
    At 45B Romain Rolland street. Starting price from Rs.1,500. Details: info@disdis.com, 0413 2237444

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