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    A festival that blends multiple talents in a unique format

    The second edition of Johnnie Walker: The Journey returns to Mumbai tomorrow, with a line-up of global artistes across music, the performing arts and film. You can catch Bonobo live, marvel at the acrobatics of Australian theatre group Dislocate, hear Grammy award-winning instrumental fusion band Snarky Puppy, and watch the India premiere of One Chance, a film based on the life of Welsh opera singer Paul Potts, who will also be performing.A�

    1212CultureBonobo2Bonobo aka Simon Greene
    Greatest inspirations.
    Musically, everything Ia��m listening to. My music is a documentary of where my head is at the time; ita��s always evolving.

    On a hectic tour schedule.
    Wea��ve been going nonstop with the live show since last April, twice around the world. The set is growing and evolving, getting to a higher level each time we doA�it. I unwind with walks and writing music at night.

    Any Indian influences?
    Ia��ve heard Indian music in bits and pieces. I have used the sitar quite a few times, in my debut with Animal Magic, ita��s highlighted by down tempo dub, funk, and an equally likeable use of sitars.

    1212CultureKate2Kate Fryer, Dislocate

    Tell us about the play.
    If These Walls Could Talk is about a simple and beautiful concept a�� you get just one chance at life and you should live every step to the fullest. The show narrates the story of a single apartment, as lived by five generations of tenants.

    How difficult is it to recruit performers?
    We need amazing people with a balance of acrobatics, aerial skills and acting. And since there is dialogue, training in voice and projection is also required.

    Challenges in taking this show on tour.
    The venues require a certain height so we can do our aerial elements. Other than that we travel with all our own equipment, and coordinate with each destination.

    December 13, 6 pm onwards. At Mehboob Studios, Mumbai. Tickets (`2,000 upwards) on bookmyshow.com

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