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    Besides activities like painting and dancing, here are four offers to cool down your summer

    Nothing can beat paddling in water to ease the summer heat. We suggest you make it worth your while by learning to swim.

    Stroke easy
    The summer camp at Accord Metropolitan, Pondicherry, promises to be interesting for children as they get to learn different strokes and be plied with health drinks and snacks. The sessions will be held under the guidance of the pool authorities. At Rs. 3,500 for 15 days and Rs. 6,000 for 30 days (with additional charges for snacks and drinks), till June 15. Between 11 am and 4 pm. Details: 8489977715

    Basic instinct
    Anand Raj, a swimming instructor from Dinesh Swimming Pool, is popular in Pondicherry for his swimming workshops. For kids over five, Raj will teach the basics and free style swimming. At Ananda Inn and Hotel, Annamalai, the classes are for 15 days, at Rs. 2,500. They also have classes for ladies. Details: 9500622558

    Kids zone
    Dona��t forget to carry your lycra swimsuits when you visit Ocean Spray. A no-cotton zone, the hotel has a a�?Day Outa�� concept where you get to swim for a day, enjoy a welcome drink, lunch and evening tea. At Rs. 999 plus taxes per person, it is free for children till 13 years. Details: 0413 2650000

    Swim in 20
    Learn to swim in 20 days! Kids can either attend this day camp (at Rs. 1,800) or enroll in a one-year campa��at Rs. 3,000 for one hour, for a year. Organised by Pondicherry Swimming Center, which has produced several national swimming champions, the sessions will be conducted by Tom Thoppan. At 6 am and 4 pm. Details: 9677236772

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