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    Farah and Ashvin Agarwal

    The silence is almost deafening, post the Diwali weekend, where I gave up trying to even hear myself think. No amount of rain could put a stop to the festivities as we were treated to the entire range of fireworks this year had to offer. Amidst the sparklers and rockets, the weekend also saw people dressed up as ghouls, witches and a host of unearthly beings, with Halloween falling in the same week. So it was a strange mish-mash of celebrations all over the city as people chose to interpret things in their own unique way.

    Dr Ashvin Agarwal and his beautiful wife Farah, set the bar high with a a�?Black Tie Affaira�� at the Park Hyatt, issuing an invitation that was too enticing to resist. It was an impressive turnout with everyone really putting their best foot forward. Most of the ladies chose floor-sweeping gowns, including our hostess who looked amazing in an edgy princess-style piece. But I must say it was the gentlemen who really surprised us all with tuxes in velvet and silk, pocket squares and an assortment of bow ties. Bubbly flowed through the night and the dance floor was packed as we toasted the year ahead.

    In between all the cards and a�?taasha�� parties, people managed to land up at The Red Bull Flight Club at Pasha. Look like this was a flight no one wanted to miss. Boarding passes were issued and everyone climbed aboard. a�?Piloteda�� by DJs Alex Kenji and Tanseer, with Shveta Salve as the a�?Chief Flight attendanta��, the evening saw great music, visual effects and loads of energy. The flight might have taken off on time, but it landed late into the night, with a happy set of passengers.

    Our festive week ended at the Hyatt Regency with the Australian community in Chennai celebrating the Melbourne cup. Just because they cana��t be there doesna��t mean they cana��t partake in the fun. The Horse Race thata��s been running in Australia for 153 years, isna��t called a�?the race that stops the nationa�� for no reason. Fashion, of course, is a huge part of the event and the ladies did not disappoint with hats, fascinators and a variety of head gear. It was a pretty sight indeed. Prizes were given out for a�?Fashion on the Fielda�� while profits raised went towards supporting a local charity.

    At the Melbourne Cup celebration

    At the Melbourne Cup celebration

    – Paloma RaoA�(paloma@newindianexpress.com)




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