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    It was one of those weeks when so much was happening that one had to miss some of the best stuff. Like the talented Malvika Manoj performing at the Mainstage Festival of Bands, at Bay 146 on Wednesday night. Nikhita Gandhi was scheduled to play on Friday night, but sadly I had other plans. Especially since Karthick Iyer, not to be confused with Kartik Iyer, was going to be killing it with his electric violin at the Goethe-Institut that evening. For those who dona��t know, Karthick Iyer Live is a fusion band featuring Karthick and Grey Shack (minus Rohan Sen). Needless to say, it was a tough decision to head out across town to Hablis where the formerly mercurial Ameeth Thomas had actually agreed to play after Moon & Six Pencea��s social media-induced apology to a fellow band. Imagine my horror when I found out that the show was actually the next evening!
    So I decided to play it safe on Saturday and head to the only thing on everyonea��s mind: GoMadras VIIIa��EDM musician Shiv Guptaa��s gift to all us sons of beaches. I remember the first GoMadras being a family event at Buena Vista. Well, theya��ve come a long way since then. Walking straight into an altar of psy and deep house, ita��s fantastic how comfortable everyone was with the format. Pyrotechnics on the stage, king-sized stacks, activities popping up all the timea��this has truly put Chennaia��s party scene on the map. It took just four hours for the highs to hit the skies and the rest of the night was spent in a rain trance, in spite of some extremely diligent security guards. And then there was the after party. That had a bit of a garage feel to it though, and definitely lacked the ambience of the outdoor venuea��not that many of us were in any position to complain.
    Meanwhile, speaking of rave reviews, back in the city, Freddy Koikarana��s Jesus Christ Superstara��Stripped had everyone in raptures as well, thanks to the band, the dancers, Jesus and Judas.
    Come Sunday, the wife and I visited the Stay Fabulous Pop-Up at Abs & Ishania��s Rutland Gate Studio, where we met Nilisha, the friendliest Coimbatorean from Tanzania, who had sold her best pieces within a couple of hours of her opening. a�?Chennai is always good to me,a�? she said happily. I could not agree more.

    Kishore Manohar

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