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    Sit back and enjoy a cuppa, as diners plate up gourmet meals for your pet pooch or feline friend

    With eateries in the city waking up to pet needs, Chennaiai??i??s four legged companions are now served with delectable bites and an ample dose of TLC. An uptick in the customised pet food industry and cafes is evident with a la carte options offering more than just some meat and cookies for your pets. Rashee Kuchroo, owner of Delhi-based Doggie Dabbas, believes that pet owners are now more aware of nutritional pet needs, and are looking for organic and healthier snack options (Rs 315 onwards. Available on Amazon.in)

    Meanwhile city-based Pawtastic uses ai???human-gradeai??i?? ingredients to whip up pooch treats. With gluten-free tidbits gaining popularity, Uthra Ravikanth, pet baker and co-founderAi?? says that coconut rolls, and apple cupcakes sell like hot cakes. (Details:8939254425)
    Hereai??i??s a look at dining options in the city where your pets are welcome.

    Shiraz CafAi??

    Watch your furry friend enjoy the surf and sand in Neelankarai, where Shiraz CafAi?? serves up some flavoursome Irani cuisine. Home cooked and
    preservative-free, the staples on the pet menu are rice, vegetables and meat. However, owner Nasrin Karimi tells us that guests can also order
    tailor-made meals for their pets. While pet meals are often on the house, specific orders or group meals will be charged (Rs 100 onwards). ai???The cafAi?? also has a little pond for dogs, which is occupied by my labrador most of the time,ai??? she says with a smile. Details: 9840572126

    K9 Kitchen

    From dealing with upset tummies to special low carb diets, home delivery service K9 Kitchen offers pet owners a variety of choices. Looking to provide pooches with wholesome meals, the kitchen specialises in soups, snacks, dietary supplements like flax seeds, yellow pumpkin and sweet potatoes, and gruel. Owner of K9 Kitchen, Rajesh Kumar tells us that aside from providing services on a daily and monthly basis, they provide discounts for people who feed strays. Rs 50 onwards.
    Details: 9840040444/ 9884980280

    Cuckoo Club Diner

    Christmas is upon us and this cafAi?? is spreading some Yuletide cheer for felines and pooches alike. The Chetpet-based diner offers no spice, no salt choices for pets. While the regular menu includes meat and vegetables, Turkey is the festive favourite. ai???For Valentineai??i??s Day, the meat patties are shaped as little hearts,ai??? shares cafAi?? owner Namratha Joseph. They also offer owners the choice of hiding prescription pills in their petai??i??s food, which is then served in doggie bowls.
    Rs 50 onwards. Details: 28362651

    Harley and Me Xenical online portugal

    Described as a ai???human friendly cafAi??ai??i??, Harley and Me offers unrestricted play space for pets. The cafAi?? also has a separate outdoor seating for people, from where they can watch the pets play and socialise. On the bone-shaped dog menu is fast food-styled cuisine that includes burgers, sandwiches, French fries and beverages. Harley and Me, located at Paniyur, also offers doggie desserts like cakes in flavours such as peanut butter and chicken. ai???Pet favourites are honey chicken and doggy cupcakes,ai??? shares the cafAi??’s owner, Arunodaya Reddy.
    Price: Rs 100 onwards. Details: 919841122223

    Tryst CafAi??,
    A casual dining joint located on the ECR, is not only known for its pet friendly service but also for the number of feline friends that grace its garden. Owner of the space, Samia Sait says, ai???Customers are welcome to feed their pets from the menu. Most of the time, pet favourites are steaks.ai??? Details: 64575575

    The Farm, located off the OMR, has a sprawling open space that offersAi?? all the playing space that your pets could want.Ai?? With its history ofAi?? once being aAi?? dairy farm, thisAi?? restaurant encouragesAi?? pet owners to enjoy a meal while their dogs get a dose of R&R. Details: 9176050562

    therPUP, aAi?? Bengaluru-based restaurant has nine in-house play dogs for guests and pets toAi?? socialise with. Owner AnkuAi?? Jain tells us that they have a h althy doggyAi?? platter,Ai?? though mostAi?? doggie customersAi?? love the chickenAi?? and vegetable mutt-balls. Price: Rs 150 onwards. Details:Ai?? 966520315

    Text: Rebecca Vargese


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