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    Taking lessons on agility from the anthropoid ape, fitness enthusiast and actor Rajneesh Duggal says a peaceful mind makes for a fit body

    Rajneesh Duggal is addicted to fitness. He works out with Mumbai-based trainer, Shakeel Shaikh who throws in many routines involving the monkey bar, and exercises like the alligator run, frog leaps and bear walk, to keep Duggal ripped and fit. The former Mr India has a lineup of films coming up including Direct Ishq with actress Nidhi Suaiah, Tera Beimaan Love with Sunny Leone and Udanchoo by debut director Vipin Parashar. Duggal had our attention off the big screen too when he won the reality stunt show, Khatron Ke Khiladi 5 last year. The Ek Paheli Leela actor talks to us about his diet, meditation and fitness trends:

    What is your workout regime like?
    I work out three to four times a week. I have started catching up on tennis, cricket and football. I am playing tennis after 10 years. I have grown up with sports. I was an athlete and was also into judo. I have a swimming pool in my building in Mumbai and thata��s where I swim.

    What is your take on gymming?
    I take a break from the gym for two months, every year. I have my TRX suspension trainer, so I work out at home or take it with me when Ia��m travelling or during shoots. I also do yoga , so when Ia��m off gym I do at least 30 surya namaskars. Lifting weights can make your body stiffer. I like my body to be agile. My body should be like that of a chimpanzee a��as flexible.

    What about diet?
    Ia��m a vegetarian by choice and dona��t even eat eggs. So I go for sprouts, dal and lots of vegetables. I also use pure homemade ghee. I have a sweet tooth but I resist temptation. Once a week I take a protein shake.

    Why is meditation so important?
    That half an hour is a�?my timea��. I am very spiritual and I think God is inside you. That is the one space when you think and come to peace with yourself. Fitness is not about sporting a six pack or upper body layering, it is about maintaining mental peace and stability and that reflects on your fitness regime as well.

    What is fitness according to you?
    It is a way of life for me. The stronger your mind, the stronger your body. I want to make my mind very strong, which I why I signed up for Khatron Ke Khiladi. I wanted to see to what extent I could push my mind.

    What are your topA� fitness machines / equipment?
    I had TheraBand, (good for resistive exercise) when it was launched. I have just imported a Pilatea��s machine. Ia��m also getting this machine that helps people do a quick workout and sweat it out in 15 minutes. However, this should be done just twice a week.

    Have you ever been to a boot camp?
    I am planning to come up with my own boot camp in the outskirts of Bombay. My partners will be Danish Shetty and Bala Shetty who organise total combat fitness in Mumbai.

    Who has the best body in the industry?
    I think Varun Dhawan has a good body.
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