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    Contemporary dance and Bollywood music merge at High Kicksa��s latest workshop

    Jamaican singer Major Lazer and French disc jockey DJ Snake are topping the charts with their song, Lean on. The video was shot in Jaipur, with international dancers tapping their feet to contemporary Indian beats. This trend of mixing western dance styles with Indian music is finding fans in the city, too.
    High Kicks, the citya��s first all-girls dance company, is gearing up for a weekend dance workshop. While the previous ones (in May)a��which incorporated street and Latin jazz, and contemporarya��had participants dancing to western music, this time theya��ve added a Bollywood twist. They will be dancing to the tune of popular Hindi songs. Creative director Aparna Nagesh says she decided to try this in Chennai after an experiment in Coimbatore last month was a success. a�?Many of my clients here requested it, so I thought Ia��ll give it a shot. We are teaching street jazz, contemporary, heels choreography (dancing in high heels) and Bollywood masala, but using hit Hindi songs,a�? says Nagesh.
    Concentrating on age groups from 13 and above, the workshop is open for non-dancers, too. a�?We have a multi-level dance class with one-and-half hour sessions for each style. The module is relatively simple, but the contemporary style can be difficult for a non-dancer,a�? signs off the 32-year-old, who is trained from the Broadway Dance Centre in New York.
    At Studio 360, on July 11-12. Rs 300 per style. Details: 9840317186

    Srishti Dasgupta


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