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    Inspired by the grandeur of last yeara��s hit, Bajirao Mastani, Anju Modi has a solution

    Anju ModiTKashish - 1HINK Bajirao Mastani and grandiose sets, acting prowess and of course the exquisite costumes come into play. a�?Every ensemble in the film is deeply connected to the emotions expressed in the scene.a�? says acclaimed fashion designer Anju Modi, who was in charge of costumes for the Bollywood blockbuster. Chennaiites will be treated to the stunning ethnic ensembles from the film at an exclusive exhibition on February 26 and 27. Ranchi-born Modi, who also brings select pieces from her new collection a�?Kashisha��, says she spent over two years on the film. a�?It all began with the script reading,a�? she shares. a�?From Sanjay (Leela Bhansali), to the cinematographer, the set designers and the actors, my designs in this film were a collaborative labour of love.a�? The arts and psychology graduate, who has called Delhi her home for the last 25 years, spent time travelling across Maharastra to understand the nuances of Marathi culture. a�?From Nashik to Raipur, to local museums. I studied the Ajanta and Ellora caves. I ate, slept and breathed what I had learnt, to express all this in my designs.a�? Every scene you see reflects what the award-winning couturier had imbibed a�� from Priyanka Chopraa��s Marathi Benaras saris to Deepika Padukonea��s majestic Persian-inspired anarkalis. Craftsmen from across the country (Pune, Kerala and Delhi, to name a few) have contributed to the saris, kurtas and lehengas in chanderi and Benarasi silks.a�?In the film you will see how bright hues are used to reflect joy, somber hues to communicate pain, red for passion,a�? says Modi.
    Kashish starts at Rs 65,800 and Bajirao Mastani at Rs 85,800. Evoluzione, today and tomorrow. Details: 28333627

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