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The new Galaxy J3a��s S Bike Ride feature prevents phone calls from disturbing you on rides.

Everyone who rides a motorcycle knows how troublesome it is when the phone rings. In such situations, choosing to concentrate on the road or the screen is not an option. The recently-launched Samsung Galaxy J3 could have an answer to this dilemma, with its exclusive feature, S Bike Ride.

Safety mode
The operation is simplea��you activate the feature by either tapping on the Near Field Communication sticker (which comes with the phone and can be stuck on your bike/helmet) or by activating it on the phone. Once active, it will prevent any calls from coming through, till you disable the feature. Callers will get a voice message stating that the person at the other end is riding. The message will also be customised with the duration of the ride, depending on the destination the rider had entered into the map. In emergency situations, where the calls must go through, callers will be prompted to press 1,A� which will patch the call through. Even then, you cana��t answer the phone till you come to a complete stop. This technology will certainly make riding safer. It will soonA� trickle on to other handsets in the Samsung J Series.

Rs 8,990. Details: snapdeal.com

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a�� Muntaser Mirkar @BullSpeech


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